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  1. It would be really nice to get some info from Codies if they are planning to fix this, because I don't want to waste time playing from the beginning if the fix is coming.
  2. Hey there all. First of all, I know this is Dirt Rally 2.0 section, but since Dirt 5 is still locked (dunno why...) so I have to use this to contact anyone. Maybe some mod can move this topic there after it will be open. I was playing Dirt 5 fine since a few days (review copy). I'm playing on PS4 Pro. Everything was going fine, I was progressing without any problems and since career is pretty long it really took some time. But today there was a 1.03 patch that deleted my whole save file and started a new one like nothing happend! I still have my old save file on the PSN cloud, but
  3. Hey there. I'm plying online on PS4 Pro, version of game 1.02. So far I played around 30 online races, some in ranked and some in unranked. I know for sure that I made more than 10 clean races, without hitting anyone or anything. No cutting corners too. But I still don't have the trophy for 10 clean races... Is it bugged?
  4. @Hoo I know it's been a while, but are there any news regarding this fix in the 1.11 patch? When approximately can we expect the patch to come to consoles?
  5. Any news on 1.10 patch for consoles that will fix 50 level glitch? @Faya& @Hoo
  6. Really looking forward for a fix for this as I'm at the beginning of silver rank and it takes a lot of time to get to 50 again. Please @Hoo, keep us notified.
  7. Please don't tell me that you have to reach end of the rank to get the trophy... I'm 10 silver and if I have to reach 50 I will get depressed in the corner of my room.
  8. We have to wait I think. They patched event trophies now. Maybe in next patch, right with Skill Rating System changes.
  9. Fantastic news. This will save us tons of pointless grind and a lot of power energy 😁
  10. I know you can grind it, but what's the point of it? If someone wants to play longer than they will do it anyway, but if someone just wants the achievement it's becoming a chore and pointless grind. Bronze 50 is the best option for everyone I think. But let's wait for some official info from the staff 🙂
  11. Thank you for answering @Hoo. Well, if I understand right, top level is 50 (49 now to be honest in lower ranks), because after you hit it, it resets and new rank starts. Like I said before, you even get a badge for level 50, but right now it's not in the game (only platinum rank, which is way too massive grind, I hope you agree). Will be waiting for some update on that.
  12. Glitch, bug, overlook, call it whatever you want but I'll never belive that they've put trophy for bronze 10, 25 and... platinum 50 level. If they really want you to farm that much than they would say it in description, that you need to obtain Platinum Level 50 Rank! I think they would even put a separate trophy for it if they wanted. Hell, you even get a badge for 50 level when you hit silver first time. It's obvious mistake from their side. They probably told the guy who was responsible for ranks, that after 49 we need to go to the next rank, so the easiest way for him was to just remo
  13. Well, for the ranking system someone from staff replied, probably @Hoo, that they are looking at it and maybe will do some calibration. With enough feedback and responses, they might even fix Level 50 glitch. It's a big after all, because I don't belive that they wanted us to farm 200 levels...
  14. It should be working like that, but some "genius" took out level 50 between ranks and game just don't see it. The only level 50 is a the end of platinum, hence we need to grind to it for so long. It took me almost 2 weeks to get into silver, can't imagine going into platinum any soon if they won't fix it. PS. Please upvote the whole topic if you agree, it's next to the topic title. This way it goes up and they will see it.
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