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  1. Patricko

    Dirt 5 - Update 1.03 removed save files!

    It would be really nice to get some info from Codies if they are planning to fix this, because I don't want to waste time playing from the beginning if the fix is coming.
  2. Hey there all. First of all, I know this is Dirt Rally 2.0 section, but since Dirt 5 is still locked (dunno why...) so I have to use this to contact anyone. Maybe some mod can move this topic there after it will be open. I was playing Dirt 5 fine since a few days (review copy). I'm playing on PS4 Pro. Everything was going fine, I was progressing without any problems and since career is pretty long it really took some time. But today there was a 1.03 patch that deleted my whole save file and started a new one like nothing happend! I still have my old save file on the PSN cloud, but downloading it again did nothing. I know this doesn't concern most of you, as you will be starting on the updated version of the game, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm reviving this game and something like this happens... I used the feedback form, I contacted them on discord but no response from any of them... Maybe here I will have more luck with contacting someone from the staff. I really would like to bring back my old save or fix it somehow to be able to continue where from the last event I've finished. I hope you all understand my frustration. I don't want to bash anyone, I just want to bring some light to this problem as I think it's not a small bug. Cheers!
  3. Hey there. I'm plying online on PS4 Pro, version of game 1.02. So far I played around 30 online races, some in ranked and some in unranked. I know for sure that I made more than 10 clean races, without hitting anyone or anything. No cutting corners too. But I still don't have the trophy for 10 clean races... Is it bugged?
  4. Patricko

    F1 2020 Achievements/Trophies Revealed

    Thank god for no idiotic online gold ranking trophy. This list looks really fine and online trophies requires some hours but nothing frustrating about it.
  5. I swear to god, if they gonna put the same ******** and unfair trophy like that in F1 2020, I'm gonna rate it 2/10... No online trophies! Nobody likes them and the people who makes them. Can you understand that Codies?
  6. With this method it can take even 300 hours. I prefer installing remote play on your phone and just do laps whenever you can.
  7. With tracker or not, you're looking at around 100 hours of pure grinding Indianapolis oval 99 laps.
  8. I think it's not going to happen. It's already Season 2 and they don't give a squat about community feedback (like always). People want tracker and photo mode. Still nothing... They put public online lobbies and make a big fuss about it. It's Codemasters, don't except anything great from them.
  9. It's around 100 hours or 100 levels if you do 1 level per 99 laps on Indy.
  10. I only thought about doing macro with full speed and sometimes a little steer to the left so the car will unstuck from a wall. If you will find some better way to cheat this idiotic trophy please let us know.
  11. @ChrisGrovesMCMCould you tell us, if the dev team is doing anything with this trophy/achievement or they already skipped this problem? I mean lowering the requirements or putting some progress counter in PS4 version.
  12. @ChrisGrovesMCM Would it be too much if we asked you to check with the team if this trophy is working OK after the patch? I wouldn't like to waste many hours without any progress at all. Also it would be nice to get know if there are any changes coming to this trophy/achievement?
  13. Yeah, it would be really nice to know the reason of trophy with such a ridiculous amount of grind in a game that you can finish in a couple of nights. It's like the whole game can take around 20 or maximum 30 hours to finish, but to plat it, it's gonna take like 500 hours... What's the point of that?
  14. It's one thing to play a game with a warriety stuff to do and completely other to drive around in circles for one month...
  15. 40kkm is ridiculous amount of grid... What they were thinking? They need to change this asap because that kind of grind is impossible. I'm not going to spend whole month with one game, driving in a circles on one track, over and over again... I can live with a week or two maximum, but a month (or even more)? GRIP had the same problem, they made trophies with ridiculous amount of laps and enemies to destroy. After contacting with them, they said that they miscalculated those trophies and they lowered the numbers in the next patch. That's how you support your game. It's not a problem for them to change. The biggest problem was always admitting to a mistake and not staying silent... What's going on Codies?