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  1. Hello there! I'm writing here, because there is probably few people among us who likes to complete games on 100% (I'm one of them too). The trophy/achievement "Around the Globe" states that we have to accumulate number of kilomteres equal to our globe. Some user stated, that after almost 40h of playing, progress in achievements says it's only 6% ?! Is that really true? If yes, than this trophy requries enormous amount of grind. I can understand a little bit of grind after completing everything else, but this is just another level... I dunno, but this trophy/achievement will requrie hundrends of hours to finish. What's up with that Codies? Isn't this a little bit too much? I like the game very much, but I don't want to spend racing around an oval for 200 or 300 hours (if not more). DriveClub had perfect trophies, after finishing all events it requried a little bit of grinding, but not too much. And after dlc hit the store, almost everything was completed during finishing them. Can somebody please explain what's the purpose of this trophy and why in gods name it requries so much grinding from us? Is it possible to lower the requriements?
  2. I only thought about doing macro with full speed and sometimes a little steer to the left so the car will unstuck from a wall. If you will find some better way to cheat this idiotic trophy please let us know.
  3. @ChrisGrovesMCMCould you tell us, if the dev team is doing anything with this trophy/achievement or they already skipped this problem? I mean lowering the requirements or putting some progress counter in PS4 version.
  4. @ChrisGrovesMCM Would it be too much if we asked you to check with the team if this trophy is working OK after the patch? I wouldn't like to waste many hours without any progress at all. Also it would be nice to get know if there are any changes coming to this trophy/achievement?
  5. Yeah, it would be really nice to know the reason of trophy with such a ridiculous amount of grind in a game that you can finish in a couple of nights. It's like the whole game can take around 20 or maximum 30 hours to finish, but to plat it, it's gonna take like 500 hours... What's the point of that?
  6. Version: 1.04 Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox and PC Mode: Ranked Online (5 laps and 25% distance) Whenever I'm playing online ranked mode, I'm getting way too low amount of skill points when I win. I know it depends on amount of players in lobby, but for example, in 10 player lobby, when I finish 4, I'm getting like 10 points max. And what's worse, it doesn't matter if I drive 5 laps or 25% distance. But now the worst part. If you place somewhere in the back, game takes way too much points from you. Once I was driving on 1sf position and I've got error... I lost about 300 skill points. This is ridiculous and not even my fault. TL:DR: We lose way too much skill points for stuff like being rammed, destroyed or even from game errors and we are earning way too low. Stuff like this shouldn't even happen... Going for the achievement Pure Gold itself is pain in the ass. At least give us ability to improve skill rating in unranked matches while playing with our friends. Sorry to say this, but the game is once again broken in online mode at the start. Year after year the same thing happens over and over again. I think, like the rest of us, that it's time to do something with this finally. We came up with few solutions (with forums help of course) that can help us and dev team to decide what to do with this problem: - Significantly increase rewarding points and lower the negative ones. We are being punished way too hard right now. Points are also really slowing down when around 1800 points. We are winning like couple of points (if we are lucky) and losing tons of them (when not lucky). - Positive points for more places than just above 50%. Sometimes we even get negative points for placing much higher than half of the grid and we're still getting negative points. It's really depressing to when you're being punished for your hard work. - Completely remove negative points for being destroyed, disconnections and game errors. It's not our fault, so we shouldn't be punished for such an accidents. No points won't hurt anybody and we can at least play and have fun without being worried that someone will ram us to the wall. - Give us ability to increase Skill Rating in Unranked races. We can play with friends and that way increase skill and than be matched with other players that know how to race. I'm mean, for real, nobody would mind that, right? - Lower requirements for the "Pure Gold" trophy/achievement. It's kinda linked to above points but it doesn't hurt to mention it. Right now it's really very unfair achievement. - I know this is not related strictly to the skill rating system, but please improve penalty system. It needs drastic updates, because right now there literally no penalty system at all. People can do whatever they want and there's no punishment. PS. Please, if you really want this problem to be fixed, spread the word and share link to this topic whenever you need. The more people will give their voice the more chances it will be fixed.
  7. It's one thing to play a game with a warriety stuff to do and completely other to drive around in circles for one month...
  8. 40kkm is ridiculous amount of grid... What they were thinking? They need to change this asap because that kind of grind is impossible. I'm not going to spend whole month with one game, driving in a circles on one track, over and over again... I can live with a week or two maximum, but a month (or even more)? GRIP had the same problem, they made trophies with ridiculous amount of laps and enemies to destroy. After contacting with them, they said that they miscalculated those trophies and they lowered the numbers in the next patch. That's how you support your game. It's not a problem for them to change. The biggest problem was always admitting to a mistake and not staying silent... What's going on Codies?
  9. Before I would start grinding I would like to know if it's even making progress. Some confirmation from Codies would be nice here.
  10. There wasn't a Codemasters game without a broken trophies since a long time. So I assume it's broken here too. The fact that nobody still have it is just kinda a confirmation. Even platinum in Gran Turismo Sport was obtained faster than this one, so yeah... 40kkm is just way too much for such a short game. They went over their heads with that number. Dunno what they were thinking? "Let's put some enormous number of required kilometers so they will have to grind over and over on one track." I think, that from some time, people who are responsible for trophies and achievements in Codemasters games don't like their job and makes us grind to the oblivion.
  11. I wouldn't do anything as long as they won't response with a fix. Nobody got it so far, so it must be bugged because I can't believe it will take so long to grind it. Driving right now can be a waste of time.
  12. Ok, so @PJTierney or @ChrisGrovesMCM. Could anyone look up at the problem and let us know if everything is all right and explain to us (if it's possible) why do we have to grind such a ridiculous amounts of kilometers for one trophy?
  13. Any updates on this? Who is community manager on Grid forums? Can somebody ping them here so they will know about the problem?
  14. I think you have to make a race.
  15. @Hoo I know it's been a while, but are there any news regarding this fix in the 1.11 patch? When approximately can we expect the patch to come to consoles?
  16. Patricko

    Can't play replay on PS4 DIRT RALLY

    I know it's been a long time, but I've got the same problem. Can't watch any replay because the screen freezes on the beginning and can't do anything, car is just standing in from of starting point. Any solution to that? Of course it's PS4 version. I'm using Logitech G29 wheel and have more than 300GB free space on my HDD (if that matters). I never had this problems before, it started yesterday when I was playing Rallycross and now it freezes in every mode, can't watch anything...
  17. Any news on 1.10 patch for consoles that will fix 50 level glitch? @Faya& @Hoo
  18. Really looking forward for a fix for this as I'm at the beginning of silver rank and it takes a lot of time to get to 50 again. Please @Hoo, keep us notified.
  19. @Hoo This is fantastic news!
  20. They even took down the topic from most popular in last month and I don't think other topics are as popular as this one. They were saying that they will look into it but not a word since than. @Faya and @Hoo. Can you be that kind and tell us what's happening with probably the worst mechanic in the game?
  21. Please don't tell me that you have to reach end of the rank to get the trophy... I'm 10 silver and if I have to reach 50 I will get depressed in the corner of my room.
  22. @Faya or @Hoo. Are there any updates on changes in Skill Rating System? We really hope so it's the next patch, right?
  23. We have to wait I think. They patched event trophies now. Maybe in next patch, right with Skill Rating System changes.
  24. Fantastic news. This will save us tons of pointless grind and a lot of power energy 😁
  25. I know you can grind it, but what's the point of it? If someone wants to play longer than they will do it anyway, but if someone just wants the achievement it's becoming a chore and pointless grind. Bronze 50 is the best option for everyone I think. But let's wait for some official info from the staff 🙂