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  1. Kogoda10

    In helmet cam and tear-off visors...

    I hope they actually fix the Merc livery the halo is still silver
  2. And is the Mercedes livery fixed since it has a hole in it and the halo is still silver
  3. Is there a certain button you need to press to get the other bit on the side because it doesn't show up for me on Xbox the tyre graphic does but not that other one that looks like it shows damage aswell
  4. Kogoda10

    Mercedes black livery

    Yeah just saw that
  5. 1. For some reason a part of the halo appears silver still while on onboard cam it's not like this when spectating with the TV cameras. It seems to be the lighting but it's really annoying because it's never black at any point on the track always silver 2. 1.06 3. All game modes 4. Everytime I drive the Mercedes 5. I mean I'm not really sure how to fix it 6. Wheel. Thrustmaster servo base with a TM open wheel rim 7. Haven't a clue why they are now sideways but here you go 😂
  6. Yup unfortunately I just got this on Xbox I'll just play normal Carrer until it's fixed because I can't stick another season with that honda engine 😂
  7. I'm doing this for my brother because he's struggling with the forums 1. Shumacher edition 2. Digital 3. Not sure 4. No he hasn't paid for any because he's waiting for the Free 15k
  8. Yea thanks I was really confused but thanks for the fix. I also want to point out I was on the alternative strategy I did medium to soft so I'm not sure if this changes anything
  9. Yea I've just had this issue aswell and just lost alot of sponsor money for it. This is a very serious problem because you literally can't do any races without getting disqualified
  10. Kogoda10

    Pitcoins pre order bonus

    Yea I got mine but I know alot of people who didn't receive theres
  11. Kogoda10

    Track limits and penalties

    Yea I especially find that final curb the worst
  12. Kogoda10

    Game crashes during online

    Forgot to say I'm on xbox
  13. 1. When playing online sometimes during a race and sometimes after or before the game would crash. It wasn't just me it was everyone in the entire lobby. 2. 1.01 3. Unranked (not sure if it happens in ranked) 4. It's happened to me 3 or 4 times so far i don't know any way of making it happen I think its just a bug and not anything I've done 5. I mean I'm not really sure how to fix it 6. Wheel. Thrustmaster servo base with a TM open wheel rim 7. No I don't have any screenshots or videos