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  1. I know that this isn't your fault but can you please explain what actually got fixed in the latest patch because it seems like it was just a lie in the patch notes and since we all payed £70 for this game and can't get a refund I think we at least deserve an explanation. We literally can't play half of the game that we payed for
  2. It's codemasters of course they don't give a **** 😂
  3. In a way I have the opposite and got awarded too many points I think. Most others had around 80,000 at the top then some glitch Gave 290,000
  4. They've literally just given us all the middle finger and gone "thanks for the money but **** you" I cant be arsed with this **** anymore. Stop releasing unfinished games and give us what we ******* payed for
  5. Looks like speed hacks from his ghost
  6. So I'm not sure if this is a glitch or someone is just using speed hacks but this shouldn't be a thing. (Not sure if it's a glitch or not so that's why it's not a bug report)
  7. I think the wear definitely needs adjusted. I'm on a ten race season and by round 8 I'm on my 4th CE. The CE seems to be the worst. I'm in the Williams
  8. So this isnt very important but it would be nice to see. The whole starting grid graphic is great but it would be even better to see if someone had grid penalties (like the previous game)
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