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  1. It's also something I wondered for my own career as I'm doing it as well. But even if it's not allowed in this way in real-life, I think it's fine for the game that it's been made more convenient because in real-life in theory you could just change an engine every practice session as you can do in the game so you are "allowed" to take a 5th etc. This way where you can just straight get a new one is just a bit more convenient.

  2. Especially on the PS4 you will be faster with a wheel if you've got the skill for it. Not everybody is as good with the wheel as with the pad and vica versa. It's not because a game favours the wheel, that all wheel users are good... I swapped mid game and already a lot faster so yeah.

  3. 1) As far as I know the timing of when you leave after your retirement doesn't influence it but I don't have any evidence about that so it's just speculation. You can actually test this if you have the time with a couple of guys. We don't allow people to leave so it's not so common with us, however, even with that, we've still seen it happen so the rate is quite high (not above 50% or at least I don't think so, but it's just higher than I thought it would have been).

    2) We don't use AI either so can't tell. We should first try to understand what causes the SC after leaving after retiring but we would need some more info about that first.

    3) Any yellow flag and any leaving after retirement can cause a SC from what we can tell, that's as much as I can help you with.

    Your last question is actually quite interesting because I can find a logic reason for both ways... Should also be fairly easily tested with a couple of guys again :)

  4. FRACTURED said:
    Operator1 said:

    Unofficial leaked info suggests there will be some cars in the game.

    Insider sources say the game will also have some tracks at launch.


    Official sources claim it will contain many new bugs features, such as:

    • Torn Screens / FPS drops / Screen flickering - accurately simulate the G-Forces and Vibrations in the Worlds Fastest sport. 
    • New Mechanical Failures - All new for 2017, if a driver quits or disconnects it will go down as a Mechanical Failure; rather than correct any netcode or introduce dedicated servers it will look like we've had more retirements do to car failures! A win-win.
    • Realistic Flags - New for 2017 Updates include...Full course yellows to stop any overtaking if someone disconnects;Yellow Red stripes will now cover Oil / Debris/ Alonso on a deck chair / Lag on track; Blue flags have been made invisible as nobody uses them anyways.
    • "When SC drivers go BAD" - All new Pastor gameplay type which can occur at any point in Multiplayer, Grand Prix or Career. Said driver can use the SC to autospin, sidepod glitch, cause penalties and illegal overtakes to be assessed against other racers as well as driving at an incredibly slow speed to increase likelihood of collisions on the restart with cold tyres.
    • All new alcoholic Jeff - When Jeff no longer talks you can rest assured this is not a problem with the game audio, but the all new for 2017 alcoholic Jeff has actually fallen asleep in the spare chassis.
    • All New Menu's - which will run at 10 FPS at all times so we can't break it with a half-hearted patch next February 
    • And Many Many Many Many more that we may or may not get around to for F1 2017
    Remember to stay tuned for new exciting information about 2018.


  5. peterf1 said:
    kingmjj said:
    peterf1 said:
    funny, the tyre wear glitch if defined as leaving pits with  overly worn tyres has not plagued me (has not been an issue) for the last several months, perhaps because I have downgraded to easy level.
    if the patch also fixes the general tyre wear glitch, it will be worth taking the chance.
    No this glitch fixes the excessive tyre wear you get per lap for starting on the softest tyre

    @Irishranger and above.

    thanks , the reason I was clarifying because here
    @jennyannem  starts by saying
    "Hi all, thanks for your patience with us whilst we looked into the issue with tyre wear being incorrect following a pit stop"
    as far as I am concerned the 'general tyre wear glitch' is not just about pit stops , but throughout the game.
    I wonder if jenny knows what she is talking about...
    anyhow, should I go for the update or wait, wait, wait? I play offline at least.

    It's just worded differently (and actually more correct). If you analyse the current existing tyre wear bug you can see that the tyre wear is actually correct when you start on a certain tyre. It is when you pit that you get a false tyre wear on the next tyre, so it is actually correct what she says but nobody "saw" it that way.

  6. GPKing said:
    So I did some small tests in China by starting on SuperSoft and Soft and then pitting for another set of Softs after lap 1. Then I looked on the percentages after lap 6.
    My results:

    S/S after 6 laps
    without Beta: 34%
    with Beta: 34%

    SS/S after 6 laps
    without Beta: 42%
    with Beta: 33%

    Looks pretty good to me :)

    very interesting, looks like codies put the "glitched" tyre wear as the baseline for the middle compound. In that logic the Thye wear gltich did not decreased tyre wear, but actually increased if you started on the softest compound
    That test above only tells that the middle compound was correct when you started on the middle compound. that doesn't mean that the middle compound is the baseline, as the middle compound acted in practice like you started on the middle compound. I always thought the practice wear was correct and from the message in the patch announcement thread it seems to be the case, but I haven't tested it yet myself.

  7. In the 2016 season and thus in the game wherever the medium compound was one of the 2 mandatory sets, there was another softer or harder compound as the other mandatory set (because it's only 3 times where the mandatory sets are the same compound and that is in japan and malaysia the hard and in canada the soft). So in your case where a hard compound is available, it's fine to use a hard compound next to your softs to fulfil the tyre rules.

    This may change in the 2017 season in this perticular case, therefor it may be better to know the tyre rules which state; you have to use 1 of the 2 mandatory race sets in the race (these are never the softest of the 3) and you have to use 2 different compounds in the race. This is only for dry races only.

  8. We had the same problem, ask any driver who wants to leave not to retire but to just exit the multiplayer, that way it'll leave the ghost car in there.  Solves the issue.
    Didn't you get any issues with more disconnects, mass disconnects or glitches this way? I know it had on last game and we are still not allowing people to leave our lobby's...

    Our solution is to just let them press the options button and be a ghost for the entire race but they can't leave.

  9. When there is no visual damage and only slightly different green on the front wring, then it won't get replaced indeed. I've seen this happening a couple of times and people reported it as a "bug" to me but I told them that's how it is. I haven't actually seen yet that it was really yellow and didn't get replaced when asked for. I'll ask around to see if anyone has and then I should get some footage if it was the case.