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  1. dani42195

    Game Crashing Upon Entry

    the minimum says FX4300 that's from 2012 so i think after 2012 ones. I depends on the socket on your motherboard i have AM3+ so i'm thinking about buying a used CPU cheap
  2. dani42195

    Game Crashing Upon Entry

    I have the same issue they said on an another topic it's because of the old CPU which is unsupported i also have an AMD phenom and it runs trouble free in F1 2019 however i get the same message as at the 2020 . I remember we had a similar issue with the F1 2018 they fixed the problem after 2 days with an update but i don't think they will do it this time because our CPU is really old.
  3. I decided to post my report in that topic too because there are more with similar issues Decription: The game crashes before the main menu after the push any button sign 2. Version: 1.03 3. at launch 4. This has happened all the times i launched it 5. I've updated the graphics driver tried safe mode turned off steam overlay tried dx11 and dx12 too, with the same experience 6. Logitech G29 7. I'ce attached the dxdiag a video and the crash dump DxDiag.txt 2020-07-10 13-18-12.mp4 666824-20200710-201434-0.zip
  4. I have the same issue reported in another topic there my processor also old but works for F1 2019 with 60 fps no problem ever. It's an AMD phenom 4955 when the F1 2018 launched i had a similar issue if i remember than Codies released a beta forus with old proccesors and put it in a new update then no problem after this . The 2019 was okay too from day 1 no problems.
  5. . The game crahes at the press any button thing before you enter the main menu in both dx11 and dx12 also. 2. 1.03 Seventy edition prepurchase 3. I can't get to this point 4. It's around 10 times out of 10 EGO dumper crash 5. I have the latest drivers i updated it in the morning tried dx11 and dx12 too turning off steam overlay and try running in safemode still crahes out. 6. attached 7. [ For PC ] – Please add a DXDiag to your post. DxDiag.txt 2020-07-10 13-18-12.mp4 666824-20200710-124644-0.zip 666824-20200710-124726-0.zip 666824-20200710-125535-0.zip 666824-20200710-125937-0.zip 666824-20200710-125939-0.zip 666824-20200710-131846-0.zip 666824-20200710-131852-0.zip 666824-20200710-140401-0.zip 666824-20200710-100606-0.zip 666824-20200710-104557-0.zip 666824-20200710-124040-0.zip 666824-20200710-124046-0.zip
  6. It's the same for me too. I run it in dx11 and after the press any button it crashes with EGO dumper . I already installed the newest driver.