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  1. With the constant issues that Codemasters seem to have every time they release a new game, should they skip a F12020 game and put all their efforts into making a GOOD F12021 game?
  2. Well you’ve got two options: 1) Don’t use ABS (it’s really not difficult) 2) Break earlier This isn’t an issue and it really isn’t “unplayable”.
  3. Hate say it but, I told you so! Like the comments above, I’ve been active on these forums advising people not to pre-order this game for a few months now. F1 2018 was appallingly buggy (and still hasn’t been fixed), likewise with F1 2017, 2016, 2015... All the signs were there before release about how bad F1 2019 was going to be, but no one listens. Everyone is too much of a Codemasters fanboy to realise they are a joke of company who are incapable are releasing a functional game. I’ve preordered every F1 title since Codemasters started making them, but F1 2019 is the first one I will not buy, period. Codemasters are a business, they don’t care what people think of their games as long as they are making money, and by Pre-Ordering the game all you are doing is guaranteeing them money regardless of what state the game is in. People are obviously not happy with Codemasters and want change. Well, speak with your wallets. Don’t support them. That’s the only way they will learn. The best solution is them losing the F1 license to a more competent company.
  4. dskxalive

    F1 2019 is too expensive on xbox one

    Get a VPN and buy it on the Microsoft Store on PC?
  5. dskxalive

    Xbox Game Pass

    Any ideas when/ if F1 2019 is coming to Game Pass?
  6. Will they get reset every time you launch the game like in F1 2018?
  7. dskxalive

    F1 2019 vs 2018

    It literally looks exactly the same... What a joke CM has turned into... I’d love to know the thoughts of the people that actually want to pre order it?
  8. Just think about that. We are less than a month away from launch and the amount of information and gameplay about this game is next to non existent. This game is no where near a launch state currently. It will launch in pre-alpha state and expect everyone to pay £50 to be an unpaid alpha tester.
  9. You can do something about it, that is by not pre-order or buying the game. CM will not learn. They are a business. So long as they keep releasing an F1 game once a year and fools keep buying it regardless of then they are happy. As soon as people stop pre-ordering and buying the games out of protest, that’s when they’ll start to learn. Nothing will change otherwise, and the games will continue to be released in pre-alpha state, with minimal changes from year to year and gimmicky extras added such as F2 and classic cars to make it look like you’re getting a good-value, good quality game. People need to stop supporting CM until they can get their act together. Pushing the release date froward to June this year is only going to make matters worse. The game is going to be as buggy as ever, it’s going to be in a pre-alpha state upon release, major game modes will be unplayable and CM will do sweet FA to change any of that because they are too focused on E-Sports. CM have proven over the past few years that they are incapable of making a bug-free release. F1 2018 and Dirt Rally 2, the two console games they have released this past year have been a joke. The best thing that can happen now is for people to stop supporting CM. Stop giving them money. That’s the only way they will learn. Hopefully then it will get to the attention of FOM who will give the license to another, better developer.
  10. There you go... Why shouldn’t we look at the game breaking bugs that haven’t been fixed since release? 😠
  11. It’s literally the same trailer as last year 😂😂 Same angles, same music, same graphics, might as well be the same cars with 2019 liveries... I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this game is going to be trouble. It ain’t going to work upon release and CM will do nothing to fix it (much like F1 2018 which still isn’t fixed, and all the other preceding F1 games). DO NOT pre order this game. Wait a few weeks for the significant sale which always happens and/ or wait until it comes to Game Pass.
  12. If anyone buys this for the early access you need to go an see a medical professional immediately... Look at F1 2018 when it came out, it was atrocious!! It still is atrocious, with game breaking bugs that have not, and will not ever be fixed. It’s a common trend with Codemasters and all of their F1 games (and from what I’ve heard, it has carried over into Dirt 2 also) that the game releases whilst it is still in Alpha, then once they release a few patches it moves into Beta and stays there for eternity. Getting F12019 will be like buying a game in pre-alpha for full price. The game isn’t going to work, patches are going to be few and far between and it’ll never get fixed. Here’s my advice, wait a few weeks until it is on sale for 75% (as they always are) or it comes to Xbox Game Pass for free.
  13. dskxalive


    “We were rushed by having to release F12018 in August and it still has game breaking issues half a year after launch... So how about this, we’ll shorten the development of F12019 by 3 months to bring it out in June.” And what’s the point in having a ******* beta program? F12018 still has thousands of game breaking problems (that have existed since launch) that you refuse to fix... The current game would be ripped apart even if it was still classed as a beta... ******* joke of a company. Only way I’m buying F12019 is with a hefty compensation discount for those that have suffered with F12018... Am I **** getting robbed £55 again.