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  1. If anyone buys this for the early access you need to go an see a medical professional immediately... Look at F1 2018 when it came out, it was atrocious!! It still is atrocious, with game breaking bugs that have not, and will not ever be fixed. It’s a common trend with Codemasters and all of their F1 games (and from what I’ve heard, it has carried over into Dirt 2 also) that the game releases whilst it is still in Alpha, then once they release a few patches it moves into Beta and stays there for eternity. Getting F12019 will be like buying a game in pre-alpha for full price. The game isn’t going to work, patches are going to be few and far between and it’ll never get fixed. Here’s my advice, wait a few weeks until it is on sale for 75% (as they always are) or it comes to Xbox Game Pass for free.