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  1. wahhhz

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Thx will give these a try.
  2. Given that codies and other developers play a much more active role in the local gaming communities, its certainly worth a shot isn't it? They can't adjust based on feedback without feedback. I am in favor of the MP car for TT though.
  3. Currently running a TM TX with t3pa on XBOX On F1 2018 i had the following setup, i copied that one over but still feel like i'm missing something. Feels too light to turn. Curious what over setups you guys n gals are using. FFB 100 Road effects - 40 Kerbs - 30 Offroad - 30 Wheel weight - 35 Waz
  4. wahhhz


    Perhaps i'm way off here, but the HUD and TV Graphics you gents are referring to, are they not part of Sky Sports as opposed to part of the F1 organisation? Perhaps a licensing issue with SKY? I'm assuming F1 and Sky are completely independent from one another? Living in Canada the only SKY material i see is the F1 broadcasts, so maybe i'm out to lunch?....