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  1. I've noticed this too. Same issue on Amazon, and I even tried showing them proof it's actually meant to release on the 25th (linked Codemasters blog posts, and the YouTube video versions specific to the US market), but they still said it was to release the 28th. Steam on the other hand has the dates for both versions correct, but I'm stuck on console so that's not much help... I've been trying to get Codemasters, Koch media, or Deep silver (since I believe they're the actual US publisher) to clarify what's going on, but sadly haven't gotten a reply through the methods I've tried. Going through every store link in the blogs they all have the Legends edition releasing on the 25th as expected, except the US Amazon and GameStop sites (yes, non-US Amazon and GameStop have it correct). I hate to be a pest, but I've been trying to get someone to clear this up for over a week to no avail with release is fast approaching. So @Faya, might there be someone you could ask to take a look? Or someone you can point me towards to try and sort this problem out with the vendors before it's too late? Thank you for any help you can give.