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  1. well I could say the same regards to people and this love affair of paying for DLC events. If racing games had the old school custom championship mode you wouldn't have to pay for events. You could just create them. for free. yeah I just don't understand some people here either sarcasm aside, why try to force something when you could just simply provide options for players to enjoy the game with their preference.
  2. to me, 5 races isn't a season, at least not one worth putting any time into. My point is that why not accept people game for different reasons. I personally don't care for trophies, badges, leveling up, etc.... but if people like that stuff fine great enjoy. But don't understand why devs seem content in trying to force people do something. If it's a good idea that people are interested in you don't have to force them.
  3. Sorry for double post but this belongs here optional weather settings in ALL modes. I don't recall ever going to track and saying geez I'm so tired of all this good weather and really wish it would rain. So I don't get this fascination with bad weather in games. Fine if people want it but it should be optional. Custom offline championship mode. Have no desire to play all the different disciplines, collect badges, levels, etc.... I just want to race/drive and put in laps and it would be nice to be simply create a fully customized offline championship (with full qualifyin
  4. CM   in your next patch for the PS3 can you please add an option so that the game does not check or prompt you to connect online every time you try to do something.   I know when I'm connected and not connected and it is a pain in the a$$  these days that developers think players are too stupid to know this.  I don't need to be reminded, I am off line for a reason.   a simple option that tells the game not to check for online status would be a much welcome option.   As would a simple tutorial section.  I'm pretty sure that F1 2014 is anyone's first racing gam
  5. I gave up on timetrial when I saw they limited your options in to what you can drive.   Why restrict?  Because it's the easy cheap way out.  I should be able to drive any car on any track to set the a time.   From there you can have an overall fastest time and then a class fastest time.   Additionally the layout of the game makes choosing a car a pain in the a$$.   Again simply bad game design from a company that should know better.   All you have to do is look at the first Grid to see how to make an elegant simple and efficient menu system.    This
  6. Loore Thanks for the update but I hope they focus because it's not just the gear shift.  the L2 can't be mapped at all.  But it really doesn't matter at this point I guess because I've already returned the game.  I just don't understand why Devs think gamers want less options.  Why limit the game?  Sometimes I just feel like jumping in a car (any car) and going to a track (any track) and doing laps.   So to be limited to that or have to dig through countless menu options looking for a setting (because no one puts full manuals in games any more) just isn't worth it
  7. No I understand that part.  The problem is this.  No comments it's just a personal preference.   When assigning gear shifts I always have my layout as follows   Gas-R1/ Brake-L1  / Up shift-R2 / Down shift -L2     The game will not (on the PS3 controller) let me assign any gear shift option to the L2 trigger.   I can assign to R2, L1, R1, or any other button, but not to the R2.    So may question is why?  It makes no sense what so ever for them to do that.
  8. Why can we not have FULL controller mapping on the PS3?  L2 can't be used for gear change but R2 can?   What possible reason could you have for this restriction?  Trivial to some I guess but it's a deal breaker for me so I never turned a lap in the game.  It goes back to the store tomorrow
  9. I didn't get past the option menu before Codemasters blew it.  Why Why Why  do you limit controller mapping?  Why it makes no sense what so ever, yet CM has done just that.  Can't map the gear change to the trigger buttons (PS3) that I want.   You can use R2 but not L2....What possible reason would you not allow players to map the controls how they feel?   Sick of devs pulling this.  So game goes back to the store tomorrow.   Glad I still have the first Grid.
  10. What made Grid special for me are a number of things that devs over look these daysEfficient Game Design: This goes for the first Dirt also. I don't play games to look at menus.  Both Grid and the first Dirt got you into the game quickly and efficiently.  Additionally you don't waste a lot of time with bad cars or cars you have no interest in driving.  A perfect example is what Gran Turismo has turned into. That game for me is like a chore or homework and by the time you finally get the cars you want I was sick of the game.   Grid had a great access path and to me the best
  11. I have never been a fan of the slow down punishment for all the reason previously stated and favor time penalty, drive through,disqualification, etc......  But until the devs put this as a priority instead on lesser trivial items we are never going to have a sensible system in place.   The key is to encourage clean racing so that while winning is important, how you win is as well.  It's not as hard as people would think it's just a matter of someone doing it.   It's not hard to determine the intent of something.  All the data is there.  I can tell when someone ble
  12. have you guys ever considered adding motorcycles to Grid or creating a stand alone motorcycle game?  It doesn't have to be a licensed title, just need a decent bike game for the gamers who have been suffering far to long without one.   The last decent one was Tourist Trophy on the PS2 and that was way back in 2006
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