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  1. lewis930214

    Manual start buggy?

    So I tested it and worked! I mapped the clutch button to paddle with shift up. But you should reach the max RPM before it goes to 1st gear. That's the trick. Push the throttle pedal to maximum, wait 1-2 secs and it will shift up to 1st gear. After it, you can decrease the throttle to reach the optimal rpm for the start (which is still different from F1 2018). I think this procedure makes the start a little bit harded because for 1-2 secs you cannot see the red lights and in optimal situation you just miss 2-3 red lights. But now it is okay and thank you very much for everyone who shared this info with me and also with the community. By the way, what is the best RPM for the start? I just try to hold it at 90%.
  2. lewis930214

    Manual start buggy?

    I tried to map it also to a different button (with square and X also) and nothing changed. How do you start with the separate button? You holding the shift up and clutch button also together? Or you also going to the to max rpm then decreasing to optimal? If the last thing, then it is not really different from what others suggested unfortunatelly.
  3. lewis930214

    Manual start buggy?

    Thank you for your reply. I will try it what you did. But I think the real f1 drives do not need to go to the max rpm and then slowly decrease it. But I will give it a try if there is no crash during the game.
  4. lewis930214

    Manual start buggy?

  5. lewis930214

    Manual start buggy?

    Hy everyone, So I just got the Legendary Edition of F1 2019. Besides that the DX12 game is crashing (maybe because the Nvidia Driver 430.86) and DX11 game is laggy and had a huge amount of FPS drops this can be a great game. But! On my first manual start I experienced a very very bad start because of the clutch. I remember that in F1 2018 if I set the clutch button to the Gear Up button it was automatically gear up to 1st position, hold it and when I released it the car starts to moving. Now with F1 2019 even if I set the clutch to any other button on my Logitech G29 wheel I can only shift up to 1 when the red ligths are off and I released the clutch button. So I will have nearly 1 second delay at the start because I cannot shift up to 1 and hold it with the clutch button just like in F1 2018. This is really frustrating issue and anyone else noticed this? Or is just me?