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  1. Greetings,

    I didn't play F12018 for some days and today my G29 wheel isn't recognized anymore. It always worked fine until today and I didn't change anything in the last days.


    What I tried so far:

    I tried to unplug it, I reinstalled the LGS drivers with cleaning the registry, I DON'T have Project Cars 2 installed (I know about the conflict with F12018), i reseted F12018. Nothing.


    The wheel is recognized normally by the Windows device manager, it is calibrating like alaways on PC boot and it is working on other games like Dirt 2.0. I just don't know what to do.


    Ingame of F12018 it just tells me unknown device and that I should connect or activate the wheel (which it is).



    Anyone else with the same problem? Could it be the last Windows update, that was released some days ago?

  2. I feel the pain with you Bustah. Multiplayer needs to be fixed asap, before anything else is done on this game. Developers should keep us ATLEAST informed on their Twitter Account, or wherever, about the status of all the multiplayer issues! https://twitter.com/formula1game

    But it seems they have more "important" problems like working on the DLC issue they have at the moment, that some people can't redeem their DLC or whatever. Just gift them the DLC when the headline edition is cheaper on gamekey sites as the standard edition anyway -> Problem solved.

    And now you can work on more important problems :)

  3. Ranked online sessions have not been working since 24 hours now (non ranked games are working fine). If you try to join a ranked game it won't connect on 49 of 50 attempts. Cmon codies, this should be your first priority to fix or atleast give us some information about the problem and when it'll be fixed. So many people wan't to play ranked games :neutral: