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  1. Searched for Ranked (Short) Lobby again - hope this helps find the session.
  2. Good Evening All. I've tried joining a Short Ranked Multiplayer lobby on and off since about 17:00 GMT today - it is now 19:52 and the issue is still persisting. Unfortunately I keep being put into the same lobby where it appears one player is stuck and the session will not progress. I've watched as names of other players have joined and left the session whilst waiting for poor Muffinsman to load... Is it time to implement a server browser for Ranked lobbies? Pretty please? Platform: PC (Steam)
  3. Hey! First off thanks for reading. My suggestion is to allow switching between Vertical and Horizontal split-screens. This is to make life easier for people running on multiple monitors (generally setup side-by-side) to utilise a full monitor to each player. Also having better support for multiple monitor setups again so that each player can have a full screen to use. Granted this is probably a niche sector of your player base and perhaps not worth the time to implement but it's a feature I think would be great. Many Thanks, Ewok
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