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  1. Probably this is not in the right place, but im unable to start a new topic in the f1 2020 section. Emailed CM about it but got a very not so nice email back, basically they didnt care. Can somebody tell me why i cant start a new topic? Thanks guys
  2. WallyM76

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Hi all, With f1 2019 im suffering from massive amounts of understeer, spent hours of adjusting the setup, and i just cant get rid of it. When i steer into a corner, for example turn 4 at austria it first turns right, then sort of skips over the front tires, after that is grips again. That causes my fronts to overheat very quickly and cause more and more understeer. It does this with every corner. I drive with no assists, difficulty at 100% and manual ERS. i only drive grand prix races at the track that coming up in real life. And i only drive the RB15 as max verstappen. ( Massive fan 😉 )
  3. WallyM76

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Ive been spending alot of hours on different tracks now, and it's the same with every track and every setup, a short moment of understeer when coming off the throttle. Because of it i just cant really push the rb15 as i like to. Now spa is coming up and i have tried multiple setups and been practicing the track for alot of hours, about 1,5 hours a day the past week. Just cant get rid of the short moment of understeer and its costing me about 2 seconds a lap i recon. My fastest lap is a 1:45.3 now no assists. With f1 2018 im in the 1:42s no problem. I emailed CM about this, probably not going to get an answer as they get alot of emails but its worth a shot. Meanwhile ill just keep pushing for a quicker time. #summerbreaksucks 😉
  4. Here also no mic detected ingame, my mic works fine with every other program. Why not just put the option in the menu to select microphone. I think it has issues with my logitech headset, the wire of the mic from my headset is not connected to my pc, but i have to have the logitech mic active in windows setting otherwise my headset doesnt show up in logitech gaming software. Somehow f1 2019 thinks the logitech mic is the standard mic. And it s not! I had the same problem with f1 2018, sometimes mic works sometimes it doesnt. But it never works the first time i use voice command, if im lucky it works after the thirt try. Game really needs selectable mic option in option menu
  5. WallyM76

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    i think the wierd "floaty" understeer feeling has something to do with diff settings, ive been fiddling with the setup on silvertsone for about 3 hours now, and i just can't get rid of the floaty understeer mid corner. it steers into the corner beautiful, exit on trottle is beautiful, but mid corner is hopeless. especially with used tires (from 25% on). so far concidering the to me horrible engine sound, im not a big fan jet.
  6. WallyM76

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    I did turn off "understeer enhence" in the settings, that made it a bit better, but still, i feel f1 2019 has more understeer than f1 2018, i i cant get used to the tires yet, difficult to keep them in the window