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  1. Probably this is not in the right place, but im unable to start a new topic in the f1 2020 section. Emailed CM about it but got a very not so nice email back, basically they didnt care. Can somebody tell me why i cant start a new topic? Thanks guys
  2. Here also no mic detected ingame, my mic works fine with every other program. Why not just put the option in the menu to select microphone. I think it has issues with my logitech headset, the wire of the mic from my headset is not connected to my pc, but i have to have the logitech mic active in windows setting otherwise my headset doesnt show up in logitech gaming software. Somehow f1 2019 thinks the logitech mic is the standard mic. And it s not! I had the same problem with f1 2018, sometimes mic works sometimes it doesnt. But it never works the first time i use voice command, if
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