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  1. Does anyone have any methods they use in order to manually give themselves failures during a race to make career mode more difficult? A couple ideas was giving yourself a 20% chance at a failure each race and before each race, generating a random number from 1-100, and if that number is from 1-20 youd have a failure that race, or tying it to engine durability, so if your engine is at 40% wear, generating a number from 1-40 would mean youd get a failure that race.
  2. itsmb8

    R&D System 2019

    We need two new career options and an updated feature, preferably in an update but at the VERY LEAST next years game. 1, is R&D speed settings for AI teams with a separate option for user teams. 2, is expanded R&D trees. And 3, is either an option to change the amount of driver transfers, or give us the ability to make driver transfers ourselves (like a "god" mode). In 10 career seasons, teams should not reach maxed cars under normal circumstances until season 9 or 10, and top team drivers should change around every 3-4 seasons, but never for drivers that dominate like Hamilton. And with AI team R&D speed settings, users can just complete practice programs to match AI teams, or if need be, set how many points they want to receive so that it matches with AI teams.