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  1. Stating a general fact on public behaviour doesn't equal offending you. If you find yourself matching the criterias of the general fact, maybe you should reflect upon it instead of taking offense of it. Also... Nice job on avoiding the previous sentence on quoted post to try and save face. I've been mostly avoiding and initiating votekicks on them if I've ran into them last weeks. I'll race against them again and give you a DM on report code and timestamps. And I do want to specify that I'm not talking about people who run other cars off the road and whatnot, I'm talking about players who have their names up on TT and weekly events with insane time/score with all assists on and having that same performance in ranked lobbies.
  2. Saying someone is wrong without correcting them is just telling you have no clue what you're talking about. Also you're implying you were "just playing dumb" on the comment before, which just makes you dumb, no offense.
  3. It's relatively new term and I'm sure if you're not watching any streamers, you might have missed it. Comes from the word "simpleton" where someone just doesn't know any better. If customers of Codemasters just keep eating the **** they shovel infront of you without complaining or raising a point, I feel that term fits perfectly. And even so next year with 2K is taking reigns with their monetization system.
  4. Either you're slow enough to not notice or then you're just oblivious. I don't know you so I can't tell but if you're saying nobody is cheating in ranked lobbies, you're either lying or simping for Codemasters.
  5. Bump 'cause no reply from official sources. I feel sad to see absolutely no care towards the game from the devs and the situation is just getting worse and worse when word-to-mouth keeps spreading. The past week I've tried getting races in daily and every lobby so far had a guy driving faster times than current esports drivers ... Maybe it's time for FOM to resell the license if Codies can't take care of the game for one bit.
  6. MatrimC

    F1 Esports Tournament

    Just take a look at the Esports event that's going on in the game right now and the leaderboard is filled with kids using cheats. I'm not saying that people racing in the actual Esports races right now are using cheats, but the legimacy of the game is downright laughable when Codemasters have zero anti-cheats in the game.
  7. MatrimC

    1.09 is out [PC]

    Performance drop with the 1.09 patch (like 6 fps) and it doesn't patch correctly on Steam. Stuck on "Please wait..." black screen after every event and you need to go validate your files for double patch on Steam.
  8. Title. Nobody really cares about Time Trial times, but even those just go to show how much care goes into the game from the Devs. Lately there has been increasing amount of cheaters with insanely fast cars in Ranked lobbies and it's pretty much impossible to find one without there being one. Why do you have "Ranked" when you don't supervise it?