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  1. Has Codemasters yet to acknowledged this as a bug or is it actually working as intended with pad users? I'm finally finding my optimal difficulty level come COTA and I'm fighting evenly against my teammate (Leclerc) and other cars at same development level in Qualifying. But on race, after I start closing in the first pit stop, the tyres are heated enough to pace to fall dramatically versus any other car on the track.  And before someone tells me to adjust my driving style, I have done so. I'm basically keeping the Temp window open on dislay throughout the whole race and the amount of saving you need to keep the tyres not reach the critical temperatures also throws you off the pace of other cars around you. There's no easy to way to even combat this due to setups since I'm already driving setups roughly giving me better than average tyre wear / sliding. Is there any confirmation yet if this is related to difficulty as well? Because I had no issues on temperatures on early season when I was still driving slightly lower difficulties. Not after I raised it, this has become an issue. Also the issue seems to be that the tyres aren't cooling down enough rather than them gaining degrees.