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  1. I think this thread may have gone past its usefulness. If it were to talk about what would a good game look like that is one thing, but it has become a bash the old game thread, which I can look at at the other forums. I understand not liking the game, that is why we all came here. But for a game that was awful we sure do seem to be stuck on it. 
  2. I don't think they should either, unless wholesale changes were made, and even then I am not sure.
  3. You misunderstood what I was saying over on the other forums. I don't think things can get done from scratch. They have to have a base. I do not want a NASCAR 15, but if they are going to make another game, I'd rather they fix the one they have, and port it out. If they have indeed restructured, then maybe the people they put in place can actually do something. But if you noticed, that thread that said they are continuing went away, so hopefully that was information that wasn't true. But if they have the license for more games, I don't think they can get it done without fixing what they have a
  4. Kinda surprised. But I will say I have been happy with girlracer over at the other forums
  5. Not true by a long shot. If it was, there are a few members that are still active that would have been banned a long time ago. It is all how you go about it.   
  6. I could see ETX not announcing anything, but if someone already has the license then I don't see it taking more then 2 years. I would think with the new consoles they would at least try and get it out within the next 2 years. I just know that whoever has the NASCAR license I wouldn't mind being a moderator for their forum.
  7. Hopefully they won't, but you never know. In my past experiences with different companies they just leave the forums there, but eventually the Moderators quit caring, and then the forums are just left alone and the community dies out. I would like to have the forums through the remainder of the NASCAR season, but who knows. ETX has not done things the way we think they should be done.
  8. Not only the NASCAR fan base, but their volunteers as well. I think we are all ready for a Fresh start.
  9. I'm ok with how the season has progressed thus far. Hopefully the chase isn't as dumb as it looks like it could be.
  10. Is there a link to that information? 
  11. and notice 3 of the 6 mods over at the other forums are over here not really upset by the news.
  12. I don't need the other series, and a NASCAR game doesn't need the lower series to be good. So I would say Cup only
  13. I didn't like part of the fantasy stuff, but at the same time I wasn't bothered by others. The biggest issue I had with EA's fantasy stuff was the triple digit numbers.
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