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  1. Weird, we are using ps5/ps4 (playing on ps5 myself)
  2. GunDeviLnl

    VSC warning

    Everytime when there's a vsc we dont get a warning when it's ending. Before making a report is this supose to happen because if i remember right in the earlier games we always had a warning through the radio that Warned us. Me and my other league mates had alot of DT penalties because of this.
  3. Loving it so far, i was expecting bugs like they are there evert year but the will fix those in time..
  4. I think i had 2 or 3 disconnects last year and i play like 3 times a week. Are you using wifi or a cable? Also check your nat type (I am using nat 2)
  5. Showing in your friendlist that u play the beta doesn't matter i think. aslong you dont share pics/info/video/screenshots you should be fine.
  6. <<Preparing for 10k comments when they will announce the betakeys..
  7. Jos Verstappen, i would Let him race next to max. Cavel Godin is also someone who deserves a place aswell
  8. Offtopic.. could someone explaine those red hands on the profile pictures who some memers are having
  9. Could someone explaine what those red hands stand for? I am seeing some on membres their profile pic.. think its since the last website update.
  10. I think we still have to wait till end of next week at least.. a trailer to make up for the waiting would be Nice tho
  11. Damn.. will it really happen. If so i am hyped as ...
  12. If codies want to score points they should add it in 2021.. but such a big feature would have been in the teaser imo.. but who knows....
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