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  1. GunDeviLnl

    F1 2021

    Crossplay.. I want to battle my pc buddies
  2. GunDeviLnl

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

  3. GunDeviLnl

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    Hey guys, it's official now codemasters has been sold to take two.. what will happen to the f1 series from now on? Pay 2 win or will this be a good thing?
  4. GunDeviLnl

    Save files on next gen consoles

    @barrybl could you share some info about a next gen patch or if we will see some framerate/resolution improvment?
  5. GunDeviLnl

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    I hope so, it would be Nice to hear some details from Barry.
  6. GunDeviLnl

    Dirty Driver

    I didnt wash myself today.. does that count?
  7. GunDeviLnl

    Cross play between new gen and old gen consoles

    Yes, and some news about a next gen patch would be great..
  8. GunDeviLnl

    This game is a joke. Anything to say code"masters"?

    Never had a disconect while playing online, maybe check your internet settings
  9. GunDeviLnl

    Next gen upgrade

    I am pretty sure it was June or the months after that.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/new-ps4-games-must-also-run-on-the-ps5-sony-tells-developers-2679651%3famp July 13.. Lucky codemasters
  10. GunDeviLnl

    Next gen upgrade

    Didnt Sony tell us that al games need.to be playable on the ps5? At least the games who got released after a certain date?
  11. GunDeviLnl

    Next gen upgrade

    @Barry do you have some more info?
  12. GunDeviLnl

    Next gen upgrade

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if codies will release somekind of next gen upgrade patch? If not, does the game run better on the ps5 or xbox x?
  13. GunDeviLnl

    T300 settings

    Thanks for the help folks, of was really usefull
  14. GunDeviLnl

    T300 settings

    I am trying to adjust my t300 settings, which setting do eporters use? i am confused which linirity i should change aswell. When watching hotlaps on youtube it seems they can steer way sharper than me. As example: first corner Hungary i have way more understeer compared to those players, i tried changing my car setup but it wont help. I use 360° btw.
  15. If i am right it is crossplatform, i think i saw it somewhere during the beta. We cant play together but leaderboards are crossplatform. Barry could you confirm?