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  1. Full multiplayer replay options... For League races its a must imo. Updated engine.. Somekind of ranking system like iracing.. better to copy something good than to create something new that sucks. Manuel tire change (somekind of minigame where you can win time if you do it right. Option to unlap safteycar. On or off toggle. Real movies of drivers and races.. easy to make and it will create a way better ambiance. (Pretend to see the highlight of a last year race Just before the start). Quick option to restart a League race when everyone messes up in the first rou
  2. Hey guys, every monday and tuesday we race Just for fun. Roaring Raymundo is a dedicated Twitch streamer (Dutch, but all are welcome) where fun and fair driving is the main focus. If you want to join us for a good time be free to join him on Twitch. Monday PS4/ps5 from 8 pm till whatever. Tuesday pc from 8 pm till whatever. Hope to see you around.
  3. Do you guys think/hope that f12022 will have a new game engine? I hope now that codies joined EA that they got the tools to make a big leap compared to the last few f1 games. F1 2022 was almost finished allready when they joined them so imo there wasnt alot the could change before releasing f122. Also working together with the devs from project cars could change the overal feeling of driving around the track, atleast this is what i hope..
  4. Hey guys, could you post your t300 settings to help me out? Been adjusting my wheel for ages now but i cant get it right. I use the 2 blinken (360°) on my wheel but it seems i get alot of oversteer at almost every corner. I also increased the linerity for my throttle to make It a bit less responsive but it doesn't really work. When watching clips on YouTube i see people go flat out on high speed corners but when i do that my rear cant take it. I also tried with different setups but it keeps happening. Regards me
  5. Its the same with alle race games, random player=chaos, if you want fair races you should stick with a known group imo.
  6. Weird, we are using ps5/ps4 (playing on ps5 myself)
  7. GunDeviLnl

    VSC warning

    Everytime when there's a vsc we dont get a warning when it's ending. Before making a report is this supose to happen because if i remember right in the earlier games we always had a warning through the radio that Warned us. Me and my other league mates had alot of DT penalties because of this.
  8. Loving it so far, i was expecting bugs like they are there evert year but the will fix those in time..
  9. I think i had 2 or 3 disconnects last year and i play like 3 times a week. Are you using wifi or a cable? Also check your nat type (I am using nat 2)
  10. Showing in your friendlist that u play the beta doesn't matter i think. aslong you dont share pics/info/video/screenshots you should be fine.
  11. <<Preparing for 10k comments when they will announce the betakeys..
  12. Jos Verstappen, i would Let him race next to max. Cavel Godin is also someone who deserves a place aswell
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