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  1. GunDeviLnl

    Orange army zandvoort

    Lol that sounds like a great idea.
  2. GunDeviLnl

    Orange army zandvoort

    Who else is missing the orange army at zandvoort? The track looks good but i am pretty sure there will be thousands of Orange fans. Maybe an idea to add atleast one part of the track where they all wear orange. Lets burn some rubber! Peace out.
  3. GunDeviLnl

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Omg its just 2 funny, its the same evert year:)
  4. GunDeviLnl

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Going to be a long week 😞
  5. GunDeviLnl

    Barry for president

    Imo since Barry joined the club this forum is heading in the right direction. More interaction between players, sharing info and reaction in the forum is way better than before. Lets give Barry some credits for his outstanding job. Keep up the good work Barry!!!
  6. GunDeviLnl

    When the next update gonna come out

    Nice to hear guys 🙂
  7. GunDeviLnl

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Great patch.. all there is left is a patch to fix the safteycar and the game will be near perfect.
  8. Lets burn rubber