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  1. When I am in the calibration menu, my brakes are recognized properly but as soon as I am on the driving screen, about the first 30% of my brakes are not recognized by the car and have no display on the HUD. After 30+% the brakes suddenly turn on and wheels lock. Playing on PC, windows 10, using steam, fanatec v2.5, csl elite load cell usb to pc. I have tried messing with the sensitivity and threshold and re-install the game, the wheel and pedal driver. I have also changed USB ports, set new control configurations but no change. With this issue the game is unplayable, any advice is appreciated - Thank you
  2. YngwieReid

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    Atom this is the same issue I have exactly. What refresh rate are you using? do you have steam overlay turned off? running full screen mode? have you tried to tell if the HUD is incorrect and it is actually braking or is the HUD correct and the brake isnt applying? fwiw I've reinstalled everything and have the same issue still
  3. YngwieReid

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    I believe so, I definitely updated the drivers. I'll flash the firmware and try again. May have to make a video to better show what's happening. The only solution I've found to make it mostly playable is to set sensitivity to 100 and shape to 100. Really appreciate the help either way, incredibly frustrating.