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  1. Metzgerov

    Senna Prost

    May God have pity on your soul for preordering.
  2. I know Codies wont reply but the sound cutting out is ruining the game for me. On PC and it cuts out on stage and all i hear is dirt sounds and crackling. Its so frustrating since we can rewind I have to use restarts if I have any. In multiplayer im screwed.
  3. The patch didn't solve the sound-cutout for me. only sounds i hear are road debris.
  4. Metzgerov

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Decks i've read this entire thread and you don't get it do you. As they say in the southern USA "You cant fix stupid"
  5. Hello on PC version and I have been getting multiplayer rallies where my co-driver doesnt call out the turns. I see the signs pop up on screen but he never says them sometimes. This is a real issue for multiplayer obviously.
  6. Metzgerov

    Temp Gauges Dont work

    Since engine and water temp are very important in DR2 its odd none of the temp gauges work in any car. please fix. PC version
  7. Metzgerov

    FF feels dead in DR2 as compared to DR1

    Settings won’t help there is no road/tyre feel coming through. The general self aligning torque and centering are ok but the road and tyre details are numb. Much less immersive than DR1
  8. Metzgerov

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Their rationale is “to prevent cheating”. Really? In career mode? So you’ve ruined the career mode experience To prevent cheating in a Solo game mode? Damn I need to get into game development...