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  1. Metzgerov

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    I’ll release a guide soon since I’m in season 4 but: lowering Ai qual difficulty by 2 on most tracks balances things. tracks like Canada, Austria, Italy etc you need to raise Ai by 3-4. tracks like Suzuka, Baku, Hun you need to lower Ai 3-4. I’ll release my full guide soon. I got the balance nailed.
  2. Metzgerov

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Si is better or the same aggression. This post is complete delusional malarkey
  3. Metzgerov

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    It was working fine. Had 10 SC’s and over 20 VSC. people complain every year but every year it works fine for me
  4. It’s made career mode the most fun I’ve ever had. Season 2 was wide open and exciting thanks to transfers
  5. Metzgerov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    2 seasons completed. PC 95ai, 50% race no aids. 70% of races I get a VSC. 40% of races get a SC (all caused by Ai crashes or mechanical) Thats ~7 SC a season. All came out when they should with no issues. Not sure why or how other people have issues. It's 100% working as it should for me.
  6. Metzgerov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    What is odd to me is I’ve rarely had issues on pc with the sc in any recent F1 game. But people swear there is an issue. I wonder if it’s consoles or low powered systems or something. It’s always au worked spot on for me
  7. Metzgerov

    Dx 12 Sound cuts out

    Sometimes when I start a session there is no sound except surface noise. This is similar to the same bug I got in Dirt Rally 2. has only happened since I started running dx12 after the 1.04 patch
  8. Metzgerov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    So I just told you I’ve seen them make mistakes on track and spin and crash. Am I lying to you? Why would I make this up?
  9. Metzgerov

    Voice Commands sometimes broken

    I get this too. I feel it’s a dx12 issue but if I restart it’s fine
  10. Metzgerov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Wrong. I’ve seen 4 crashes personally 2 being on their own and 2 being ai vs ai clash. They do crash and I have had 7 SC through 21 races. I wonder if it’s a pc vs console issue.
  11. 1080Ti and taking screens through Nvidea have messed up colors. Video capture colors ARE FINE.
  12. Yep. Bit I still have another dpad on the left side of the wheel 😉
  13. F1 rim I use the right dpad up,down ers. Left, right fuel
  14. Metzgerov

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    I just raced Bah and had only 11% wear. Sounds like your driving is more of a problem than scaling. I pit in sequence with Ai t.