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    MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

    1. After 9 seasons through 2 careers I have noticed major bugs with the Ai driver transfers After the 1st season (when there are a bunch of transfers) the Ai no longer makes organic driver transfers based on performance etc. After the 1st season Ai driver transfers only happen if: A driver retires (usually takes a GP2 driver) You nab an existing teams driver (usually replaced by your driver) After the 1st season I have not seen the Ai teams drop or move a driver by any other means except the 2 points above 2. Pc 3. 1.01-1.08 4. My Team 5. 9 seasons over 2 careers 6. Started a new career after patch 1.07 7. T300 and fanatec CS pedals 8. yes- Screenshots show many teams unchanged after 3-4 seasons and majority of moves happened after season 1. I have more recent seasons but the lineup is unchanged because I kept my drivers.
  2. Metzgerov

    Podium Pass Season 2

    What a waste. Most of the liveries and helmets etc. aren’t “racing” cosmetics they are kitchie outlandish designs that look unrealistic on an F1 grid. Out of everything so far there are only 2 helmet designs that look cool and the liveries are mostly outlandish or have geometric designs which look very similar. 2019 had way better options.....
  3. Any mods? I had an increased failures mod that caused this issue. I removed it and game was fine.
  4. Metzgerov

    MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

    New season an I sign Bottas and only move is Ai takes my old driver. Something is broke please fix as its boring and unrealistic. @BarryBL can you please take a look as its pretty obvious after the 1sy year the Ai make no organic driver moves.
  5. Metzgerov

    MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

    any help on this?
  6. 1. Through 9 seasons and 2 careers I have noticed Ai not performing correctly based on driver ratings: Bottas has outperformed Hamilton every year even though HAM has superior stats in all catagories Bottas 7WDC Ham 0 WDC in 9 seasons (2 careers) Drivers perform well below teammate but never get replaced Albon is usually 70pts behind VER every year but they never replace him 2. PC 3. 1.01-1.08 4. My Team 5. 9 seasons, 2 careers 6. Tried starting with newer patch 1.07 7. t300, fanatec cs 8. yes
  7. Edit the "FIA 2020" inspection badge in the MyTeam car to change every year or edit out the date entirely. Edit the Race intro graphics to show correct year or remove 2020 Edit the intro commentary to say correct year or remove mention of 2020 Change race results screen to properly show teams and drivers results If a driver retires or changers teams that changes is reflected through all historical race standing screens Update track records based on Myteam or Career performance throughout the year.
  8. Let me start off by saying a single season in My Team is the most fun racing experience I have had in 30+ yrs of gaming. But, after a 5X10 race seasons things get a little old in MyTeam so... 1. Vary team performance more: 2019 was great how Williams and Alfa could be a top team after a year. Seems in 2020 they have nerfed this so mainly the top 3 remain the top 3 even after reg changes and 5 years. I cant tell you how boring it is to fight the same cars and drivers year after year. I loved seeing Vettel in a Williams fighting for the WC vs. a HAAS with Perez in 2019. Is this realistic ? No, but its a game and it adds more fun. Maybe add a slider so you have realistic at one end and Variable at the other end which was more like 2019. Merc and Ferrari fighting for wins every years is boring so lets change that. (This will also lead to more driver changes) 2. More driver transfers: In 5 seasons I have had the last 3 season with ZERO driver transfers. This combined with the team performance not changing much makes for a very stale experience. I know some people thought 2019 was too wacky with changes but add a slider or make an option to have more moves if someone want. Starting a new season should be exciting yet when I see the same drivers at the same teams with the same performance gaps you can see my disappointment. This is a game so it should be fun and having varied line-ups makes play longer into careers more fun. 3. More Impactful Reg changes: After 2 reg changes in my career the performance didn't swing much (Although 1 season I couldn't see because the graph is bugged). This is a perfect opportunity to address my most important point #1 but didn't change much. This could be a slider setting but in general teams (including the players) should be more impacted. For example, In an Aero MAJOR reg change you reset the whole graph for all teams on aero they cant upgrade till after the 1st race. A Moderate Aero reg change resets all MAJOR or Ultimate upgrades but lets you save minor ones by spending points. A Minor Aero reg change works how the system currently works. This mixes things up and can eliminate major advantages the top teams have in some categories to make things more interesting for the player. 4. Too Easy to get Resource Points and $: I could easily have been fighting for top 6 by season 2 and tops by season 3 but I nerfed my own team otherwise it wasn't a challenge. Here I think you will get varied wants from players but the game "Battletech" handles rewards and XP with sliders and options to make rewards harder to come by vs. easy. This way the Ai can progress how they are by default and the player can just adjust their team to match their preference. 5. Varied Driver stats- By season 3 most top teams had drivers maxed out at 100 across the board thanks to the facility upgrades. I don't know how this plays out in races where all drivers are statistically 100 but its kinda immersion breaking. I would do away with the simulator team bonus all together and just use it to help make drivers progress faster. 6. More liveries, helmets and suits.: All these options at the start are pitiful and even after maxing out the podium pass the options after 5 seasons isn't great. Season 5 I have the choice now of recycling old liveries because I used up all the decent ones my previous year. I know more will be added down the line but why couldn't we start with all the ones we had in 2019? 7. Player Car Failures: Look at the Grand Prix 4 Realism setting for car malfunctions and failures. This adds random failure to player cars to make durability and morale mean more. If your Chassis team morale is low your at greater risk for a suspension failure as an example. While some wont like this feature many continually ask for it so adding it as an option would be best. In GP4 it was great seeing a car shoot steam from a water leak or throw out a black plume because of an oil leak or you going 300k's in a corner and your wheel pops off sending you into a massive wreck. Its part of Grand Prix racing and it makes playing multiple seasons more fun and makes engine, durability and morale mean more. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
  9. Yeah it seems that is the case as the years I did nothing there was no moves made by the Ai. I am curious how Verstappen went to Williams when Lee Mather said this sort of thing wouldn't happen as surely Williams facilities and car were not up to snuff in season 2. It might make more sense if we could see other teams acclaim and facilities as well.
  10. 1. I had a triple reg change going into my 4th season of My Teamand the season when the reg changes took affect the graph remained the same as the previous year. Only having data for my team I defiantly missed out on a lot of mods going into this year but on the graph my performance remained the same. Every teams graph did not change from the previous year as well. As it turned out RedBull dominated the start of the season even though their car was shown to be 4th best and some of the other teams were not putting performances representative of their performance from the graph. 2. pc 3. 1.05 4. Game-mode? 5. I cant go back and load a save so only saw it during my current career 6. reload cloud save 7. t300 8. yes many 🙂
  11. Well it seems the moves are good the 1st year regardless. Its the seasons after that where it gets bad
  12. Metzgerov

    Car performance chart is off

    Same. Seems to happen after Reg changes as mine happened the season after those.
  13. Metzgerov

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Do be honest races with the current patch are way more fun that it will be with the update you realize this right? At least now RB and FER can win. Once the patch hits its going to be boring. I know you all want realism but I like the current mix for MyTeam mode 🙂
  14. Here is what happened to me in my 5 seasons: Year 2- I replace Alesi with Magnusson/ Vet and Rai Retire Sets off 10 driver moves Year 3- I keep driver/ GRO retires 1 Ai signing Year 4- Keep Driver No moves Year 5- Sign Russell 1 move by Wil to replace Russell Through 5 seasons this kind of movement is really boring to play through. Is there anyway we can get back to the original 2019 driver transfer Ai before the patch ruined it? Or better yet can we have a toggle to set realistic versus dynamic logic level so we have the experience we want? Not sure this is a bug but its bad for gameplay.
  15. I pick at least 4-5 new tracks each year over the previous one and completely leave out Singapore because its not fun. Component factors were scaled great till they patched the gearbox recently. Now the gearbox is a non-issue which sucks. As far as rate I am not sure. After 5 season Merc is rated 900. Most drivers with facility upgrades are 100 across the board but raw stats very few are 100 or in 90's
  16. More seasons is more fun to me not more races. If I can do the same number of races with more seasons that's more fun. In previous careers I get burned out after 2-3 seasons because the 22 race grind gets old on the same tracks year after year. Seriously 10 race seasons are the best thing they added IMO
  17. Probably because you poached a driver from another team. Same happened in my 1st year then THREE SEASONS with none. I didn't change drivers so I think that is the trigger.
  18. Once you hit the next season it changes. Season 3 that is.
  19. Wow! Yeah 1st two seasons I had some decent movement but after that ZERO in 3 seasons. Maybe I am unlucky but interested to see how others career comes out longer down the line
  20. Metzgerov

    Deeper car customisation in My Team

    Yes we need this!!!
  21. 1. After 5 seasons of My Team the team order has remained the same as 2020 which is quite boring. Merc has always been the best followed by Ferrari and RB. The midfield move a little but not enough to make playing more seasons fun. 2019 had great progression as Ai Williams team could jump to the top after a few years and you would have top teams dropping down the grid. Now the game is quite boring as nothing interesting happens in the team order and My Team gets stale after 3 seasons. 2. pc 3. 1.05 4. My Team 5. Only Played 1 career 6. N/a 7. T300 8. yep
  22. @BarryBL There are about 5 posts about the Spanish GP quali being bugged in MyTeam. Please just address one so we know its being looked at. Thank you!
  23. @BarryBL if you search "spain Qualifying" you'll see 5-6 posts on the issue with vids and screenshots. I included videos as did others. I will also say this happened when not fast forwarding as well but I didn't get a video because I wasn't expecting any issue but when I finished my run I saw only 4 cars out of 10 set a time. I should of clarified that in my bug post where I used the template