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  1. No its Spain in myteam that is the problem. Every other track is fine. I havent tried spain in any other mode but its broke in MyTeam. I'd advise using other tracks till it is fixed
  2. @BarryBL Please consolidate the Spain Qualifying bug posts
  3. There are numerous posts on this I wish the devs would answer
  4. Devs please answer the 12 different posts on Spain qualifying bug
  5. Spain is bugged the cars go out but come back in the pits before the hotlap.
  6. I have the same issue in Myteam only with spain. They go out but come into pits before completing a lap. Happened in the two races I have had there so far. Doing full qualy and 50% race Animotica_15_7_12_11_37.mp4
  7. Update in my 3rd season i switched again to Ferrari and my sound changed! So far only season two is bugged. Will update based on season 4
  8. Metzgerov

    Logos appearing in low-res in My Team

  9. Same PC posted my own bug
  10. Metzgerov

    Engine sound problem

    Pc 1.03 same issue 10 race season started Honda switched to Merc but still has Honda sound
  11. Attempted the Qualy program in FP and as the 2nd worst car with a qualy goal of 20th but the time goal ended up faster than the real pole time. tried this at 4 dif tracks 90 AI level 2. 1.04 3. My Team 4. 5 times 5. Adjusted A!, tried other tracks restarted 6. TM T300 and Fanatec CS pedals 7. No but I can grab one next session
  12. Metzgerov

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    smetzger27 Steam PC
  13. Metzgerov

    F1 2019 Telemtry App, RacingSimTools.com

    Does it include Ai data and sector times
  14. Metzgerov

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Their rationale is “to prevent cheating”. Really? In career mode? So you’ve ruined the career mode experience To prevent cheating in a Solo game mode? Damn I need to get into game development...
  15. Metzgerov

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I love all the banter but lets not lose track of the main thing here: Is the game fun. Thats why we play after all and it is a "game" we are talking about. Yes the driving model must be satisfying but 99% of you have not driven a real race car in anger so your "opinion" on realistic handling models is worth about $0.01. As someone who has raced since 97 I enjoy something that approaches real feeling, but that its fun and immersive. Some games you all consider "hardcore" sims have overly difficult driving models which in reality isn't the case. Real race cars are easy to drive and handle great and stick to the road. Its extracting that extra 10% on the limit which makes things hairy and challenging. But in general a setup race car with race tires is really hard to spinout or go off the track unless you are driving like a moron. This is why Iracing to me is a joke as being the most realistic. Anyway I digress. Remember this is about fun and challenge and enjoying something even if its not 100% realistic. As long as they build that I think we will all be happy.