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  1. lilfurbal

    D+ challenges not featuring the dlc content

    Considering I almost exclusively play the community challenges, I would like to see the DLC stages being more regularly used. Seems almost every monthly only features the same base 6 stages. I rarely get to do the DLC stages, and when I do it's like in the form of a single daily of which is a sprint stage, also disappointing.
  2. lilfurbal

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Pretty sure they're having us opt into buying both season 3 and 4 together is so that they only need to make one additional tier of community challenges that covers both these seasons, then they'll be the season 1+2 challenges, and then all the normal challenges. If they split it up we'd have then the season 1+2 challenges, season 3, and then season 4 challenges seperated. That's not their style. Considering I almost exclusively play the challenges if I don't buy the season 3+4 pack I do not believe I'd get any community challenges featuring the new content, which would make it sort of pointless for me to even buy any new content. Because of this I have no issues with buying both seasons, and I will be, though I generally don't play rallycross as often. Only when the mood strikes.
  3. lilfurbal

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Online only?

    You actually can fine tune the difficulty on a point scale like F1 when you do custom championships in freeplay (offline) mode. The My Team mode essentially prepares you for competing in the daily / weekly / monthly challenges and that is its purpose. Custom championships lets you do whatever you want, except earn money that you use in My Team to prepare you for daily / weekly / monthly challenges. 🙂
  4. lilfurbal

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    Oh. I thought it was about the large puddles, considering the word 'large' is used to describe them in the title of this thread. My mistake, lol.
  5. lilfurbal

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    The water puddles have completely wiped me out before, if you take them incorrectly they'll twist the car around. If you take them head on though then yeah, they don't really do anything.
  6. lilfurbal

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    This is exciting, more seasons, I was feeling confident it was going to end after season 2. I can't help but realize rallycross seems to get the most love from these DLC packs, however sign me up for the season pass! I'll take it all. 🙂
  7. lilfurbal

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco I have to put the difficulty lower than any other track, though I'm still not exactly sure what would be my optimal difficulty, if I push hard the AI is suddenly too slow, but I risk errors. However in F1 2018, my first season I did without using flashbacks at all (turned it off entirely) I actually crashed out of both Baku and Singapore causing DNF's for both, Monaco on the other hand I actually completed on 100% without any flashbacks. I probably damaged a wing at some point though. Given that I actually like Monaco more so than either Baku or Singapore, those other two city tracks just seem so... bland. Monaco has an interesting layout with fun elevation changes, even if I can't figure out the optimal AI level.
  8. lilfurbal

    Please don't change the AI level on the rain

    My issue with this is that the AI seem to acclimate to the weather change perfectly, immediately. Meanwhile for me it may take me a few laps to acclimate, then several more laps to build on my pace when the rain starts. If I did the entire practice weekend in the dry, and it's immediately heavy raining in qualy, my qualifying times are complete garbage. The AI don't require any amount of time to get the hang of the new weather they didn't practice in. Meanwhile for me I need to back out and practice rainy conditions on that stage. The AI always seem overpowered in the rain if I haven't had the opportunity to adapt to it. After I am fully adapted the AI then may seem a little slow. I don't know how to properly balance this, other than adjusting how quickly the AI perform at top performance as the weather changes. Same is generally true when the track is wet going to dry, I seem to get a slower start then the AI at pushing at full performance as I'm not entirely sure when the track is 100% dry. The AI knows though, they'll go flying past me until I figure it out lol.
  9. lilfurbal

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    The Dirt Rally series generally doesn't let you do this either, but you're even at a greater disadvantage there since in most cars you can't ever tell what gear you in regardless of steering wheel position. However there are various smartphone apps that will sync with both Dirt Rally and the F1 games to show you whatever information you want. For use in a racing cockpit I got a clamp style phone holder and have one of my old yet still working smart phones connected up to it full time. I use it for Dirt Rally, and have used it for F1 however since I don't have a F1 style of cockpit having my real steering wheel overlap the in game steering wheel is actually not realistic in my situation, so with the correct field of view I see the full in game steering wheel un-obstructed. I'd be sitting way too high in the F1 car if I tried to align it with my steering wheel. But yeah, they should just add the option to show this information in game in cockpit view if you want to. Don't know why they just outright assume you're able to see all the important dashboard elements. But there are third party solutions.
  10. Sounds like you are driving the outlap instead of immediately doing the flying lap. Which is what I prefer doing also since doing the immediate flying lap buts extra wear and tear are tyres and the car, but starts off your lap with full ERS. Doing the outlap manually I have to turn ERS to none, and fuel to medium from the start. then a few turns before the fast lap turn both back up, ers to hotlap. Then you will have enough ERS for the entire fast lap. Not necessarily enough for two fast laps back to back though.
  11. lilfurbal

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    I don't mess with these too much. Most of the time ERS is at medium with short bursts to overtake, or long bursts in high if I'm not really around anyone. I do the race strategy keeping fuel at medium the entire time, which gives me accurate fuel readings for the race keeping it on medium most of the time which is ideal. I'll give myself an extra half lap of fuel so I can have some extra to burn in high fuel use when needed. Never need to go into low fuel mode unless I messed something up, or perhaps if it starts raining. Tweaking these settings on a turn by turn basis seems unnecessarily tedious. I usually won't do low ERS mode, staying on medium on most tracks is often good enough to recharge enough ERS for some overtake ability. Only sometimes I'll switch to low, if I had to use too much ERS for some reason and need some quicker recharge.
  12. That's exactly what they should do, then they'd finally have all the time they need to properly polish all the issues, and only need to fix it once and for all, instead of having almost the same issues come back in each release. It'd also have the benefit of eventually being able to have a very interesting multi-season career as you get to actually race each season how it actually was, with the car of which was used, instead of using the same car for 10 seasons. In the current model I actually won't buy each year's game, too repetitive, I have no plans to buy the new 2019 entry, 2018 is just fine enough. Though in a ever going paid dlc model I would buy every year's upgrades. They could also do the same thing for the Dirt Rally series, there wasn't a big need for making a Dirt Rally 2, all everyone really wanted was more DLC for Dirt Rally 1, which already had VR. Seems they're creating more work for themselves re-implementing things they've already implemented in a near identical previous title. If they'd stop wasting their time re-inventing the wheel they may actually have time to focus on quality, where they'll have years to make sure everything works exactly as advertised.
  13. lilfurbal

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    Starting the race with 12% actually seems too high, coming from one who does only 100% races now. In the top 10 on 100% my tyres are usually aat around 4-5% wear. So your 11-12% is actually double (even a little more than double) the wear I start with, so in your 50% races your tyres are starting more worn than they should be. Or you really need to practice the tyre management program as that is too high. lol Even though I play at 100% race length, I should start the race with the same amount of wear regardless of race length. The only difference being that in the shorter races the tyres should wear at an accelerated pace, not that they should start 2x used.
  14. lilfurbal

    Finally completely turned off TC

    To be fair, even on a steering wheel with pedal setup, I drove awfully with TC off when I was first learning how to do it. I don't see how it would be any different with the gamepad, but it didn't become natural immediately or anything as it involves unlearning bad habits. Basically instead of immediately mashing throttle to 100% of a corner, which the assist basically lets you do, you need to apply a little throttle and guage how the car reacts. If it is stable you can then proceed to mashing to 100% relatively quickly, if it's unstable you started accelerating too much at the wrong time and proceeding into further acceleration causes you to easily spin around. Even having been using a steering wheel for the past 3 years after getting use to this I will spin around periodically. I applaud your efforts though, it took me a while of juggling between turning TC on off and back on again before I eventually got myself to turn it off and leave it off. Now it feels extremely weird and 'too easy' with it on, I like the extra thrill of the challenge of being able to so easily lose control. It happens in real life also, makes me career races look a lot more authentic. Upshifting early can also help offset the need to being ultra gentle on the throttle, but also modifying the throttle saturation setting to allow for more granularity through the earlier phases of the trigger press can be of great use. I recall tweaking that with my pedals when learning though when f1 2017 and 2018 came out I got so use to it I left the saturation at default.
  15. I really wonder why this game doesn't have a virtual mirror when all the more serious sims seem to have it. Some (Assetto Corsa Competizione) even have a very detailed radar that shows up on screen showing you the exact location of what's around you. Anything to help prevent you from crashing into others. Due to myself using a racing cockpit with the monitor really close for a realistic perspective it makes me very motion sick using the side look and rear look back options. So much so where I have to make sure to unassign any buttons from doing those things to ensure I don't press them on accident. Sadly this makes it impossible to use the look back, or even look side to side at the side mirrors. Causes me to get so disoriented with what just occurred. Small virtual mirrors don't cause this issue though. Since I can't use the side mirrors to their full potential a proper small virtual mirror is the only solution.