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  1. I like a fairly firm brake pedal. Think it'd be extremely odd usually a pedal that feels identical to the throttle for braking. The idea isn't necessarily to use the full range of motion for the brake pedals, we don't use the full range of motion for the brake pedals in real cars, they reach what is basically 100% brake power early on based on pressure applied. Without having a loadcell to better mimic that proper feeling, feels better to use the rubber things for pressure and adjusting the games brake sensitivity to reach 100% brake earlier in the motion, since it is hard getting it to 100% by using the full range of motion.
  2. The leaderboard issue that exists with the weekly and monthly online challenges is rather demotivating. No longer does it show the progress I am making with my overall ranking and I have no idea how to get it to show that. That has drained the fun out of doing the weeklies and monthies. Only did one weekly last week, and now one weekly this week to confirm the issue still exists. I don't like seeing the stage position for each individual stage. This seems to be my biggest issue at this point in time, though it'd also be nice if the unexpected events were fixed to come back without a profile reset, which wouldn't guarantee the issue wouldn't re-appear anyway.
  3. lilfurbal

    Season 1 Germany

    I'm really disappointed the new Germany doesn't have light rain or just a wet road condition, not sure why the only wet weather options they provided are heavy rain. Other than that it feels really nice , definitely more fun with the new handling model than the track had in DR1.
  4. lilfurbal

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    I'm not so disappointed by the fact there will be more rallycross content, but I am disappointed in that there will be so little new content in season 2 overall. I was absolutely expecting that, when they finally get to adding rallycross tracks, that they'd release them in at least packs of 2. In which case, if they kept the same two dates for rallycross releases but up it to tracks per week, we'd get 4 rallycross tracks which could then complete the season of tracks. Each Rally location has a lot more ground to cover than a single rallycross stage, I'll get my fill of that within a few laps. Sadly I don't even touch rallycross anymore in this game since I only play against the AI and I don't like the AI for rallycross, was more fun in dirt 4. But even with the broken AI I'd gladly take 4 rallycross stages for season 2. A single track released over next several weeks is really underwhelming. I won't even bother logging in. Single rally location can keep me amused for a long time though, so can the car releases generally. I don't do the rallycross dailies, those are boring to me with too little payout. So, season 2 doesn't exactly equal the amount of content with got in season 1. They directly stated it'd have a similar amount of content, but I fail to see it that way. Even though their distribution of rallycross content is quite sad, I'd still probably blindly pay for another 2 seasons of content up front if they were to offer it in front of me. Please, take my money for more longevity.
  5. lilfurbal

    Blur - Fixed, FFB - Fixed, FOV - Not Fixed

    Both field of view and camera position adjustment, adjusting field of view alone can still put the overall view where you don't want it. I am on pc, you can map keyboard shortcuts to adjust the seat position, height and angle in addition to field of view. I support for console users to have these things as it is very important.
  6. lilfurbal

    New ffb impressions

    Finally was able to patch up the game and finally see these ffb changes. Or feel them rather. I can say at this point the feel is more exciting than dr1. Australia feels as rough as it looks, New Zealand feels rather soft, also how it looks. It's great, they did a good job in these aspects. Though should they continue to refine it more I would like the tarmac to feel like tarmac. As mentioned already, it feels like nothing, and this made even more apparent in Australia with the changes to tarmac, wheel literally stops all feeling, feels unnatural. Not that tarmac felt like anything in dr1 either, but it certainly feels like something in the f1 games. Would make Spain so much more interesting if it actually felt like pavement. Very pleased with all the gravel effects though, very fun.
  7. lilfurbal

    New ffb impressions

    Constant road noise is information about the surface detail. That is what it is, simulating what the surface is, creating greater immersion and also so you can easily tell the difference between gravel and tarmac through feel and not just by what you see. And it does exactly that, even though the tarmac feel leaves something to be desired, you can more effectively tell them apart now though. And I love the increased immersion. It accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. 🙂
  8. lilfurbal

    New ffb impressions

    Project Cars 2 seems to have feedback with certain cars and on certain tracks. It pretty inconsistent, the Indycar at Indianapolis felt like driving on clouds. So smooth. Recently jumped into Assetto Corsa Competizione and I really like the FFB there, there's not a lot to customize with it that I have thus far seen but there is a slider specifically for 'road noise' which has a default setting of 0 but if you turn it up a bit actually does feel like a very realistic paved road, like what I feel from my actual car on the normal roads. But yeah, actual tarmac does feel like something through the wheel, Assetto Corsa nailed it. Project Cars sort of nailed it if you pick the right things. Dirt Rally 2 doesn't bother.
  9. Seems this patch reset my championship progress. My championship was just fine previously, didn't have any racenet connectivity issues during my last career session, everything seemed in order. Hadn't had a reset in a long time either. Then comes patch day, first login after patch I am notified that my championship is reset. Did they revert the times they already had saved back to a previous version on the server during the upgrade? Just whatever, I give up with career championships. The leaderboards are really broken and confusing now. Had no idea what was going on during one of the weeklies, couldn't figure out where I actually placed. This patch didn't seem to address any of the main issues, much like the previous patches, but I do look forward to the proposed FFB fixes, so that is exciting. But this new patch makes the game feel more broken than it already was.
  10. That above post has just reminded me of something I see happening, it happens very consistently and is avoidable if you take the proper steps to avoid it. At times my fully repaired vehicle will start an event with significant body damage. All windows busted, body is all mangled. I've noticed that this always happens if I complete the previous event's last stages in a manner of where I didn't have any repairs to make, and if you proceed to the next event without having made any repairs you start the next one with severe body damage. To avoid this from happening it's easy enough to just make sure you damage the vehicle enough to need repairs before the next event, or if not make a note to do some shake downs in order to have something to be able to repair before jumping into the real event. This is a very strange bug, at some point if you don't need to make any repairs as you're loading into an event the game will make sure you'll need repairs at the first service station. Your car takes a severe beating as it moves across continents... Playing the Steam version, this scenario is always reproduced for me in the same scenario. I've also seen it happen during rallycross, start the rallycross event with a busted up car that didn't say needed repairs... seemingly because I didn't need to repair my vehicle before loading the next event.
  11. lilfurbal

    Favourite stage in the game?

    I feel like my favorite specific stages still only reside in DR1, mostly from Greece and Finland. DR2 I can't think of any exact stage that I like doing repeatedly. I do like Argentina in general, reminds me of Greece. New Zealand can be fun depending on the car you use, I find the H1's to be a particular drag on those stages while R5's are quite exhilarating. Australia is nice, I think I most often voluntarily play custom events in Australia, any stage on it. DR1 I had my specific go-tos, now it's just more like eh, I'll do whatever, but Spain is my least favorite location. Just doesn't do it for me.
  12. I've actually experienced this issue once in Argentina, except I am using manual gears. It wouldn't properly shift up. I was manually shifting up but the game wasn't actually doing any shifting, was stuck red lining in first gear while the gear indicated I was in gear 5 or so. No idea what was going on, had to restart the event a few times then it started working properly again. I rarely use that car, actually that was my first time to use that car, seems to have issues so I haven't used it again lol. I must have been sold a lemon.
  13. lilfurbal

    Focus and Impreza

    I've been looking forward to the addition of these cars, particularly the Focus as it was a fave in DR1. Though I could have done with a better racenet experience on launch night. The new season 1 weekly in Sweden, I completed all 6 events and was position 96 overall on the leaderboard, quite proud of it, but then it wouldn't let me go back to the main menu because it said my connection to racenet went down. Then when it reconnected I got a DNF for the entire thing, even though I technically finished and was even already on the leaderboard. So that demotivated me and I quit out of the game after that. Seems I rarely have racenet issues nowadays, but when I do have issues it always goes so horribly. But other than my initial playtime with the new cars going poorly, I look forward to driving them out more later when I'm not still annoyed by this.
  14. lilfurbal

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    It's definitely not just the career mode AI, but the AI weekly challenge for H2 FWD, it claimed the overall difficulty was 'easy'. Was lucky if I got 20th, despite being in the top quarter on the online leaderboards. So it would seem most people didn't place too well in this weekly.
  15. lilfurbal

    Post-release community engagement and support

    I generally haven't gotten into these types of debates, been waiting patiently for something to happen, but now after two months I really am inclined to agree. So far the only thing I feel was ever patched that I was affected by was the ultra-dark areas in stages like New Zealand during the day. Second patch didn't seem to do anything that I am really aware of. Sound cutting bug was reportedly fixed twice and yet it was not. What is really going on? I see these forums and it's people bickering among themselves about the way they think things should be, CM may make a post every few weeks or so. Whenever I see those posts it's exciting, but they always result in actually providing no information or proper status updates so it's just a let down. It's not like there's an overwhelming amount of traffic to these forums, thousands of new posts a minute. Seems like a pretty tight knit community here, why for can't we get some greater engagement? I work in IT as a career and when I'm working on something, whether it be part of a project or fixing a bug with some system, I provide status updates with what precisely I am doing and what I will be doing. Somebody in CM knows who is doing what, but whose decision is it to keep the information super hush? They're not gaining anything by this and it's actually gotten pretty tiresome. Seems we're at a one patch a month cadence, with the patches thus far being quite underwhelming, and the things people want the most not even being addressed. Doesn't seem much better with the F1 games either, people await bug fixes for some reported issues but once they announce the following years F1 they stop touching the previous years. Dirt Rally 3 may be released while we still await bug fixed for DR2... and to this I say no, the madness has gotta stop. I want DR2 to be fixed up proper though with no regular updates basically seems like nothing is happening, hard to stay properly motivated. I actually haven't even reviewed the game yet on steam, figured I'd wait a bit until they patch some things. But not much has really changed from the original release, and that's disappointing.