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  1. lilfurbal

    D+ challenges not featuring the dlc content

    Considering I almost exclusively play the community challenges, I would like to see the DLC stages being more regularly used. Seems almost every monthly only features the same base 6 stages. I rarely get to do the DLC stages, and when I do it's like in the form of a single daily of which is a sprint stage, also disappointing.
  2. lilfurbal

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Pretty sure they're having us opt into buying both season 3 and 4 together is so that they only need to make one additional tier of community challenges that covers both these seasons, then they'll be the season 1+2 challenges, and then all the normal challenges. If they split it up we'd have then the season 1+2 challenges, season 3, and then season 4 challenges seperated. That's not their style. Considering I almost exclusively play the challenges if I don't buy the season 3+4 pack I do not believe I'd get any community challenges featuring the new content, which would make it sort of pointless for me to even buy any new content. Because of this I have no issues with buying both seasons, and I will be, though I generally don't play rallycross as often. Only when the mood strikes.
  3. lilfurbal

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Online only?

    You actually can fine tune the difficulty on a point scale like F1 when you do custom championships in freeplay (offline) mode. The My Team mode essentially prepares you for competing in the daily / weekly / monthly challenges and that is its purpose. Custom championships lets you do whatever you want, except earn money that you use in My Team to prepare you for daily / weekly / monthly challenges. 🙂
  4. lilfurbal

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    Oh. I thought it was about the large puddles, considering the word 'large' is used to describe them in the title of this thread. My mistake, lol.
  5. lilfurbal

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    The water puddles have completely wiped me out before, if you take them incorrectly they'll twist the car around. If you take them head on though then yeah, they don't really do anything.
  6. lilfurbal

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    This is exciting, more seasons, I was feeling confident it was going to end after season 2. I can't help but realize rallycross seems to get the most love from these DLC packs, however sign me up for the season pass! I'll take it all. 🙂
  7. lilfurbal

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco I have to put the difficulty lower than any other track, though I'm still not exactly sure what would be my optimal difficulty, if I push hard the AI is suddenly too slow, but I risk errors. However in F1 2018, my first season I did without using flashbacks at all (turned it off entirely) I actually crashed out of both Baku and Singapore causing DNF's for both, Monaco on the other hand I actually completed on 100% without any flashbacks. I probably damaged a wing at some point though. Given that I actually like Monaco more so than either Baku or Singapore, those other two city tracks just seem so... bland. Monaco has an interesting layout with fun elevation changes, even if I can't figure out the optimal AI level.
  8. lilfurbal


    I have found that Poland during the day with overcast conditions looks like there's a severe storm approaching. I actually quite like the mood, it's also overall darker as a result. However I haven't had any issues where I'd say it was too dark, and actually all the provided screen shots look good to me on my monitor with normal brightness settings, granted it's not HDR so I don't know what it actually looks like in HDR, but you say the issue is with HDR turned off anyway. I feel the screen shots look pretty realistic for the conditions based on the way the sky looks. I quite like it. Only time there were I found areas that were too dark was when the game initial launched, some areas of New Zealand were broken but that was patched up nicely. Haven't had any complaints about it since. But I would light the headlights to work properly in more conditions, as the tunnel in Monte Carlo is blackness. Headlights do work effectively during Overcast conditions in Poland though, I use them often.
  9. lilfurbal

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    It's definitely not just the career mode AI, but the AI weekly challenge for H2 FWD, it claimed the overall difficulty was 'easy'. Was lucky if I got 20th, despite being in the top quarter on the online leaderboards. So it would seem most people didn't place too well in this weekly.
  10. lilfurbal

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Hmm, indeed, I actually haven't seen anything anymore either. That's interesting, now that it has been pointed out.
  11. I personally like having limited restarts, seems to actually make the entire thing less stressful lol. I may use one right at the first stage to allow myself to get the hang of the stage beyond what I could get out of the shake downs, and I'll save most of them for if some real life thing happens that distracts me and causes me to crash. like if my phone rings, or someone knocks on the doorbell, or my cats do something, but I usually won't restart because I placed 20th place or so. DR1 there wasn't a penalty for restarting, it'd become habit to obsess over this aspect. D4 I think gave you the option of whether or not you wanted to be able to obsess. Now you're forced to take it as it is. It doesn't really matter in the end, you may not win that championship enough to get promoted but that also doesn't matter. You will have earned money, your car will get upgrades, and most importantly you will have gained real experience. The idea is you'll get good enough to win and get promoted in a more realistic manner instead of cheesing your way through with retries at every opportunity. 🙂
  12. This 'feature' should absolutely be brought back, allows for greater flexibility and control for those hairpins. I've been having some issues with it jumping from 0% to 100% handbrake power which just doesn't work as well.
  13. lilfurbal

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Sounds like they added this online requirement based on supposed user feedback to get them to crack down on cheaters? Though when have people been particularly concerned about people cheating in their single player careers? I don't care if people cheat in single player, it's their career, if that experience pleases them so be it.
  14. lilfurbal

    DIRT RALLY 2.0--- post your wheel and ffb setting!

    I'm having some issues getting my force feedback to feel ideal, there's basically no road/gravel surface feel, it's all just really smooth. I'm using a TS-PC Racer, on PC. Turned most feedback settings above 100% to try and amp it up but the surface textures don't appear to be there. Also for some reason the 'Tyre slip' and 'Engine' settings are grayed out for me to even modify.