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  1. billybob38

    Stage End to Marshal Post Distance is Too Short

    I agree, the post-finish damage addition is a great feature. In past titles it was too easy to be careless at the end, knowing that you are safe from damage as soon as you cross that threshold, no matter what direction you are facing when you do it (guilty of many upside-down/backwards flying finishes). However, the point of my post was that even when in control, the stopping distances are often impossible to meet, unless you are willing to sacrifice stage times, which I am not. I also do not have every stage end memorized to know which are going to be problematic, and thus, require me to slow before the finish. Exactly. It's such a small thing, but happens often enough to be noteworthy, in my opinion.
  2. billybob38

    Stage End to Marshal Post Distance is Too Short

    Sure, if those were the only two options, more stage time is better than a pretend cooldown any day. I guess what I don't understand is why those would be the only two options. I'm not suggesting a five-minute drive back to the service park, just maybe 100 meters added after the finish line to straighten out the car and then slow down. That seems especially reasonable on the short stages that technically end in the middle of what would be a longer stage... the location has already been rendered.
  3. This is an item I was hoping would have been brought up a little more in any of the recent Dirt releases: The distance between the finish line and the marshal post (where you are supposed to formally stop) is WAY too short in most, if not all, stages. I love that I can stay in control and perform that stage end cooldown manually, but nine times out of ten, I physically cannot get my car stopped in time. My most common scenario usually sees me pushing across the line, and then trying not to lock up my brakes or destroy bodywork on barricades as I attempt to decelerate an already-sliding car in an impossible distance. I understand that I can just drive right through them and force the end of gameplay, but if this is there as an immersive option, why make it so difficult to complete cleanly? Simply put, I would like the ability to push across the finish line, then lift and coast comfortably to a stop at every stage end, without killing the poor marshal 10 times in a rally.