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  1. Ah I believe it is a symbol to show that the car has been equalised. A new feature to enable players to drive their favourite car without the disadvantage of it being slower than the fastest car (usually the Mercedes) in Time Trial.
  2. I’m thinking it means that competitor uses a wheel or maybe racing line??
  3. Looking to get this game soon. Is it faster to run with or without assists?
  4. Looking to get this game soon. Are the difficulties the preset options or the AI levels?
  5. Yes, this is a problem but just start on a lower difficulty level and increase it as your career progresses (AI become easier to beat) Also you can run a full season in GP mode just select the full 2014 championship calendar.
  6. @NickDahy‌ Yes, I was disappointed when the FW14 didn't have its active suspension modelled, in that respect it drives no different to any other car. If I was going to be really picky I'd say that the 80's cars all have the wrong gearbox also. The only 80's car to have a semi-automatic gearbox is the '88 Ferrari! :D
  7. @DarkRedslayer‌ I was really only referring to the Williams FW14 which had driver assists in real life.
  8. As for the driver assists on the game, I'm not sure that they can be fully ruled out when trying to set a fast laptime, setting the car up around using some of them can prove advantagous. The only guys that would truly know this answer would be the programmers at Codemasters.
  9. I understand that in the game no-assists make for a faster laptime. I was trying to say that the real life FW14 had driver assists and was quicker because of them. Senna tried to join Williams as early as '93 (vetoed by Prost) because of their car advantage and also wrote a letter to Mosley to get the systems banned because he couldn't compete. The FW14 was such a force that it held lap records all over the world on all types of circuits up until most were beaten by the cars of 2004, which ironically still used traction control. To summarise, driving the FW14 on the game when using assists sho
  10. @SpecOps1UK‌ So can a non-assists user beat a driver with assists in a race?
  11. I feel my point is being missed. "set a PB fastest time (F1 2013) on TT in the FW14 at Imola using no driver assists, turned on ABS & TC expecting to go faster still but was actually slower!?! The '92 FW14 had these assists (partly the reason why it destroyed the rest of the field at the hands of Mansell & Patrese) so it should be faster with the assists enabled."
  12. @jacobfraeer‌ I don't use driver assists as the norm but was just saying that the FW14 had them in real life. ABS isn't used on race cars because it was to easy for the drivers, took away their skill of modulating the pedal. One thing is for sure though, no racing driver what ever their name could out perform an ABS system. I personally think that driver assists shouldn't be frowned upon, you wouldn't want to fly in a plane that didn't have its avionics, Niki Lauda said that.
  13. @pigass‌ Anyway I tweaked my set-up (still not using any driver assists) and went over six tenths faster than my PB tonight. Didn't wait to see where I'd ranked but was previously 350th with a 1:24.322.
  14. @pigass‌ I've always thought that but it was always used during qualifying too. The torque and diff settings on the current formula rules act very similar, there's technically no complete free control of the power supplied to the rear wheels since fly-by-wire came in.
  15. @pigass‌ In that case I guess I've hit my limit. Seems strange though as I said before the real life FW14 did use these assists and they were faster. Also when TC was legal in the F1 rules no driver failed to use the system because of its advantage.
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