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  1. ReddishTheGreat

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi, A note for the programmers who maintain the telemetry code / specification. I found a handful off issues in the specs as posted here: The Packet Types table should have the uint32 type; The field m_frameIdentifier in the PacketHeader struct should be changed from uint to uint32; In struct PacketMotionData: , the fields m_angularAccelerationX, m_angularAccelerationY, and m_angularAccelerationZ have incorrect comments. The comments should be fixed to reflect that the values represent accelerations rather than velocities; In struct CarSetupData: the comment of field m_rearAntiRollBar should refer to rear instead of front; In the Driver IDs appendix: the name of driver 34 Wilheim Kaufmann should be fixed to to Wilhelm Kaufmann, that's his name when he's encountered in-game. Hope this helps!
  2. ReddishTheGreat

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi all, Some of you may want to know that I made a Python 3 package to support reading of game session data. The package includes three command line utilities, to record, playback, and monitor telemetry data as sent over UDP. The package can be installed via pip: pip install f1-2019-telemetry The package is hosted on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/reddish/f1-2019-telemetry The documentation is available here: https://f1-2019-telemetry.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ I hope it's useful to some of you. I plan to add a Python-based GUI for monitoring a live game session in the future.