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  1. kobra167

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    The pad isn't inherently faster. I'm a former pad user. 6 years xp with codemaster f1 games with the pad. 5 months xp with wheel. Just started this April with the wheel. I'm pretty much equal with wheel after some practice. The reality is that your pace is your pace. If your pace is slower than your competitors, then you have some work to do. Look inwards and stop trying to blame the input device. Codemaster's has done an ok job at making it so that the instrument used to drive, pad vs wheel, isn't a major determining factor when it comes to how fast you can go around the track. The exception for that is if you're a poor soul who has neither pad nor wheel and you use the keyboard to drive. If someone is faster than you with a pad. Then given 1-2 months practice with a wheel and using their feet instead of fingers. They would still be faster than you. Same vice versa. If they were already slower than you. They'd still be slower making the switch. Getting a wheel for this game doesn't make you faster. It's only easier to be more consistent and easier to save the car if a mistake was made.
  2. I'm having this same issue as well on the PC. But just for trying to get into the weekly event race. I have no problem getting into ranked or unranked races. 5 attempts to get in so far. All have ended up in the error. Then just goes to endless load screen saying communicating with online services....
  3. I'm having an issue where the game isn't recognizing the microphone most of the time. Voice commands and multiplayer voice chat dont work when this happens. I usually have to restart the game the 3-6 times before it will recognize it. The PC and every other application register and pick up the mic just fine. Anyone else experience this and or have a solution for it. There doesn't appear to be any microphone settings in the game to work in the menus. Thanks.