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  1. kobra167

    Race start

    1. Turn TC off 2. Rev engine to about 11200 rpm +/- 3. When the red lights go out don't move your foot. (Resist the temptation as there are no cookies on the dark side) 4. Wait for revs drop to between 6000 and 8000 rpm. (this can vary depending on car, setup, tire chosen, and wear state of said tire) 5. When the wheel spin stops during the above rev range,(you'll hear it before you feel it with good headphones at least) gradually press on the pedal to accelerate. 6. Practice over and over again. Slowly learning to increase the gas pressure during step 5 to accelerate harder and faster. 7. After about 50 practice starts doing this. + or - Depending on how fast you learn. You'll find yourself starting to only losing 1 position when you do an ok job. *Assuming same compound as nearby AI. 8. After about 100+ practice starts doing this. + or - Depending on how fast you learn. You'll find yourself at 50/50 odds of losing a position or not. *Assuming same compound as nearby AI. 9. It's still a work in progress. Many many practice starts later, I'm almost 50/50 at matching the AI as long as I've done a practice start recently(like that day, yesterday doesn't count). And still haven't made up a spot without dive bombing. *Assuming same compound as nearby AI. 10. They say ROME wasn't built in a day.....So dont try to master it in day.
  2. kobra167

    Help needed - No assists

    Do what sloppymusic said and turn down the brake pressure to between 65-70 everywhere. Second, commit to like a 2 week learning period to where you're just going to stick it out no matter what. And third, don't try to drive as fast as possible right away or on day one. Go to your favorite track in time trial and just drive laps at like 85% of full speed. Just get comfortable. Walk away for a bit. Come back and do it again. And then slowly pick up the pace by gradually braking harder and later. The trap that people often fall in is that they'll drive slow for like 2-3 laps and then go for hammertime. Then inevitably they'll fail/crash/spin and want to give up. During the second week and probably closer to the end of it. Gradually increase the brake pressure setting. You'll find that you'll grow and learn much faster this way and it'll be a hell of a lot less frustrating. They always said "Rome wasn't built in day..."
  3. kobra167

    Codemasters should do an IndyCar game

    That was back when the American open wheel racing series was still split. Unfortunately they went with the least popular of the two series. Mostly cause they had the trump card, the Indy 500. Now that the two are one again. They could pretty easily do it and make a decent game of it. Indycar Series management would be a million times easier to work with. And since the series is a spec series. They'd only have to make one car. Two engines. Then it's just a matter of making the tracks of which most of the ovals tracks are in the vault from the previous game anyways. It really just comes to mostly the road courses. There is definitely a demand for it. Would it be block buster? Probably not. But they could make money on a good one hit wonder that is open for Modder's to build on it in the future.
  4. kobra167

    NM14 error weekend event S class problems

    Bump. You're not alone.
  5. I'm having this same issue as well on the PC. But just for trying to get into the weekly event race. I have no problem getting into ranked or unranked races. 5 attempts to get in so far. All have ended up in the error. Then just goes to endless load screen saying communicating with online services....
  6. I'm having an issue where the game isn't recognizing the microphone most of the time. Voice commands and multiplayer voice chat dont work when this happens. I usually have to restart the game the 3-6 times before it will recognize it. The PC and every other application register and pick up the mic just fine. Anyone else experience this and or have a solution for it. There doesn't appear to be any microphone settings in the game to work in the menus. Thanks.
  7. kobra167

    F1 2019 lowers all other audio?

    Thank you for that. That helped a lot. It totally worked.