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  1. VirusVox

    F1 2018 Game Sound Issue

    Anybody else have any ideas on this? Still experiencing this issue.
  2. VirusVox

    F1 2018 Game Sound Issue

    Tried updating sound drivers, all sound drivers showing as up to date.
  3. VirusVox

    F1 2018 Game Sound Issue

    Playing with this setting yielded two results: Low and Medium - Very intermittent popping, no audio other than engineer once on track. High - Frequent popping, I mean constantly popping right after another almost like gunshots. Still just engineer audio.
  4. VirusVox

    F1 2018 Game Sound Issue

    Hello! I am experiencing a strange issue with F1 2018 on my new computer, when I get on the grid and push down the gas pedal the audio makes a popping sound, then all engine sound and other ambient sound cuts out, with occasional popping afterward. The engineer still speaks to you just fine. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!