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  1. Ah okay ! So the teams just purchase the upgrades themselves based on good performance ?
  2. Hi guys, on my second second of driver career. I'm now at the stage where I can't do any further upgrades to aero, chassis or power train because I need facility spec 3, I've got 2 more unlocked upgrades or durability. How does it work because I'm not going to be able to upgrade the car anymore as I don't know how to upgrade the facilities to spec 3
  3. Any chance of an update from codemasters on when the next patch is going to be...this simply has to include a fix for the AI being far to OP at high speed corners. The game was released 3 months ago and its frankly unacceptable that this issue is still occurring. It makes it pointless racing
  4. Two races in a row I've been leading and had to retire because of mechanical problems. What have other people done, kept them on, turned them off ? Just feels a bit scripted to me the way it is implemented. I like the idea though
  5. To be clear, I think the long overdue performance patch is great for the game in the various modes we have, especially new career modes. The issue i have with it is when you are in the middle of a career mode. Find it slightly unfair that this patch has made my Aston Martin team go from a hard fought 2nd (took me a season and a half to get them there) back down to 5th and level with alpine in 6th. Just feels like I should of waited to start career mode until the performance patch came out
  6. I'm getting to the point where I am starting to consider stopping playing this game- this is either until I know codemasters have fixed the glaring issues or just full stop. This is simply an unacceptable effort from codemasters because make no mistake about it, this is a beta. Inexcusable glitches, poor AI, worse looking graphics, unplayable multiplayer, 2020 performance of cars- the list really does go on. My gut feeling now is that codemasters don't have the resources and knowledge on how to fix this game and series for good. Every year we all come on here and mention the same glitche
  7. Hey everyone I have been thinking about this one for a while, especially over the last couple of games. What is everyone's opinion about the driver transfer market, not the AI drivers- but your own personal driver ? For me, I don't like and never have liked the way we can enter in negotiations with any team and they are happy for you to join. On my career mode halfway through season 1, I've been doing pretty well and I am able to negotiate with every team on the grid...surely this isn't realistic. I remember back in a previous game you could negotiate with Mercedes after only 4 race
  8. Was playing last night and realised there are a couple of drivers who need nerfing or bumping up. 1. The obvious one for me....Bottas. After 8 rounds in my career mode save season 1 the guy is over 70 points clear ! Lewis is always p3 or p4 so whether they have swapped them around in the coding or something I don't know 2. Gasly. Needs bumping up. He is always getting through to Q3 in real life, he is just a bit meh so far 3. Verstappen definitely needs a boost. I know the performance patch will help as red bull aren't fast enough but even so, he should be quicker than h
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