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  1. quick question, how would i change the colour of the wheels in a custom livery?   During the race i would notice them light up briefly with the colours of the car engine. I've tried colouring the engine black to no avail. I don't see anything wrong with the _tm_ file either. Could it be related to the specular.tga? Angus94:  I've got a feeling we cannot access the files needed to browse since its DLC, aka a .nefs file :/ 
  2. Yeah wat up, i asked grid's twitter where I can ask stuff and here i am. So would it be possible to do the following through a mod or something: -Specific camera angle selection in the replay, I'd like to use the 'go-pro' type cameras for a longer duration. -Any car on any track? Especially the 'drift' types on sprint maps - The rx7 FD drift car on Mt Okutama sprint  I've got some mates who would want to make like drift touge based machinima, if anyone is interested to help hit me up! ;D the type of drifting i'd like to film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSoI196cJEI&feature=yout
  3. oh ho ho ohh, confirmed drift varient of RX7 FD3S, bahahah for that a confirmed pre-order from me xD
  4. Tis a damn shame but at least we have super utes.
  5. Neat posts guys. The heck no one has mentioned Initial D here? lol it seemed some of Grid was greatly influenced by that.(Cough cough; Mt Haruna, the '86 etc) I would of thought autosport would be the same as the final season as both are going to be released during the same timeframe. But codemasters would rather add super utes instead of something that would obviously attract further sales lol. But anyways if you guys like drifting and trains, check out Densha de D Drifting with trains! LOL xD
  6. Dude they added "super utes". Anything is quite possible now. Get hyped! (Unless its drift related, they despise anything related to that :3)
  7. what would be neat to see in Autosport:  http://puu.sh/8xamT Just some flying FD's you know, lol. Nah im not joking but Some cars: RX7 FD3S drift vers, RX7 FC drift vers, AE86 Mt Haruna because the snow edition was b0ss.Anything touge in, heck even a racing type in the drift class ;) 
  8. Neat videos people,  From episode 2 its Grid 1/2 content ;Dhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrMXwVXhFtEctADVoKLaGclvF2IHNtOni More videos are planned and are in some sort of production.. just on a hiatus because the onslaught of studies haha.(Codemasters should say for Grid to record replays, like 2GB is required for the replay files :P)  I hope you enjoy! 
  9. Whoa yeah. Codemasters, yall better recognise newton laws this time lol. Science~
  10. The RX7 FD3S as a drift variant, not the street panspeed please. A friend asks for the AE86 or the FC RX7 too. Me and like 6 others would want to see Mt Haruna but it seems that's not the case here. But we got dem super utes doe, caan't wait!
  11. - Tracks with personality. I wholeheartedly agree on that. Literally flying off Mt Haruna is something ill never forget
  12. super utes because as i'd be laughing my ass off while i slug a stubbie at whoever i pass xDNah jokes aside, Classic Touring Car Cup would be the one im looking forward to.
  13. lol i agree, also would it be possible to add like a "go pro" type angles? that'd be neato
  14. its very disappointing that touge is out lol, well it seems the trend of 'Tokyo drift' has moved to um well, what fascinates me is the inclusion of "super utes" so i know 5 aussies who like grid and such, and noone has ever said "yeeah mate they should totes add utes aye"who the heck did codemasters listen to for that lmao
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