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    EuroLeague E-Racing Organization (PC)

    After a long wait, we can now say that EuroLeague E-Racing Organization is happening! We're currently gathering drivers, stewards and commentators to make this happen! We're starting out with F1 on PC platform, but will expand as needed. EVERYONE is welcome at this point. Time and day for race will be VOTED between members 50% races, Short quali. Detailed data about each driver will be calculated and posted. What can you expect of EERO in future? -CASH prizes, giveaways and more for next season -Competetive racing with 3 tiers! -ALL Tiers will be streamed and commentated -Stewards making sure it’s as CLEAN as it gets -Central European Time +1 -And much more! The stewards as well as admins are working 24/7 to make this happen as fast as possible. All information, driver data and tables will be shared both here and on our discord! Would you like to be a racer, steward or even a commentator? Please join our Discord group, and we'll do everything in our power to make it happen. Got a pair of free hands? And would you like to help organize a upcomming league with Prizes and much more? Head to our discord! Discord https://discord.gg/9qDA8E2 (Both our Discord and FB page is currently under heavy development, and you'll see improvements all over) Any questions or anything, dont hesitate to write a comment, or message our FB page, and we'll get back as soon as possible. Best regards -EuroLeague E-Racing Organization