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  1. Following the release of patch 1.06 i can now connect to online and with my mates. Massive thank you for the fix! I can now once again enjoy what i love most with my mates again.
  2. I can confirm this happens for everyone at every track no matter what the weather or timing of session is. Everyone in my racing league in the F2 division has mentioned/complained about this.
  3. I pray. Has to surely as the last game it was always possible with the right host. Unable to play online until its fixed. You use hotspot by chance?
  4. I also suffer with this problem. It is also as soon as i plug my headset into the mic this problem occurs. I have an xbox one and a wired mic. I can play F1 when in a party but for me to avoid the audio problem i have to unplug the mic.
  5. I have heard this from other people. I went to my brothers to do some laps on his wheel in F2 and the downshifting was fine….however with mine on my pad its a whole different story. Im having to brake so much earlier than everyone else just to make the corner no matter how much i use the brakes. I really dont think what im experiencing is normal 😬 Without being big headed im not the slowest and compared to other drivers in my F2 league im almost finding myself 1.5 seconds slower this game.
  6. I have the same issue with my hotspot bud. Unable to play online at all. Know its not my hotspot being an issue as any other game and the previous F1 games its been fine. Have reported but for some reason theres a logging issue possibly because of my hotspot. Hoping next patch may do the trick but unsure as my report couldnt be successful
  7. Yep F2 cars on this game are still awful 😅 Being an admin for a Formula 2 division in a racing league makes it more frustrating. Whether my drivers have this problem or not it is certainly making me not enjoying these beautiful cars any more.
  8. I hope. Massively appreciate the efforts you are all doing with the fixes
  9. Got a mate in my racing league who tried hotspot and also failed. As he does not have a codemasters account he was cool with me to report it myself. Attempted to join lobby from “Browse tab” on social play at 22:53 28/7/21 Report code: EJJV-SCSA-RCBT-GDEG Hotspot network provider: O2 Download Speed: 21.92mbps Upload Speed: 17.44 mbps Packet loss: 0% MTU: 1396 Latency: 45ms Wifi Strength: 100% IPv4 NAT Type: Moderate UpnP not successful Might be reporting a few others if they try and get back to me. As you can tell im qu
  10. Any reason why you wasn't able to acquire logs from my xbox? Is it worth me trying again? My hotspot was able to work on the last game and its gutting that it now isn't this game as now i cant race. I dont know many people who use hotspot so could come a point soon where thats that.
  11. Can confirm i had this issue to. Career mode with Williams
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