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  1. Great idea! We should have this option also. But I honestly confess that I'm not sure about F2 rules. Actually, regarding this, I'm also not sure about F1 also. Probably it is of course possible to only change front wing and there's no obligation about having to change tyres also! Even if the FIA rules permit a pit stop to only change a front wing (maintaining current tyres), probably we wouldn't have a "fix" for this at this point. Unfortunately, we are almost at that (pretty sad) time of the year where the current game is forgotten and all attention goes to the next one. Anyway, I would love to hear I'm wrong!
  2. I'm doing a full F2 season career and in the first sprint race some AI drivers damaged their front wing. One of them decided to immediately pit to get a new one, but also got all their medium tyres exchanged for another medium kit. The thing is I'm sure he received an used kit and just lost the new and fresh one of the start of the race. Is this a rule for sprint races? Once in a pit stop, it's an obligation to change tyres?
  3. viniciusrsouza

    What happened to the garages?

    It's insanely unbelievable how nowadays every patch for every game actually adds more issues than fixes. Latest Forza Horizon 4 patch completely broken online connection to it's server. Decided to go back to F1 2020 to try the new F2 season and check if the fuel bug was fixed. (Yes, there's an issue when using a full qualify, where AI starts both races with WAAAY more fuel than us and it's ridiculously easy to overtake.) Now I came here to check if I was alone with these new problems and, guess what, of course I'm not! I pre-ordered this game. Now it's almost 2021 and not only old issues weren't fixed, but new ones appear every time. The last big one that made me away was the lack of blue flags, by the way...
  4. Forza Horizon 4 is another game that can use headsets. For a long time now, by the way.
  5. I noticed this too now in November. I'm almost sure they were on soft also. But still was something far away from what they did in previous editions. The weaving was waaay more significant and realistic. Yeah, I think that it wasn't there in the first patches, but I also can see them celebrating now.
  6. Thanks so much for this! I'm now really afraid if Xbox Series consoles will use these updated files or not. It also use Windows, we know. But the dashboard is still the same. Oh God... So only next year we will be able to know what changed. It will be absurd if these issues continue in these new Xbox current gen consoles. Yeah, really forgot this when I was upset and posted. But what made me really confused was the fact that F1 2020 doesn't show the "Kinect not found" message in it's main screen when running on Series X. This created a hope that it should work! By the way, there any official word by developers if new Xbox Series consoles operational system is different in terms of voice recognition?!
  7. PC version also doesn't need the outdated Kinect device. By the way, when you say it doesn't officially support Series X, you mean that it runs in backwards compatibility (since now it's from last generation), right? Because the game plays smoothly and even faster than before.
  8. viniciusrsouza

    1.13 patch is out

    How this new feature work? Where this additional info is shown? At first I thought we would be able to know in real time other drivers penalties in the notification HUD, just like when someone makes the fastest lap. It's this?
  9. Honestly, I can't believe this. Even though the main menu doesn't show that Kinnect not detected and voice commands disabled bottom message, there's still no support for voice commands to use the radio on Xbox Series X. For all these years, every single edition, people ask questions about this here and every time they blame Microsoft. So what now? This is 2020. Next gen consoles are already here. Please, don't tell us we will need to find adaptors and an old used Kinnect from 2013 to be able to do something that on Windows and PlayStation people can do with any cheap headset!
  10. Thanks for this feedback. I didn't test this before totally abandoning F2 races. For me the fix was using one lap only for the qualify session. This way you will run with the same correct amount of fuel as them, both in race and in the qualifying itself. If you run a complete qualify session, every time you exit pit your car will be carrying an insane amount of fuel and you will never be able to be competitive with the AI. And, in the next day, it's the opposite and the race will start with you having a correct amount of fuel to do a complete race, while the AI will be loaded with unnecessary extra laps. Also, F2 starts are IMPOSSIBLE to be competitive with them, no matter how many times you try or if you do a perfect start (without assists). They will always be faster. I reported everything here in forums in these latest months, but it seems they really don't care so much. In resume, I totally ignored F2 and never touched it again.
  11. After so many patches, still no fix. Pretty sad.
  12. viniciusrsouza

    Voice commands on Xbox.

    The most frustrating things is that through the years we never have any official Codemasters interaction or feedback concerning this. I'm starting to believe that's actually their fault and not Microsoft. Maybe they don't want to change this audio feature for Xbox this generation, even though Kinect doesn't exist anymore.
  13. Maybe not for those who are used to desperately press buttons in every game to start playing immediately, but I enjoy watching cinematics and commentaries even in my FIFA career mode or other sports games. So, like for others here, I'm sure it's insanely upsetting, MAINLY because we already had it in latest editions. So part of this is about the evident downgrade. Anyway, It's just a little bit of immersion for us, nowadays a minority in gaming entertainment, where it's all cartoon colorful graphics and "run and shooting" is all about.
  14. You posted in the bugs sub forum? Can you share the link? People here could also add information there.