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  1. They don't care at all and/or are busy with Braking Point difficulty balancing. Anyway, there's a workaround. You must turn it's visibility all the way to zero while it's enabled. This way we can get rid of that.
  2. Sometimes the game says auto save has an error and needs to be disabled. The thing is. What's the difference between it on and off?! We don't have a save settings like FIFA or any other sports games to use between sessions/races. What happens when it's disabled?!
  3. Decided to start a career with a full F2 season and 100% races in order to wait while all bugs are fixed, performance patch is released and also the new tracks (yes, I'm a dreamer). The problem is that the races are so boring as F1 races in the rain. Even with DRS, any AI driver is able to overtake! And I'm talking about Bahrein first race, with those long straights. I'm on 95 difficulty, by the way. Don't know if it matters.
  4. Anyone else? After a week away from the game, I just loaded it again to check 1.05 and was gifted with this. By the way, I'm honestly so sad and disappointed about the amount of issues we are facing this year. F1 series was the last and unique game that I still had courage to pre-order, but not anymore. I'm so sure of this.
  5. The issue persists after 1.05 patch. Just checked. The workaround for now is to keep it enabled and manually reduce the visibility to 0. 5901bd22-1883-484b-b2dc-75fb40d11bc6.mp4
  6. You mean they are faster? If yes, yeah, I'm noticing this. It was really easy to overtake them in corner exits during rain, but now they are so f* faster when accelerating.
  7. Don't want to be the "bad news" guy, but I remember last year someone here saying that even the PC version still used Kinect files until nowadays in Windows, but Microsoft in recent years updated them to let people use voice commands without the need of that archaic and extinct device. Meanwhile, nothing was done on Xbox to let us enjoy it with our headsets, even this new wireless recently released. By the way, there are other games that DO HAVE this feature, without needing a Kinect. Forza Horizon 4 is an example and I discovered this exactly right here in this forum, when someone w
  8. Just before the podium after a 100% race in Austria (Grand Prix mode) it started to lag and crashed to the dashboard. Xbox Series X here. When it happened in your game?
  9. Oh, God! I just created a thread talking about total lack of overtakes during wet races. It's so frustrating and annoying, mainly when you race 100% laps. Absolutely NOTHING interesting happen between the AI drivers, except from their random failures. And the most upsetting thing is that this is a thing happening every single year and they simply don't fix it!
  10. I'm doing my usual 100% races and I'm at Austria, in the 20th lap, with everyone using intermediates. Except for the start of the race, there absolutely NO overtakes at all. This is so frustrating, not only in Grand Prix simple mode, but mainly if we are racing in career modes using full laps races. Can we have any hope that this can be fixed? What's your honest thoughts and opinions?
  11. Anyone else? This worked in every single F1 game version. Can't believe it will not from now on!
  12. Definitely! This was the laziest release in the recent years. Can't remember this amount off issues and bugs like this year edition.
  13. You still see it every time you enter the pit lane.
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