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  1. Thanks for this feedback. I didn't test this before totally abandoning F2 races. For me the fix was using one lap only for the qualify session. This way you will run with the same correct amount of fuel as them, both in race and in the qualifying itself. If you run a complete qualify session, every time you exit pit your car will be carrying an insane amount of fuel and you will never be able to be competitive with the AI. And, in the next day, it's the opposite and the race will start with you having a correct amount of fuel to do a complete race, while the AI will be loaded with unnecessary extra laps. Also, F2 starts are IMPOSSIBLE to be competitive with them, no matter how many times you try or if you do a perfect start (without assists). They will always be faster. I reported everything here in forums in these latest months, but it seems they really don't care so much. In resume, I totally ignored F2 and never touched it again.
  2. After so many patches, still no fix. Pretty sad.
  3. viniciusrsouza

    Voice commands on Xbox.

    The most frustrating things is that through the years we never have any official Codemasters interaction or feedback concerning this. I'm starting to believe that's actually their fault and not Microsoft. Maybe they don't want to change this audio feature for Xbox this generation, even though Kinect doesn't exist anymore.
  4. Maybe not for those who are used to desperately press buttons in every game to start playing immediately, but I enjoy watching cinematics and commentaries even in my FIFA career mode or other sports games. So, like for others here, I'm sure it's insanely upsetting, MAINLY because we already had it in latest editions. So part of this is about the evident downgrade. Anyway, It's just a little bit of immersion for us, nowadays a minority in gaming entertainment, where it's all cartoon colorful graphics and "run and shooting" is all about.
  5. You posted in the bugs sub forum? Can you share the link? People here could also add information there.
  6. It's possible to change it? Or you mean differential and brake bias? I used the same, by the way.
  7. Just correcting myself, there are team members celebrating during checkered flag. Not sure if only now latest updates or if I couldn't notice them before. I had to save a clip in Xbox One X and slowly watch it to find them. The lack of commentaries in Practice 1 and Qualifying is an extreme downgrade. Insanely upsetting.
  8. viniciusrsouza

    F2 Starts broken?

    Even following his tips, it's absolutely impossible to match AI performance in F2 starts. It's really, really broken.
  9. Hi there! I will send you a message on Xbox Live in a few moments. I'm interested!
  10. viniciusrsouza

    heineken sponser boards

    I can't forget how much I was happy to see them when they released this video and how sad I became when found that we still don't have them in the game! I honestly can't understand how these things can happen. In REAL LIFE they are there, the whole world can see, even being a CAR event. Children, adults, no matter. In gaming industry, we have war games, violent games, children kill and fire everything, but we can't have a beer name here.
  11. viniciusrsouza

    Filters for TT and unranked lobbies

    Was about to a create a topic and just found this one used search. So sad it was ignored. It's unbelievable that, yet another year, there's simply no filter, except for region, in unranked lobbies. I honestly sometimes just give up searching for 25% lobbies with Safety Car and go play another game. The amount of time we lose is most times the sufficient to a desired lobby to get full or start a race before we find it.
  12. It's extremely frustrating not being able to simply order them by 25% races or things like Safety Car turned on, etc. Sometimes I feel that they just hate anyone who doesn't like the "tradicional" 5 laps madness races and any simple thing that could bring more people who like to play longer races to race together should be completely forgotten.
  13. Hey, gentlemen. May I grab a cup of tea and join this (miserably ignored) honorable club?!
  14. I was about to create this topic here. You need to write using the report bug rules as shown in this sub forum.
  15. The classic championship feature has no logic. I know we don't have so many cars, but we should be able to compete against similar performance ones only, at least. If using a low difficulty is a workaround, we would still be fighting against other generation cars for the top positions.