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  1. jrod22145

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    Add Jared or Jarrod...preferably the first one since it’s the way my name is actually spelled but both are pronounced the same. Also if you could add some more nicknames that would make it better for us whose names aren’t in the game as well
  2. jrod22145

    AI race start and team performance update??

    I believe this is from a combination of the F2 cars not using tyre blankets and the ai using a simplified physics model that doesn’t take their tyre temps into account when computing grip. This is also a problem at circuits that tyre temp management is important a la Monaco or Singapore.
  3. jrod22145

    Gearbox wear rate.

    Not downshifting so fast will help with rear tire wear as well! You won’t be over revving the engine cause more torque to be delivered and the rear tires to slip. I first noticed this at Baku while doing the tire wear test.
  4. Go to the Fanatec website and under the community tab is their forum. Look along the right hand side they have recommended settings from Fanatec for every game imaginable. The have both rim and in-game settings. I use the ones for F1 2019 and GT Sport and they feel great. The brF setting is for people with loadcell brake pedals, it’s used to adjust the amount of pressure necessary to read 100% braking. So the ClubSport V3’s at 50 will take 45kg of pressure to reach the 100%.
  5. jrod22145

    A.I. Slow Acceleration in Rain !!!

    Agreed, the first fix was perfect for me anyway.
  6. jrod22145

    Number one in F1 2019

    On the character customization screen after you select your number a box pops up and asks if you want to use the number 1 the season after you win the championship
  7. jrod22145

    R&D Regulation Changes Question

    Yah since they’re all half price and only take 1 week to develop it makes the most sense to start with ultimates and the majors. And obviously prioritize the downforce/drag, weight reductions, and engine power first whichever departments are affected. Basically the ones that provide the most amount of lap time performance first
  8. jrod22145

    R&D Regulation Changes Question

    No you can save whichever parts you want. Then all the parts connected not already researched will be unlocked and available to be researched.
  9. jrod22145


    This should be addressed with the next patch which is currently being tested. Patch 1.12 caused FPS issues on PS4 too!
  10. jrod22145

    No decent practice sessions possible with F2 cars

    Some problems with that are you can’t get a judgement of tire wear or tire temps from TT so it’s hard to develop a race strategy. Also by not being able to change fuel levels you end up way over fueled by the end of the race with no way to burn it off.
  11. jrod22145

    R&D in career help

    Check this post of mine out here: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/dg54c9/should_i_up_my_ai/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Look for the post by jrod22145. It has how I set my ai difficulty but more importantly to you, it has my general run plan near the bottom. This should help you a little. Keep in mind though anything over 10 laps per session doesn’t award you anymore R&D points so those laps are only good for more practice. I wish they’d lengthen the practice programs or let you choose how many laps you’d like to do. It seems like IRL they do 20-30 laps per session without any setbacks. It would be nice to do the same in a 100% distance career.
  12. I’ve had a theory on why this is, it’s because they (programmers) use traction and ERS to manage the ai’s speed. This is why tracks like Bahrain and France can be more challenging than say a place like Austria that requires speed through the high speed corners to be fast. This is also why I think last year the Ai were so much slower in the 3rd sector of Austria. Until they make the setups work like IRL and actually make a difference to lap times outside of Wing adjustments (which I’m convinced the ai don’t make any) they will never be able to have a consistent ai difficulty level. You should try my method for setting ai difficulty. You can find it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/dg54c9/should_i_up_my_ai/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Look for the post by jrod22145 (that’s me! Haha)
  13. Haha we’ve been asking since at least 2017 that I know of. Good luck! They increased the frequency that it’s announced in the garage during sessions but now Jeff announces your last speed through the speed trap and not your overall fastest speed of the session
  14. jrod22145

    Obsolete upgrades R&D tree

    Yes, especially if your going to stay at the team. Start with the ultimate and major upgrades as these provide the most amount of performance and take the longest to re-upgrade the next season. This will be especially helpful further along when your trees are almost maxed and you get a double department reg change.
  15. jrod22145

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    This was posted yesterday on the Loss of FPS thread in the technical assistance section. It doesn’t address the safety car issue but does let you know there is a next patch being tested now: RedDevilKT 93 Posted yesterday at 05:34 Hey everyone, just as an update, we are looking to address this issue in our next patch which is currently going through testing. Thank you for your patience while we investigated this