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  1. jrod22145

    Difference on screen wheel

    I wonder if there’s going to be different pages to flip thru on the wheel or if this is the only one
  2. jrod22145

    Race line assist suggestion: monocolour option

    I couldn’t like this more if I tried lol! This is exactly where I’m at right now. Been playing with all assists off except for racing line since about the middle of F1 2017 but I can’t seem to shake the racing line...at this point now I more or less use the braking line as a brake point reference maybe braking earlier or later than it might suggest rather than staring at it all lap adjusting my inputs based on the lines color...something else along these lines that may be helpful is the cone system from GT Sport...I really like that because they’re not placed perfectly where they should be but serve as a good reference for learning the track
  3. jrod22145

    So much RAIN in F1 2018 v1.16?

    Yah I had a stretch in career mode of like 7 or 8 races in a row with either wet quali or the race or both even...the only time it really gives me trouble is if quali is wet and the rest of the weekend is dry...it can be pretty challenging for me to find that one lap pace with absolutely no practice..TT helps a little but since there’s not intermediate conditions and once you get further on into career mode with the R&D the cars get much faster/powerful that the TT cars so they become less representative the further along in career mode that you get
  4. jrod22145

    f1 2018 slippery cars

    Has ‘git gud’ been mentioned yet? Lol jkjk...the real trick is trying to be as smooth as possible on your inputs and go easy on the gas out of corners...also try adjusting your diff a little bit
  5. jrod22145

    realistic race times

    I don’t think the ai suffer from certain things the player does like tire temps with regards to their tire wear and it seems if the ai are faster at tracks that favor traction like Bahrain and are slower at tracks that have high speed corners like the final two corners at Austria. Also my theory on why the ai times are way faster in quali when you speed up time or any time a portion is simulated is that the when it simulates the ai’s time it factors in slipstreams but doesn’t factor in dirty air affects because the ai always go out in large groups at the end of each quali session and if you finish your lap after the session runs out it simulates the rest of the ai’s laps and they gain up to a second from what they all have done on their first runs and throughout qualifying if you haven’t done any simulating up to that point...I.e never sped up time in the garage and didn’t finish your lap after the end of the session...it’s crazy I just did a career mode race at Spain and in both q1 and q2 the Mercedes were doing high 15.8-.9 and Ricciardo and myself were around 16.1-.2 by q2 then in q3 I mistimed my final run and started my last lap with about :45 left in the session when I crossed the line I was in third and the computer took control of the car and then when it shows you your result I was 7th! Hamilton did a 14.8 Bottas was like 15.1...Ricciardo, my teammate, did a 15.3...I mean Alonso in a midfield McLaren our qualified me by a .1 out of nowhere and he was about a second off in 10th after the first run...I think there’s a problem when you simulate and part of it
  6. jrod22145

    track acclimatisation question

    They should have a practice mode where you can practice all the different practice programs
  7. jrod22145

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    I’ve been saying this since 2017 when they started the UDP telemetry. You should be able to compare your telemetry to your teammates and also you should be able to look at and/or use your teammates setup(if the ai actually use different setups which I’m not entirely convinced that they do in this game).
  8. jrod22145

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    Make basic setups in time trial then carry them over to career and adjust for the R&D upgrades you’ve done...it’s better for the sake of practice and to actually get a feel for what difference a change has made to do like 3-5 laps minimum before making another adjustment...I’ve found I use basically the same suspension setups on most tracks and mostly just change aero, braking, and ballast mostly...Honestly I’ve heard it argued that apart from those things the suspension settings make little difference from track to track as they should...hopefully one of the many improvements that have been worked on over the last two years while developing F1 2019
  9. jrod22145

    No driver hands or wheel in cockpit

    The problem with turning off the steering wheel in this game in particular is that the wheel is where you get most of your info without looking at the mfd...if I were you I’d turn off steering animation and move the fov closer and use the screen on the in game wheel as a dash
  10. jrod22145


    IRL it’s alright but couldn’t see myself liking it in the game...plus I use cockpit cam so I wouldn’t see it anyway
  11. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    @Vitaly Petrov Too bad there’s not way to import this into the PS4 version...I’d love to check out your work
  12. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    Don’t forget that with rFactor 2 being 8 years old they’ve had 8 years to develop, implement, and improve their handling and visual models instead of trying to pump out a new game every 12 months with 10 new updated car models and liveries, new driver helmets, new drivers in general, as well as the occasional new circuit or making updates to the current circuits and any added features as well as trying to rid the game of bugs...I truly believe that until they abandon the current model and go more towards an iRacing, Assetto Corsa, or even GT Sport way of doing things the amount of innovation they can achieve in such a small window of time is limited. Also don’t forget anything they put into a game has to be handled by the Xbox and PS4s limited processing power (compared to today’s gaming computers). Also I think I’ve heard they’re also limited by their staffing so if they could have a team working on the current game and another working on the future game that may also be beneficial as well
  13. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    The tires in 2019 will have to have some better visual wear to them now that Pirrelli have changed the molding process and they come out super shiny to start
  14. jrod22145

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    If not for online definitely for career mode...the ai are usually good for at least 2 mechanical retirements a season and with they way they take their grid penalties (when needed and not strategically at all) it can be very easy to over power the ai and win the championships...as long as the game can differentiate between crashes and mechanical failures when it comes to the contracts and team rep it shouldn’t alter the gameplay too much...as always make it an option for those who aren’t interested
  15. Yah I’m currently 75% of the way through season 2 and haven’t seen a VSC or SC all season...there have been many DNFs and several accidents caused by cars with punctures trundling around and the ai cars running into them...in my career it’s non existent and I’ve checked multiple times to make sure it’s turned on