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  1. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    @Vitaly Petrov Too bad there’s not way to import this into the PS4 version...I’d love to check out your work
  2. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    Don’t forget that with rFactor 2 being 8 years old they’ve had 8 years to develop, implement, and improve their handling and visual models instead of trying to pump out a new game every 12 months with 10 new updated car models and liveries, new driver helmets, new drivers in general, as well as the occasional new circuit or making updates to the current circuits and any added features as well as trying to rid the game of bugs...I truly believe that until they abandon the current model and go more towards an iRacing, Assetto Corsa, or even GT Sport way of doing things the amount of innovation they can achieve in such a small window of time is limited. Also don’t forget anything they put into a game has to be handled by the Xbox and PS4s limited processing power (compared to today’s gaming computers). Also I think I’ve heard they’re also limited by their staffing so if they could have a team working on the current game and another working on the future game that may also be beneficial as well
  3. jrod22145

    F1 2018 Tyres

    The tires in 2019 will have to have some better visual wear to them now that Pirrelli have changed the molding process and they come out super shiny to start
  4. jrod22145

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    If not for online definitely for career mode...the ai are usually good for at least 2 mechanical retirements a season and with they way they take their grid penalties (when needed and not strategically at all) it can be very easy to over power the ai and win the championships...as long as the game can differentiate between crashes and mechanical failures when it comes to the contracts and team rep it shouldn’t alter the gameplay too much...as always make it an option for those who aren’t interested
  5. Yah I’m currently 75% of the way through season 2 and haven’t seen a VSC or SC all season...there have been many DNFs and several accidents caused by cars with punctures trundling around and the ai cars running into them...in my career it’s non existent and I’ve checked multiple times to make sure it’s turned on
  6. The only way to get them to work is for Codemasters to patch the new Fanatec SDK has into the game
  7. jrod22145

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    I recently upgraded to the Fanatec ClubSport v3 pedals and I still wear socks (2 pairs for extra cushioning) but I have a pair of sparco karting shoes I’ve been meaning to try...never could get used to them on my g29
  8. jrod22145

    Tyre carcass temps.

    You should be good...the temps seem to be much lower overall than before...just did the Singapore gp and never was even close to overheating the tires (I’m on a wheel though) even though before it was manageable but I’d have to take it easy at the end of the stints
  9. jrod22145

    Top 10 Features We NEED in F1 2019

    How about a hotlap mode in career mode so you can do some warmup laps before starting practice with your actual cars performance rather than using time trial that has the base 2018 performances...this way you can start to work on setups without having to do a ton of laps in practice and put a ton of wear on your engine parts
  10. jrod22145

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Currently the left joystick, thumb rotary switches, Multi position encoders, and two toggle switches are not supported as well as rotation part of the right funky switch are all not currently support...Fanatec says Codemasters just needs to implement their new SDK they’ve sent them and everything should work then...I know how you feel...I completely upgraded to the Fanatec ecosystem(CSL Elite+, V3 pedals, and F1 2018 LE rim) because of the F1 2018 LE rim and most of the features that are currently not supported!
  11. jrod22145

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    Yah I highly doubt it because firstly Xbox doesn’t have VR capabilities so I doubt they’d put forward as much resources that are required to implement VR on the PC/PS4 games...second if you look at GT Sport’s VR support it’s only Hotlaps and a heads up race against one (very slow) ai opponent so due to the PS4s lower capacity they’d probably have to create a special mode for VR that wouldn’t be all that fun really once the novelty wears off and they’ve got so many more important things to waste resources on I.e. Beta testing!!!!
  12. jrod22145

    AI pace in race is much faster

    Practice, practice, practice...you’ll get better...focus on braking...IMO that’s where you’ll find the most time
  13. jrod22145

    Fanatec csl elite formula

    Yes they are currently not supported...Codemasters needs to update the game to the new Fanatec SDK in order to get functionality on the PS4...I currently have the same setup
  14. jrod22145

    Question about F1 2018

    Yah unfortunately it’s being implemented in all of the junior categories too this year so for now it’s here to stay (I personally like it)...people say you can actually see ‘around’ it in VR but I cannot comment as I only have the psvr on the PS4 so the only formula car I’ve driven is the 2017 W08 on GT Sport which doesn’t have the halo
  15. jrod22145

    Question about F1 2018

    The middle portion that runs down the center of the screen in cockpit cam...Yes...but not the top portion in any camera setting