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  1. jrod22145

    Team mate and AI setups

    I’m pretty convinced the ai do not use custom setups. I’m currently doing Monaco in driver career mode at 103 AI and they consistently reach 175+ mph through the speed trap. Running 7-11 wings I can only reach 166 mph using Rich/Overtake no matter how good of an exit I get out of Portier. I had the same problem while doing the Full F2 season that precedes starting your F1 career. In the F2 race, the ai would run away from me down the front and back straight but I’d have to lift off or even brake through the tight twisty bits to keep from running over the AI. Sector 3 was a nightmare! I had no chance of overtaking anyone much past the first lap, which I guess is realistic, but not for the right reasons haha. I truly believe the AI’s pace is adjusted, based on difficulty, by increasing their overall speed through the corners and traction on corner exit, not by making them more intelligent leading to better setups and lines through the corners. Another good example I have of this also comes from my F2 season. At Austria the feature race started out dry but it started raining with about 10 laps to go. For about the first 4-5 laps I was doing fine, running in 3rd holding about a 1.5-2 second gap to the car in front and about a 3 second gap to the car behind. With 4 laps to go, drs was disabled and this is when my problems really started. By T3, the cars behind me were now on my rear bumper. Out of T3 the ai were accelerating like it was dry, no wheel spin, no short shifts. They just sped off like a rocket. By the end of the next lap I was out of the points. Ended up pitting for inters with 2 laps to go while the AI carried on finished the race on drys. Overall, the scenario wasn’t altogether unrealistic (not putting), but the amount of traction and speed they had on those last couple laps was unmatchable and I most certainly wouldn’t have made the finish on dry tires running at the pace they were.
  2. jrod22145

    Manual ERS (FP only not Races)

    The real problem IMO is that you cannot map your ERS deployment in any way. Even being in Medium for an entire lap and not using the overtake button at all in the race, I’ve found myself running out of ERS on the way to the Start/Finish line. Same thing in qualifying, you run out of ERS before you complete the lap. I’m fairly sure the teams do their best to ensure this doesn’t happen to be sure they’re getting the best run down the longest straights and not wasting ERS on the tighter twistier sections. I will also freely admit I was one of the ones who truly enjoyed micromanage the ERS and Fuel mix corner by corner, lap by lap and would really love to go back to the way it was. Unfortunately that won’t happen, which is fine but there’s got to be a way for us to program the ERS deployment to be more efficient than it currently is, maybe the ERS practice program?
  3. I’ve had this same issue on PC, for me it’s just the BB that changes to 50%. This only happens to me if I try to use my hot key to adjust the BB before I’ve opened the MFD on track in a session. So if I say start FP1 and after I leave the garage I open the MFD then close it, I can then adjust the BB as normal for the rest of the session without having to repeat this process again. To me it doesn’t seem as if the setup is off in anyway (also pretty sure the balanced default setup uses 60% BB so I’m pretty sure it’s not reverting the entire setup). Does this sound the same as your experience? TL:DR The first time I try to use my hot key to change the BB it gets changed to 50% unless I’ve already opened the MFD during that session. After which the BB stays and changes as it should.
  4. jrod22145

    CM - please add violence

    Or how to use the pit limiter haha!
  5. jrod22145

    2 or 3 stop races again

    My usual run plan looks something like this: FP1: Track ACC-Hards (First Set) Tire Wear-Mediums (First Set) Fuel-Mediums (Same tires as above) Race Pace-Hards (Same tires as above) FP2: Race Pace-Mediums (Second Set) Qualifying Sim-Softs (First Set) ERS-Softs (Same tires as above) FP3: Race Pace-Softs (Second Set) Qualifying Sim-Softs (Third Set) To build my setup I start off in TT to get comfortable with the circuit and form a baseline setup. Then at the start of FP1 I use the track acclimatization program and the Hard tires to work on tweaking the tire temps (by way of tire pressures), sometimes I may run this program more than once. Finally I may continue to make tiny tweaks throughout the rest of practice while doing some of the other programs.
  6. jrod22145

    2 or 3 stop races again

    I think part of it is the projected strategies in game don’t take into account things like traffic, how difficult it is to overtake and how much time it’ll cause you to lose. In a perfect world a 2-stop may be faster if not for the aforementioned obstacles. The ai seem to just go with the default pit strategies in my experience. I’ve had some times where I’ve done the race strategy practice programs on all 3 tire compounds or even just the medium one and when I switch from the projected to personalized strategies it switches from a 2-stop to a 1-stop. If only the ai could do the same then you’d probably end up with differing strategies.
  7. jrod22145

    F2 championship Sprint race - pit stops?

    There is no mandatory pit stop during the sprint race. I’ve done every sprint race up to Britain without having to stop aside from at Austria when the session started out on full wets and dried up about 25% of the way through the race. I’ve had a couple races where a few ai have made a stop by they just end up finishing at the back since the softer tires are always used. Try doing the race pace practice program and see if this opens up a no stop for you in the sprint race. I’ve also been doing 100% races but this shouldn’t make much difference unless your locking up and losing the backend a lot and causing unnecessary wear.
  8. jrod22145

    Starting Career with full season of F2

    Doing the Race pace program will give you access to a personalized tire strategy, just like F1, however fuel levels will be unaffected as the starting fuel seems to be locked by regulations. Other than that, I’m not really sure if anything will be affected down the line by doing or not doing said programs. Maybe they’re there to let you practice running them and give you some structure during practice instead of just going out and running laps.
  9. jrod22145

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    You’ll have the option of importing the performance changes to your current career/my driver saves. Don’t think any of the liveries have changed yet.
  10. jrod22145

    Option to turn off Jeff please

    There’s also an option called ‘Radio Verbosity’ I believe you can turn it to respond only, which will keep Jeff from talking unless you ask him a question.
  11. jrod22145

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Me too my friend. It being one of the key features that warranted the additional $200 over the CSL Elite LC pedals. I also loved the feature on 2018 even if it was only on the brake pedal. But no need to re-open the wound more than necessary to answer OP’s question. There are bigger issues to sort. Maybe they can just make it an option, make it an assist for all I care, for use to decide how we use it for next year.
  12. jrod22145

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Only with TC and ABS assists turned on. We had a pretty big discussion about this when the game first came out. Then one of the devs came on and confirmed the pedals only vibrate with the assists turned on and it was a choice they made.
  13. jrod22145


    Any chance this would work with a regular PS4? Saving up for PC components so not really looking to buy a new PS4 but would be nice to have for right now.
  14. jrod22145

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    I use Time trial to get a base setup for my car and reacquaint myself with a track before FP1 in career mode. After season one it becomes much less about a base setup (as I have mine from the previous season and the cars are no where near the same as the TT cars anymore) as it is to just get back in the groove of a track, pick general braking points, etc. This way I can limit the laps needed to be done in practice and reduce wear on my car. Also then I have less of a chance of smashing up my car in practice and Dnf’ing out of the session. I just view this like the simulator work the drivers do IRL. I’ve also suggested a few times that they should have a TT mode inside the career mode accessible from the data center. Have it so you can only drive your teams car and have it have all the upgrades on it like it will in the actual sessions. Obviously the times you set wouldn’t count towards the real TT leaderboards or anything. They could even award R&D points for doing laps on it say 1 per lap, this way it would be more useful to more people.
  15. jrod22145

    R&D System 2019

    Also just because you have the resources doesn’t mean you have to spend them. This is what I did last year and had a really fun career with Toro Rosso. I started by trying to work my way to the front of the midfield all the while working on Reliability upgrades and dept efficiencies.