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    Practice "Laps Completed"

    It’s 5 R&D points per lap so 1 lap gives you 5 points. You can get a maximum of 50 points so anything over 10 laps is wasted.
  2. jrod22145

    French grand prix suddenly hard as hell!!??

    France has historically been a good one for the ai. That’s usually my lowest of the season (101 so far this year on 2019,) and have only done 1 season so far so maybe that’s why I haven’t had as many issues yet. I’m currently at Brazil and there was a pretty good stretch maybe from Singapore to USA (so far) that I really seem to be struggling more in quali than the beginning of the season. I say this because maybe there’s an issue with the upgrades applying properly to the players car. Maybe also it’s not all the upgrades just some of them. My teammate is Kimi and he consistently makes q3 even though I get knocked out in q1 or q2 more often than not recently. I use the quali sim program to set my ai difficulty so earlier on there’d be many races Kimi and I would be within a tenth or two of each other, now I’m lucky to get within .3-.5 seconds. Just a theory, there may be other variables at play in my own situation though. Anyone else have this feeling about upgrades not applying?
  3. jrod22145

    Changing weekend tyre allocation broken

    Or, I can confirm on PS4 anyway, if you get to the data center before FP1 you can quit to the main menu then reload career and open the options menu from the loading screen and it’ll be all the way at the top and available to be changed still.
  4. jrod22145

    F1 2019 - PS4 - Loss of FPS after patch 1.12 [R2]

    I was just doing some TT laps at Suzuka and it was a nightmare. I started getting ready for this race before 1.12 came then got busy so hadn’t had a chance to come back til just now. It seems a lot slower and I even had a small stutter freeze going into T1 which I don’t think I’ve really ever had before. Gonna try to restart the old PS4 and hop into career and hope it’s a little better. PS4 Standard Fanatec CSL Elite+PS4 w/ F1 2018 LE rim TT-Suzuka Alfa Romeo No other controllers connected
  5. jrod22145

    AI accelerating speed

    The ai are really good with traction. That’s how the make up a lot of their lap times (I think). That’s why certain tracks that require more traction management the ai are more difficult than ones that don’t. Just my observation, I could be wrong.
  6. jrod22145

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Me too my friend. It being one of the key features that warranted the additional $200 over the CSL Elite LC pedals. I also loved the feature on 2018 even if it was only on the brake pedal. But no need to re-open the wound more than necessary to answer OP’s question. There are bigger issues to sort. Maybe they can just make it an option, make it an assist for all I care, for use to decide how we use it for next year.
  7. jrod22145

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Only with TC and ABS assists turned on. We had a pretty big discussion about this when the game first came out. Then one of the devs came on and confirmed the pedals only vibrate with the assists turned on and it was a choice they made.
  8. I’ll be honest, I really enjoy micromanaging it, but I’ve got the Fanatec F1 2018 LE rim so I’d like to automate the ERS like IRL so I could start learning to micromanage the brake bias and diff settings. Currently I’m trying to master all four with limited success.
  9. I’ve been saying this for awhile. They should use the ERS practice program to program the ERS. It’s 3 laps long so they could have a regen, normal, and max setting or something like that and adjust the delta’s and energy saving requirements per lap to compensate for deploying more or less ERS throughout the lap.
  10. jrod22145

    Black screen with Zotac rtx 2080

    Did you make sure your video card drivers are up to date?
  11. jrod22145

    Gearbox problems

    The gearbox is more susceptible to wear due to improper shifting this year, but by no means is broken. With 3 gearbox upgrades I can make the 6 races easily in an Alfa Romeo.
  12. It is actually because of Microsoft that the V2 rim doesn’t work. They do not support more buttons than what are on a Xbox controller to be supported. This has been confirmed by Fanatec and Codemasters several times. So before getting upset and trying to rain on OP’s parade, do research first...
  13. Was just coming to ask this! Going to be stuck at work for the next 12 hrs and can’t wait til I get home to find out...lol
  14. jrod22145

    not change the front wing

    I had this happen at Monaco. I even when around for like 4-5 laps after I selected ‘Yes’ to change wing and radioed my pit in on the lap I was gonna come in and they didn’t change it.
  15. Was there a regulation change at the end of the season? If so, you can’t buy updates for that department until the beginning of the next season! If you do so, say after the race at Abu Dhabi, they will not be on the car next season due to the inability to consolidate them after completion before the start of the next season. The game could probably do a better job of addressing this rather than it being implied by technicalities. If there was no regulation changes than disregard this.
  16. jrod22145

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    Use the qualifying sim program in practice to set your difficulty. Turn it down to like 80 and for every .2 you beat the purple time (look at the bottom right of the results screen and find the estimated best time for your cars performance, it’ll be the faster time) increase the ai difficulty by 1 so for example estimated best time: (1:30.000-1:30.500) purple score time: (1:30.000) your time: (1:29.000) difficulty increase: 5 (80-85) i do this every FP2 then increase the difficulty for FP3 and recheck it. My base is 101 though. Also Codies increased the ai difficulty overall this year so most people had to drop their difficulty from 2018.
  17. Did you try turning UDP Telemetry off? A lot of people have had success doing this.
  18. I think McLaren is still being plagued by a high drag penalty that carried over from 2018. In my first interation of career mode Sainz and Norris qualified 16th and 18th respectively. In the second after the performance and handling adjustments they still got knocked out in q1. Also it’s no secret that the game puts a mega premium on engine power either that or the engines are much much closer in performance IRL than what’s represented in the game. Downforce plays a lot less of a role in lap times in game than in real life. This is evident by how Racing Point and Williams to some extent in certain tracks qualify and finish much higher than IRL, when those two have one of the worst aero and chassis departments in game.
  19. jrod22145

    Patch 1.07

    My guess is next week and it’ll include the Paul Ricard update and a few minor fixes. I’d be willing to bet the liveries don’t come until the end of the month around Spa. I think the generally accepted rumor on the licensing is that the teams have to sign off on the livery updates. And with having 5 races in the last 7 weeks I’m guessing the teams were pretty busy in July and the liveries won’t get signed off till around the end of the summer break.
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    Looks like he needs to enable the spelling and grammar assists on his computer...lol 😂😂
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    Not unlike how you’re bullying females: Or people that play the game a different way than you think they should: Pretty much every other post you’ve ever made in here...lol
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    Tyre carcass temperature

    If the tires overheat or drop too much temp they lose grip. Surface temps can be useful to tell you when your sliding too much through corners as they fluctuate rapidly and carcass temps can be useful to let you know if your pushing to much or too little through the corners and also can be a good indicator of when to pit for inters or drys in changeable conditions.
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    Lol right...it like a new sport, instead of poking the bear, we poke the @BluntRS . I’m not sure he’s ever even played any of these games as he spends every waking moment crying about how other people play the game they’ve actually paid for...lol
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    @BluntRS = 😢😪😢 the rest of the forum= 🎻🎶🧻🍼
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    No engine power upgrade

    You’re either running to much downforce or it’s because Jeff is telling you your last speed through the speed trap and not your fastest pass. Two ways you can check this, one is the track acclimatization practice program, which will show you your speed trap speed in the top right corner right after you pass through the speed trap. Two is when nobody else is on the track, usually in between runs in qualifying (especially q3 when all the ai go out at the beginning then the end) or during practice if it starts raining when everyone pits for inters or wets you can go to the TV feed on the monitor and it’ll show you the pit lane and your stats instead of whoever is on track. Also make sure your run Rich/Overtake as this will greatly increase your top speed over lower modes and make sure your getting the best exit possible onto the straight (although corner exit probably wouldn’t account for that much difference maybe 2-3 mph or so). Yah Jeff is glitched out...lol. He does in fact tell you your last pass through the speed trap, not your fastest time. I had suspicions a couple weeks ago so I tested it out and that’s what it was. If you can find a point when nobody is on-track (usually in between the ai’s runs in qualifying or if practice has changeable conditions) check the tv feed screen on the monitor and it’ll show the pit lane and your stats instead of the car on track that your watching. This will show you your true Speed Trap speed not your last pass. Also the track acclimatization program will show you your speed in the upper right hand corner for a few seconds after you pass through the speed trap. Unfortunately a heavy brake zone and tight corner usually follow the speed trap so it can make making the next corner a little difficult...haha