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    How to keep the back from breaking out?

    Also look at adjusting the steering saturation because probably what’s happening is your oversteering for the corner and the front is biting in and your losing the rear end. I don’t play with a pad so I can’t be a ton of help, but I have read that this has helped other pad users in the past. @johnboy83 that’s Raidillion actually (lol, sry I couldn’t resist). I’ve found a lot of people (myself included) have trouble once you reach the uphill left hander. Eau Rouge is the downhill left/right hander before you head up the hill. Try increasing your Ride Height because I’ve noticed the hill is a little too steep or maybe too short because right when you start going up the front wing clips through the tarmac and gets some cosmetic damage. Also the floor drags on the ground giving you a ‘tank slapper’ causing you to lose the back-end.
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    Any chance this would work with a regular PS4? Saving up for PC components so not really looking to buy a new PS4 but would be nice to have for right now.
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    No tyres change option for F2 sprint races

    I always thought it was a little strange to have to change tires every pit stop. But honestly come to think of it, I can’t really recall a real life stop where they didn’t change tires. Probably because if you were in an accident and needed to pit, you’d either have flat spotted the tires or ran over some sort of debris and would be at risk of a slow leak or having a puncture once your reach full speed.
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    Optimum tyre temps

    Unfortunately, in my experience, the tires don’t work like that in-game. I’ve noticed they all seem to have the same operating window. I am currently doing a career race at Spain and Hungary (post 1.05 and pre 1.05 saves) and it appears like the S/M/H tires all are best from about 195-215F so maybe 95-105C (too lazy to do the actual conversions). The real issue is the ai run on a simplified tyre model compared to the player and aren’t quite affected the way the player is. This is more than likely due to the limited processing power of the consoles. Hopefully the next gen consoles will be powerful enough to allow Codies to overhaul the tyre model and ramp up the ai simulation model. I usually try to keep the fronts under 210 and the rears around 195-200.
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    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    Use the qualifying practice program to set your ai difficulty. For every .2 you beat or miss the purple score by, raise your difficulty by 1
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    Fanatec vibration motors not working

    The pedal motors only work on the ClubSport V3 pedals if you have abs and traction control turned on. There was a giant discussion on here and Fanatec’s forum about it. @David Greco from Codemasters confirmed this some time ago. So unless a new patch broke it or they went ahead and disabled it altogether it should work if you turn on the Assists in-game (ABS and TC). Edit: Do you @GrandPuba2000 have the ClubSport V3 pedals or the CSL Elite Pedals w/loadcell brake add-on? The way you word it, it sounds like you have the CSL Elite pedals which do not have the vibration motors in the pedals like the V3’s do.
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    Esteban Ocon

  8. jrod22145

    Using ultra or hyper soft tires

    Honestly I started following F1 near the end of 2017 and I think the rainbow colors were easier to follow than the c1-c5 range with 3 being picked and denoted as S/M/H for that race. Really if you watch F1, all the people that have been around for awhile still refer to them as quali, option, prime lol
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    Do something different next year.

    I think they could overhaul the contract system and make the game much more interesting. The contracts could be split into short term and long term goals. Instead of giving you a new contract every 4 races, which isn’t really how it works, and giving you the option to switch teams every 4 races, which also doesn’t happen very often, you’d be given an evaluation based around the short term goals you’d been given. Instead of renegotiating a new contract, you’d still get to adjust the expectations and perks, but you’d get a new set of short term goals set for the next race. So essentially it would more or less stay the same except you wouldn’t be able to change teams at that time and your basically getting performance reviews rather than contract negotiations. Then at the end of the season based on how you did through the year in the standings and how you did on the short/long term goals, you would be offered a new contract for new year (maybe even multiple years). You could also get offers from other teams depending on how you did etc. They could work F2 and the Driver Academies into it too! Firstly, they could start you off with a season in F2 and you’d have a basic contract with certain performance goals, both short term and long term. Then around mid season, based on your results, you’d get offers from driver academies. Whichever one you pick would then set the goals for the rest of the season. Then based on how well you do, at the end of the season, give you a 1 (or more up to say 3) year(s) contract to drive for one of the F1 teams. Then during F1, there could be a possibility that your driver academy loans you out to another team for a season while somebody at the main team is waiting to retire or whatever. They could even work the Rival system into it and have your driver academy pick a rival you go up against for the second half of the year and whoever does better gets a set at the main team. I.e. You get a contract from Ferrari for 3 years and they first get you a drive at Alfa and your having a good season. Say Kevin Magnussen is too at Haas. So Ferrari then decides to put you up against K-Mag to pick a new partner for LeClerc because Vettel is going to retire at the end of the year. Say maybe you lose to K-Mag because the Haas was a better developed car that season but it was close so your status with Ferrari doesn’t drop that much. So maybe then Ferrari decides to stick you in the Haas for a season and see how you fair at the top of the midfield. Then you have a good year and K-Mag doesn’t so Ferrari decide to move you up for Season 3 and you then win the championship. They could even take it further and tie in the rookie to veteran slider they have in game to the contracts offered to you after your first driver academy contract expires. Honestly I could go on forever how they could use they’re pre-existing systems they already have in place and beef them up a little bit and make the game a whole lot more immersive! To tell the truth these are the type of scenarios I’ve been playing out in my head for a couple years now when I pick who my rivals will be and what teams I decide to switch to etc.
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    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    I use Time trial to get a base setup for my car and reacquaint myself with a track before FP1 in career mode. After season one it becomes much less about a base setup (as I have mine from the previous season and the cars are no where near the same as the TT cars anymore) as it is to just get back in the groove of a track, pick general braking points, etc. This way I can limit the laps needed to be done in practice and reduce wear on my car. Also then I have less of a chance of smashing up my car in practice and Dnf’ing out of the session. I just view this like the simulator work the drivers do IRL. I’ve also suggested a few times that they should have a TT mode inside the career mode accessible from the data center. Have it so you can only drive your teams car and have it have all the upgrades on it like it will in the actual sessions. Obviously the times you set wouldn’t count towards the real TT leaderboards or anything. They could even award R&D points for doing laps on it say 1 per lap, this way it would be more useful to more people.
  11. I think you need to adjust the steering saturation to make it around that corner on a pad. Check google for F1 2019 pad settings, this should help you out massively!
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    Post Qualifying Engine Penalty Bug [R2]

    Known bug that’s been reported. It seems like the grid penalties work fine if you take the penalties in practice or before qualifying. But I think if you make the changes between qualifying and the race they don’t take affect. Technically speaking IRL if you changed gearboxes between qualifying and the race it should be a breach of parc ferme and trigger an automatic pit lane start anyway, so there’s that too. I’ve taken all my grid penalties in between FP2 and FP3 and have been penalized accordingly on the grid.
  13. I’ve basically used the same setup since Late 2017, I think, trying new setups at the launch of 2018 and 2019 and ending up reverting back to my old setup (Basically -2.8, -1.4 for camber and 0.08 and 0.38 for toe.) I do play with the Ride Height, Springs, ARBs, and Aero but very minimal and I have usual combos I try I.e. 9-7 or 8-5 ARBs, 5-3, 6-3, 7-4 Spring Stiffness, 3-5 Ride Height, 2-5, 3-5, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7-9, and 10-11 wings. Ive actually started using the Far Chase cam to see how my car is moving around during acceleration, braking, and cornering. It’s also help with Ride Height as I found last night at Germany I was losing time by dragging the bottom on the straights during higher downforce moments
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    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    David Greco confirmed that the numbers on the wheel (for the ai) don’t always show the correct usage for the ai and that although they are pretty good at deploying the ERS, it does in fact function the same as the player and there is no glitch there.
  15. jrod22145

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    In 2018 it had 1x tire wear for practice and qualifying and 4x, 2x, and 1x for the race. I think the engine/gearbox components are being affected the same as the tires...is anybody else having this problem? I can’t for the life of me get a gearbox to go 6 races without failure and I have 77.5% increased durability. Either way I’m loving the game and have just learned to play around these little inconveniences and haven’t encountered any major bugs yet.
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    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    Somebody that is good at using s telemetry app should give it a go and check the data traces to see where the speed is coming from. Not saying it is, since I didn’t witness any of your laps but, could some of your time gain be down to more precise inputs due to you being able to see around you better. I.e braking a touch later or turning in at a slightly more optimal time to take a better line through the corner because you’ve got a better view of what’s going on around you. I’m a cockpit driver and always felt I was a touch faster on TV cam but I always attributed to being able to see the track better and be able to better place my car being able to see the lines in the road and outsides of the tires better etc. I also felt, once I got used to cockpit been using this exclusively for the last 6 months, that the rear of the car felt more planted in cockpit cam and I felt like I could maybe throw the car around more. Again it would be nice to look at data traces. Maybe somebody could volunteer some time to look into it? Again not fully disagreeing just saying there could be more than one factor at play that is contributing to TV pod being faster than it just being programmed that way. Another interesting note, I’ve started using Far Chase cam to help diagnose setup problems because it gives you a better view of how the car is moving and have noticed I’ve found some better lines through certain corners by accident because I had a better view of how the car was moving around the track. This may be similar to what you’re experiencing moving between cockpit and TV pod cam.
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    Standard Setups

    Yes F1 2019 is exactly the same. Front is always set with toe out and rears always have toe in.
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    Standard Setups

    Totally agree with you! I think with the toe settings it’s because in F1 you can only do toe out on the front and toe in on the rear as stated in the regulations.
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    Standard Setups

    I’ve heard this before, but I find it hard to believe myself. It was said it was mentioned awhile back, but I’ve been with the game since late 2017 and haven’t ever heard anyone from Codies say such a thing, nor have I ever seen actual evidence of such. I’m open to there being varying degrees of downforce based on track (based on everything else that doesn’t make sense in a setup front) but haven’t ever saw any evidence or noticed this from my own personal experiences. Maybe somebody like @David Greco can answer this definitively. Do the downforce numbers in the setup screen represent different levels of downforce on a per track basis with everything else held constant? I.e same car and no additional upgrades added in career mode and going at the same speed at the same altitude to negate the affects of faster airflow and lower density adding or taking away downforce respectively.
  20. jrod22145

    Standard Setups

    The whole suspension geometry simulation is flawed I think and it defies conventional wisdom for sure. I’ve tried to learn setups and on other games I’ve made headway. This game I just go on the TT leaderboards and find a setup that suits me then I maybe tame it down and tune it to the Alfa as opposed to the Mercedes downforce levels. I’m having one heck of a time right now in Germany I can’t get through T1 without sliding and overheating the front left tire. Maybe the up coming added front downforce Codies will be adding to compensate for their miscalculation on the affects of the new front wing rules. Who knows just gotta keep grinding away and hopefully one day it will make sense.
  21. Yes it’s seems as though the setup model is messed up again this year. This has been a thing in the previous few years as well. Trying to use conventional wisdom to setup a car on this game doesn’t really help for whatever reason. I only play on console so I can’t look at any game files nor would I know what I’m looking at or where to find it...lol but what I’ve been doing for my career mode is going on TT and doing some laps with the base setup to get a feel for the track. Then I go back to the leaderboard and try out a few and pick one I like. Sometimes I look for the same persons setup if I’ve liked their previous ones. Anyway once I’ve picked a TT setup I adapt it for career, basically setting the DF a little higher (so far, lower once you get deeper into the aero dept) backing off on the camber just a bit and maybe changing the brakes to suit me. I guess this has being a thing with this series for awhile, I started off by trying to make my own setups. But I have since conceded that this is just how that’s handling model is and learned to live with it. Something else interesting of note, if you look at the camber settings they’ve got them mislabeled. They have -3.5 labeled as the ‘minimum’ amount when technically when your talking about camber -3.5 is MORE (or the maximum) than -2.0 (which would be the minimum) or LEAST amount of camber you can run. It’s also debatable if these setting even really work as intended because I don’t notice much difference in cornering grip or tire temps no matter if you run a lot or a little camber.
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    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    Something else you’ve got to watch is how you downshift into hard braking zones. If you start downshifting and causing the engine to bang of the rev limiter with each downshift you can drop a lot from that alone. Downshifting later and upshifting earlier was more than enough for me to beat the program at Baku with the optimal score. Another issue I noticed (not unlike real life if you actually watch the GPs) is the tire temps are pretty hard to keep up in the high 190s to low 200s to provide optimal grip so you’re also doing more sliding through corners which increases wear more. I will give you it took me 3 laps to complete it instead of just 1 lap like normal. Real life and real F1 have no participation trophies, you get out what you put in, and the game should be no different. Start a GP weekend, run full 90/90/60 minute practices, go out and run 10 laps on the default setup, make handling notes on feel as well as how tire wear and temps were. Now go back and change one setting one way, do 5 laps making the same observations as before, now change the same setting the same amount in the other direction and repeat. Now decide which way feels better to you and start making small incremental changes in that direction until you find a point where you stop making gains from adding anymore additional input. Rinse and repeat. Once you find a good baseline setup that works for you it transfers very well to the other circuits. I find myself making minimal changes track to track again this year except for downforce levels really and maybe some minor changes to the spring stiffness and ARB settings to try and eek out those last couple tenths, or to be able to stretch the tires a couple laps longer. Hang in there, it can be done I promise, try running -2.7, -1.4 for camber and 0.08, 0.38 for toe settings and see how that feels to you. Also think I did +1 notch on front tire pressure and -2 notches on rear tire pressure.
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    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    Yes it absolutely it, the problem is the ai don’t do it (off-topic, I know). Also I thought I saw someone mention components scaling, I feel like this should maybe be based on practice length because if you look at the lap counts from practice IRL the drivers do 20, 30, or even 40 laps during one practice session. If we did 20 laps each session you’d run through so many components it’s ridiculous!
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    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    I absolutely adore the ai this year so far! Had a absolute cracker of a race a Bahrain the other night. Spent the better part of 20 laps defending from Stroll who was on a two stop to my one stop he started 8th and I started 9th. Best race I’ve had since I started playing the F1 games back with 2017 (also played some 2013 first in 2017 to test the waters of sim racing with the PS3 I owned and a cheap thrustmaster Ferrari red legend edition wheel)
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    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    It looks like the cars front wings are clipping through the ground