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    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    I absolutely adore the ai this year so far! Had a absolute cracker of a race a Bahrain the other night. Spent the better part of 20 laps defending from Stroll who was on a two stop to my one stop he started 8th and I started 9th. Best race I’ve had since I started playing the F1 games back with 2017 (also played some 2013 first in 2017 to test the waters of sim racing with the PS3 I owned and a cheap thrustmaster Ferrari red legend edition wheel)
  2. jrod22145

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    It looks like the cars front wings are clipping through the ground
  3. jrod22145

    R&D System 2019

    Also just because you have the resources doesn’t mean you have to spend them. This is what I did last year and had a really fun career with Toro Rosso. I started by trying to work my way to the front of the midfield all the while working on Reliability upgrades and dept efficiencies.
  4. jrod22145

    R&D System 2019

    I really like this idea! Kinda like Motorsport Manager has a race difficulty and R&D difficulty which also makes all the other teams better and more efficient at R&D. Side note: is anybody else noticing that the R&D trees are the same. I might just be my imagination especially since I didn’t do a career with Alfa last year and it’s my only team so far this year. But so far as I remember my tree looks pretty similar to the one Ben had when he did his Alfa career on YouTube. I could be wrong, and honestly to me it doesn’t make a difference really. I’m just curious if I’ve got some sort of Mandela effect thing going on or it’s real haha!
  5. jrod22145

    F1 2019 Telemtry App, RacingSimTools.com

    $15 is a small thing to a giant homie! I’m always happy to support fellow sim enthusiasts and people developing things for sim racing! Can’t wait to check your program out. And let’s face it, we’ve all found worse ways to blow $15 and least this is going to something that should have some benefits!!! Oh and if any of y’all can afford $15 hit me up, I’ll give ya a job lol
  6. jrod22145

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    Part of the problem is the ai don’t do any tire saving so you’ve got to push the tires harder than they would in real life. If you watch the first stint on Softs in real life they’re doing laps almost 10 seconds slower than what they did in q3...this is so they can stretch the Softs long enough to do a one stop. The ai just do a two stop and the majority get stuck behind the midfield runners that miss q3 and start on mediums and one stop to the end
  7. jrod22145

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    Are you using the new 336 driver and included firmwares from Fanatec? If so the Brake force (if you have a loadcell brake) was switched so if you ran a 15 on the old driver in will now be 85 on the new driver. Everything seems alright on PS4 with my CSL Elite+ and ClubSport V3 pedals
  8. They have a separate profile for the ClubSport V2 so maybe we’ll get lucky! It seems disheartening to have Fanatec’s flagship formula rim not fully supported by the flagship Formula video game with all the Fanatec banners and signage plastered in game. The Ferrari F1 rim by thrustmaster was supported in previous games so it’s not like Codies don’t have experience with these sort of things. Oh well I guess a DD wheel can wait while I buy a PC then
  9. There was a video on YouTube with Fanatec and Codies talking about the development of F1 2019 and how they’ve been using the DD wheels to help them test the FFB and it appears like they’re using the Formula V2 rims as well. I’m pretty confident that all the functions will be supported for 2019. The problem with your rev/oled lights not working is a Microsoft problem not Fanatec or Codemasters as they work fine on PS4 and PC. The FlagLEDs should also work in 2019 as they needed to be programmed into the game.
  10. jrod22145

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    If not for online definitely for career mode...the ai are usually good for at least 2 mechanical retirements a season and with they way they take their grid penalties (when needed and not strategically at all) it can be very easy to over power the ai and win the championships...as long as the game can differentiate between crashes and mechanical failures when it comes to the contracts and team rep it shouldn’t alter the gameplay too much...as always make it an option for those who aren’t interested
  11. jrod22145

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Currently the left joystick, thumb rotary switches, Multi position encoders, and two toggle switches are not supported as well as rotation part of the right funky switch are all not currently support...Fanatec says Codemasters just needs to implement their new SDK they’ve sent them and everything should work then...I know how you feel...I completely upgraded to the Fanatec ecosystem(CSL Elite+, V3 pedals, and F1 2018 LE rim) because of the F1 2018 LE rim and most of the features that are currently not supported!
  12. jrod22145

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    Yah I highly doubt it because firstly Xbox doesn’t have VR capabilities so I doubt they’d put forward as much resources that are required to implement VR on the PC/PS4 games...second if you look at GT Sport’s VR support it’s only Hotlaps and a heads up race against one (very slow) ai opponent so due to the PS4s lower capacity they’d probably have to create a special mode for VR that wouldn’t be all that fun really once the novelty wears off and they’ve got so many more important things to waste resources on I.e. Beta testing!!!!