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  1. What will that mean for the games? Will Codemasters have 3 rally franchises in the future with Dirt, Dirt Rally and WRC? Or will the WRC content be included in the Dirt Rally games from that point on? And what would that again mean in terms of realism of the Dirt Rally games, since WRC would probably not want their games to be full simulation. The way I see it is that in 2023 we'll get whatever the Dirt Rally team is currently working on, and that will be it for Dirt Rally.
  2. DiRT 5 would certainly not be a mistake - if they do it the right way.
  3. The #1 thing I'd want for (any) future Codemasters games is that they stop throwing out the content they already had. It can't be that resources are used to develop content, and then when the next game comes around it's thrown out on our expense. Sequels need to improve upon their predecessors, not just streamline them. Keep already existing content and add on top of that. Instead of getting rid of the old, come up with a good way to monetize the game post-launch. Another thing I'd like to see is having dynamic conditions for every stage. A modern game doesn't have to be open-world t
  4. One thing I would love to see added is trigger vibration on Xbox One pads, like F1 2018 has it.
  5. They finally got the complete WRX car lineup it seems
  6. Speaking of WRX: any chance for the Audi S1 EKS RX to be in the game?
  7. That's it. No mod can fix this, for example if you want to make the Williams original colours with the original logo, it's mirrored at one side, so it looks shitty... Nobody has understood this
  8. Hello, this will sound stupid, but some know the problem, that the alcoholic sponsors are not to see in F1 2014 and some wanted to change that in the texture of the car. @Codies is it possible to map the cars that it's easyier to edit them later (or simply to not mirror these parts of texture - Williams), like Williams logo and Force India Royal Challenge or Kingfisher and something like that. Another example are the orange sidepods on FI 2014, some wanted to make them orange... ;) But don't panic with making this also (?) for F1 2014, that's only for the new cars. Would be so NICE! Thanks
  9. By the way, what about DiRT 3 for Steam, anything new? :D
  10. F1 2016 - Experience the life of an f1 driver.
  11. To put new features in means not that other things have to be kicked. You just don't know how to make good games. What about the career thing, will it be available in F1 2015 or if not, how will it be replaced? Want to know this. Want a good game with career, otherwise I not will buy it
  12. I have bought DiRT 3 boxed version with GFWL... I know where the key is, but justbiglee said that GFWL users will get a steam key for Complete Edition ;)
  13. Make it like Assetto Corsa. Not the game, but still the Early Access.
  14. @justbiglee: How can we get the Steam keys when the time is right? Sorry for this stupid question :D
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