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  1. Cobra

    Codemasters secure WRC licence from 2023

    What will that mean for the games? Will Codemasters have 3 rally franchises in the future with Dirt, Dirt Rally and WRC? Or will the WRC content be included in the Dirt Rally games from that point on? And what would that again mean in terms of realism of the Dirt Rally games, since WRC would probably not want their games to be full simulation. The way I see it is that in 2023 we'll get whatever the Dirt Rally team is currently working on, and that will be it for Dirt Rally.
  2. Cobra

    Name a Graphical or Sound Effect in 2.0 that...

    The car's backfire in the wet gravel of Poland, at night.
  3. Cobra

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    DiRT 5 would certainly not be a mistake - if they do it the right way.
  4. The #1 thing I'd want for (any) future Codemasters games is that they stop throwing out the content they already had. It can't be that resources are used to develop content, and then when the next game comes around it's thrown out on our expense. Sequels need to improve upon their predecessors, not just streamline them. Keep already existing content and add on top of that. Instead of getting rid of the old, come up with a good way to monetize the game post-launch. Another thing I'd like to see is having dynamic conditions for every stage. A modern game doesn't have to be open-world to feature dynamic time and weather cycles. Now, with a great variety of both new and existing content together with dynamic conditions, it only makes sense to also implement a powerful photo mode to the game. Preferably one like The Crew 2 or the likes, where you can change time and weather, headlights and drivers, add or remove filters and logos, and upload them to Racenet for the public to see (which would finally give Racenet a purpose besides binding singleplayer content to a possibly non-existent internet connection).
  5. Cobra

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I did notice the missing headlight shadows, it annoyed me from the very beginning on. All these little things just add up. I see why you wouldn't be able to implement that many cars with headlights that cast shadows on consoles, but at least give those of us on more powerful PCs the option to turn it to 11.
  6. Cobra

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    "The devs work very hard on GRID", only that doesn't matter since the end result is not good enough. They want our money, they should go ahead and put more effort into their game.
  7. Cobra

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Why stop there? They could make the game moddable like DiRT 3 back then, only as a safety measure it would prevent you from going online or setting times in leaderboards. Perfectly doable.
  8. Cobra

    Callaghan vs Callahan

    Noticed this back when the game was announced - and I didn't even play GRID 2 that much.
  9. You got the name wrong! Did nobody notice this before?
  10. Cobra

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Cameras don't need much of a shake effect, but they are definitely lacking some movement and thus have no proper dynamics. GRID 2 and Autosport always had some spectacular lighting, but if the above comparisons don't open your eyes to how bad the new game looks then nothing will. trees that appear to be unlit hard shadows with a low resolution even in close range environment reflections are static cubemaps exposure / eye adaption is way too dark I can't wrap my head around some of your arguments. How can you disregard this level of sloppiness with something like "pick the best of those games, and the worst of this one"? And even if that was the case, it wouldn't even make much of a difference because the best this game offers is simply not good enough.
  11. Cobra

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    No hypercars?
  12. Cobra

    Grid 2019 Demo

    I agree that this game needs a demo. From what I've seen in some of the newly released gameplay videos, I'm currently not too convinced about the game, and a demo might just change my mind.
  13. Cobra

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    The games' graphics are not up to current graphical standards. Criticising that aspect of the game is only fair, and when if not now is the time to do so? Graphics don't make or break a game, but they are an important part of a game and how it's being received that it should be expected to meet current standards or at least surpass older games. One might favor gameplay, car selection or vehicle handling over graphics, but discrediting any criticisms made towards that just because you personally don't care about it as much as others is not the way to go. Cardboard cutout trees Eye Adaption effect that's not working properly Static cubemap reflections that don't match the environment (at least combine them with SSR, please) ... Just a few points that, if addressed, will help make the game a little bit better - isn't that what we all want?
  14. Cobra

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    What happened to the Codemasters I grew up with? Back when each of their games would be a significant improvement over the last one, filled with content and supported by only a handful of DLCs post-release. No removing of existing content just for that same stuff to be added later on again - with a price tag. Video game development has changed, and even more so has Codemasters. The game after which everything went downhill was probably DiRT 3. DiRT Showdown was a solid game, but still just a rehash. GRID 2 was a proper sequel, except they went the arcade route yet again and we all know how that turned out. GRID Autosport happened - with the same low detail car models, an atrocity of a hybrid handling model - without tuning, teams or any kind of customization. Once again the list of DLCs was enormous as they tried to cash in on content added to the bland base game, without any interest to actually improve the game. There is a certain kind of irony to the fact that the franchise that never had these problems is the F1 series, a series that doesn't offer them as much liberties as any of their other IPs. Every year they come up with enough new features and just the right improvements to make you buy the latest iteration. With the new GRID, I feel like they don't strive for perfection anymore at all, just enough to be able to make some money off a big name, everything else being a "next game thing" or never adressed at all. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. I don't see why someone would actually want to defend those shady business practices in the first place. You said it pretty well there.