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  1. Cevertracer

    Question about Career mode!

    is it possible to do 3-4 seasons in Career mode and then form my own team, or must I complete all 10 career seasons before I can do it? (Yes, I'm aware I can start my team from scratch but I wish to drive for other teams for a few seasons first, as I cannot do it after.
  2. Cevertracer

    What camera do you use?

    imo Cockpit or T-cam are valid. The whole "floating above and behind the car" views need to die off, utter nonsense. You can't even see the corner apex when using those silly views.
  3. Cevertracer

    Lewis Hamilton

    Quite frankly if he wants to tackle racism (which most/all of us want!), he'd be better off starting with football, that is infinitely more racist than F1 ever has been and desperately needs sorting out.
  4. Cevertracer

    £44.99 vs £64.99

    I think it's worth £20 for Schumacher on the loading screen and not Lewis/Seb for the 10th time. 😉
  5. Cevertracer

    PS4 can I upgrade versions?

    I was planning on buying the Schumacher edition on launch day but thanks to a couple of unexpected bills that's just out of my price range now. Can I buy the normal edition and then upgrade to the Schumi edtion later or is there no version upgrade? Would appreciate a fast reply on this, thanks
  6. Cevertracer

    Lewis Hamilton lost my respect today

    The guy is incredibly talented but yes, he's known for getting his elbows out and shoving people off the track.
  7. Cevertracer

    Digital vs. Physical Copy

    It is easier I agree but why pay more for the same game? it's really silly. I am getting a Physical copy of the Schumi edition from my local shop for £54.99 for the PS4. it's £65 on PSN. pay more, get less. I'm lazy to but not that lazy. haha
  8. Cevertracer

    Pre-ordered F1 2020 Schumacher Edition on Fanatical.

    Pre-ordering.. I'm sorry but I find it absurd. it's like paying for my Shopping 2 weeks in advance, would people do that? certainly not because it's just daft. But some gamers are happy to pony up weeks and even months in advance. it boggles my mind, even moreso for digital games which don't run out. smh Would you go to Tesco.com and pay for your shopping weeks in advance? nope.. I thought not.
  9. Cevertracer

    Digital vs. Physical Copy

    Physical for me, I never buy digital and never will. Physical games are cheaper and I like something tangible for my money, also I like to own my game and be able to lend it or sell it if I desire. Digital is long term rental, you don't own it. Also it means you pay more and get less. if people accept that, then that's up to them but I won't.
  10. Quick question to those in the know, are driver swaps in this years game or is it last years only? Thank you
  11. Cevertracer


    ' And maybe you can use these Schumacher-themed liveries in My Team but I'm not 100% sure. ' yes, I understand but I'm not willing to drop £20 extra on a 'maybe'. is the question too hard for one of the staff to reply to? Well I'll wait for 2 weeks(I think that is more than reasonable) and then buy the standard edition unless I hear differently.
  12. Cevertracer


    Queries about the Schumacher edition 1: can you use any of the cars/extras in career mode? (if not then it's rather useless to me as I only play offline career) 2: does the MS edition feature MS on the loading screen or are we stuck with Lewis and Seb again? (I'm not the only one getting tired of their faces on it)
  13. Cevertracer

    F1 2020 Schumacher Edition query

    as someone who never plays online and only plays career mode, I would like to know this too. as it stands the Schumi edition is really not worth it to me as all the things you get cannot be used in career mode (as far as I know) and if Schumi was the game menu image it just ..might.. sway me enough to get that edition. lol
  14. Cevertracer

    Classic F1 Season

    tbh I wouldn't call 2008 classic at all, there are far far better seasons, ie 1958, 1964, 1970, 1971, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1993, 2000, 2003 etc.