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  1. He is 7 years old and together with the HD 7970 3GB he can run current games on a 5780x1080 multi-monitor with no problems at + - 40 FPS and on almost 1 monitor at 60 FPS. The error message is not performance but rather a general failure on this DX12 as many players are reporting even with newer processors. I also said that the game sometimes loads, but at the beginning of a race, this blessed DX12 error appears. Please work on a solution.
  2. and the same error continues
  3. Good afternoon The game starts, runs for about 2 minutes and crashes again, with the same message `error 0x7394bc`. I'm almost giving up
  4. Everything updated, and the same error continues, I'm sorry to say, but it is unfortunate, this is programming, your team needs to focus more on the solution, please.
  5. Good afternoon I have the same problem, please analyze urgent, Attachment Illegal instruction at address 0x0c792514 in module 'Grid_dx12.exe AMd Phenom II 970 GPU HD 7970 3GB WIn 10 64
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