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  1. KrazyLurt

    Engine overheating

    No first step is above 135 C, no loss before that
  2. KrazyLurt

    Engine overheating

    This I correct, 10% loss >135 C
  3. KrazyLurt

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    No it said in future updates.
  4. KrazyLurt

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    No 1.10 was cosmetics only.
  5. KrazyLurt

    Fuel setup bug

    Temperatures >135 Engine is 90% power, don’t know if that is true in multiplayer though.
  6. KrazyLurt

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    A difficulty slider for dry and one for wet is something I forgot to post a topic about. It’s the most sensible to do.
  7. Just pitstop strategy in general because you really can’t overtake on track so all top ten soft guys get screwed by the rest on medium. But this not a criticism of CM because such coding is too cpu intensive to have.
  8. Worst by miles: Monaco Not because it’s difficult but totally useless for racing, haven’t done a single race. For some hot laps sure but from a racing standpoint, useless And to top it off, Monaco really exposes the weakness of the ai strategy.
  9. See post above. It takes time to manually calculate 4 df values per team and is a bit tidius.
  10. To clarify Value * 1.03 was just an example, I don’t remember exactly what I multiplied with. I just wanted to note that one should multiple not add to get a correct relation with front/rear and highest/lowest downforce values.
  11. I've increased downforce for all cars by an equal amount like, value*1,03, did this as early as before the performance patch. The same with drag. Work flawless, I will not play without my performance tweaks.
  12. KrazyLurt

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    But I did notice a big difference in this version of f1 2019 vs my old testing regarding top speed. At Spa my testing today with Mercedes, Ferrari and Torro Rosso with 6/6 df I matched my team mate top speed in qualifying. The same with 7/5 df which means roughly the same drag as 6/6. So things have changed in one of the patches, anyone know which one? Maybe the latest because I’ve been pretty active at playing.
  13. KrazyLurt

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    And locking at the raw data telemetry at the start of a 25% gp at Spa , the ai of Hamilton have 29 kg of car setup fuel, but when the gp starts he has 30,5 kg. So I bet the are different standards for the game to calculate the ai speed.
  14. KrazyLurt

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    While telemetry certainly is a great tool, I'm pretty sure that the AI car setups reported are not representative to the actual game, i.e. they don't "use" the setup reported, the speed of the ai are done by different standard. But we won’t know for sure until CM makes an actual reply
  15. KrazyLurt

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    Yes you can. Manually modify the values is time consuming and also by testing if the values are good enough. If I would have liked Ferrari to have the most powerful engine like you suggest I would have swapped the values with the Mercedes engine, i.e. Ferrari having Mercedes values and vice versa. Note that you cant do TT and/or online races with a modified game. Also swapping this around makes maybe the relative gap between Mercedes and Ferrari not anything that you like. Another method is to input the values of the games engine upgrade and hope that it is just right. A quick how to edit values is: 1) Open the relevant team erp file in EGO Erp Archiver. Example: "D:\Spel\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\wep\ferrari.assetgroup" 2) export the xml files using EGO Erp Archiver 3) open the exported file in Notepad or Notepad++ 4) The engine values are in withing the lines 5-142, and the power is line 6-23. Edit in whatever method you choose. Save. 5) import the xml files using EGO Erp Archiver and save. Note: the engine upgrade values are noted in line 1273-1291 if you want to add them with lines 6-23.