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    AI not fighting each other

    There were trains in 2017,2018 and 2019 pre 1.05 too. it’s the game mechanics that is flawed. The ais that are being chased down don’t use mode 4 to try to not being chased down into drs range. that and the dirty air / slipstream ratio.
  2. There is no ERS harvesting in the pitlane when doing a pitstop. There may be other tracks other than at Silverstone. Must be a bug, hopefully easily adjusted. There may be other tracks as well.
  3. KrazyLurt

    [Bug] No Ers harvesting pitstop Silverstone

    I might be wrong I sense that the Technical Forum is about general bugs like crashes, audio/ video issues and such. But the mods can move this topic is I’m wrong.
  4. KrazyLurt

    [Bug] No Ers harvesting pitstop Silverstone

    No, mode 0 and or lean mixture made no difference. Seems like a genuine bug.
  5. KrazyLurt

    [Bug] No Ers harvesting pitstop Silverstone

    It’s cool, I’ll check that shortly, good advice 🥇😊🥇
  6. It’s still present in v 1.05. Is this being worked on?
  7. KrazyLurt

    Dirty Air

    I’m not complaining, it’s probably better than a game loosing 50% df, but it’s not ideal because as is, the game creates a lot of slipstream trains , especially at Austria and GB. Where as it’s faster to be in the train and running in clean air. CM could improve on that by making the ai run ers mode 4 when they are being caught up with, in v1.04 the locomotive of the train run mode 2 or 3 and the rest in 4 as much as possible. I did notice that in v1.05 an ai being caught up with from me went mode 4 to speed up, but I need some more testing to see if that is occurring regularly. This could be so much easier with some feedback from CM about the game mechanics.
  8. KrazyLurt

    Dirty Air

    The values are 15% less downforce, although the slipstreaming value are much higher , I don’t have it on top of my head. But in conclusion you can save ers and fuel running close behind and use the slipstream to make up for the loss of downforce and power from ers and fuel saving. Not very realistic.
  9. KrazyLurt

    1.05 AI is a joke

    I’ve played several 25% races already, a few from last position, I think the ai behavior is great, I experienced zero issues, I can’t see anything have changed either.
  10. KrazyLurt

    Rev lights don’t appear to match engine note.

    I think it’s more the pitch of the recordings it self , one easy way for CM is too alter the pitch of the engine note.
  11. KrazyLurt

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    Not in career nor championship mode
  12. KrazyLurt

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I did so in 2017-2018, so it’s probably the same this year...sadly 😔
  13. KrazyLurt

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    I don’t really assume, there should have been more than zero improvement but point taken, agree to partially disagree 😊👍
  14. KrazyLurt

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    Yes more tracks to test would have been ideal, but now it’s too late for me, can’t really go back to 1.04. But your post didn’t make complete sense regarding it being short of a track. It’s roughly 25% shorter lap timewise to a 1:23 track and they where saying in the notes 1-1.5 seconds. So deducting that, 25% of 1-1.5 seconds is still 0,75-1,125. Not zero difference like the test I did
  15. KrazyLurt

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    No not really, it’s how drag works. Having a low drag car is more critical for top speed than horsepower. Mercedes have more downforce but also because of that higher drag.
  16. KrazyLurt

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    I’ve had 2 hours to test some things and yes , they have increased the downforce in general, the actual laptimes are the same , meaning that drag and mass have also be adjusted to keep the times down. I did a qual test, ( no accelerated time) at Austria 110: Pole in real life: 1:03.003 Pre patch: 1:03.912 post patch: 1:03.973 Eventhough this means that the patch notes regarding faster times for 1.05 haven’t been applied. But I think that’s okay because with career being on steroids this year the cars will surpass real life pretty early I don’t like career changes this year but I alter the cars to have most career updates in Grand Prix mode and Championship mode
  17. KrazyLurt

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    Regarding that Ferrari now have the best aero in the charts: it’s a easy explanation for that : The aero column is both drag AND total downforce. Ferrari have (like IRL IMO) very low drag. And medium amount of downforce i.e less than Red Bull and Mercedes. But their drag is low enough to top the charts. Their engine is worse than Mercedes, also like IRL IMO. I’ve looked at the data values in the game btw. So in this regard I think CM did well.
  18. KrazyLurt

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Ai seems fine after the update
  19. KrazyLurt

    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    My testing is GP so no development
  20. KrazyLurt

    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    I’m not convinced, it’s very convenient of David Greco to brush this off as not accurate, but then why is it shown on the ai cockpit at all I wonder.... We have no explanation of how the ai uses the ers at all. I’ve done extensive testing of the ai ers vs mine, I usually race at 101-107 and even if ai are not at mode 4 always until mode 1 and do the constant fiddling of the modes when overtaking, their speed does NOT reflect that. I think there is much more to the story than just “not accurate “
  21. KrazyLurt

    Launch the game under dx11

    I have the same issue, can’t anyone at CM provide what parameter to use ???
  22. KrazyLurt

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I agree fully with OP, and a great job creating the pictures, hopefully this will be added soon!