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  1. I think OP was thinking in relative terms, i.e are the AI programmed to be quicker vs the player in Q vs R or vice versa.
  2. Could you expand on this Barry as to why it's by design? What is the goal?
  3. They were really quick on traction in the 19 & 20 editions, but in 2021 they are not, I think the AI is traction and/or top speed limited this year.
  4. If anything the turbo whine needs to be a bit louder, sounds awsome!
  5. I agree, for all the flaws this years edition, the sound is a nice improvement! Also the music, hands down, is by far the best yet, I sometimes wait before starting a session in the menu because I enjoy the dynamics of the music. As you and other have noted, the drs bleep needs boosting. But also the awesome (finally!) turbo whine, please increase the volume a few db, it really sets at sense of speed. Or at least a seperate option in the Audio settings like "low" "medium" & "high" , or a slider from 0-10 like the other effects. I was crossing my fingers before release t
  6. In earlier F1 editions it was down to applying "weight distribtion" upgrades. This is something Codemasters need to adress for sure because it looks silly.
  7. Excellent post, this very valuable to know! 👍 I did 4 seasons before seeing that the AI start getting extremely fast and lost a bit of interest, but 4 seasons was good entertainment. I signed only slow unknown drivers to midigate the fact that the team progressed faster than the competition. Much better than Career Mode whereby you cant choose a team mate and control the shortcomings of the game mode.
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