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  1. Hello. My problems persist. It just has no support in any games except ACC, and even then the pedals were backwards and all screwed up. I don't see anything on my device list about this wheel being a Fanatec. That would probably make it even worse for me, LOL. I'm using it, but I like the built in support and settings for my g920 a lot better. It just feels better than my new expensive desktop decoration.
  2. Hello, I went ahead and bought the g923, but it doesn't appear to be supported. I thought it would at least load as a G920, but it doesn't. I set up a custom profile for it based on my G920, but the feel is way off and it just stopped working twice in the middle of a race. I read support was coming, but if it's not soon this wheel is going back because I can't get a decent feel for it in Rfactor 2 either. Thanks.
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