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  1. Jc100

    Project cars 3.

    No If you actually read the post about this game on GTPlanet, you should already know that PC3 was going to be an arcade game. That was back in 2018, a year before Codemasters bought SMS. Also, the number of people unaware (or refusing to know) that the DiRT series started out as an arcade game is laughable. It wasn’t always DiRT Rally, you know
  2. Jc100

    Project cars 3.

    Can we have a PCARS tech support thread? I don’t want to use the SMS forums because I’m allergic to toxicity
  3. I was actually about to make a post on this I do have some photos of it happening too IDK why they’re upside down but ok
  4. Jc100

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Here’s hoping I actually get chosen for once lol Honestly cannot wait to try this out, especially if there’s a career mode beta. New Manager Career reminds me of MotoGP 20 somewhat