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  1. Ferrethead81

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    I ignored the reviews and dived in as I loved Grid back in the day. Turns out I actually loved Race Driver 3 (or V8 Supercars in Australia) which is more of a sim orientated affair. To me the game is neither arcade nor sim enough to be....fun. If it’s arcade then why is my car spinning 180 so easy with slight contact from another car? Forza Horizon 4 has good arcade physics IMHO If its more sim....why am I faster sideways through most corners? Because the car handles like a shopping cart. Anyway, I’ll be taking it back today. Will stick to the F1 game, Dirt Rally 2 and GT Sport as my poisons of choice to end this gen.
  2. Ferrethead81

    Base PS4 use here... the downgrade is savage!

    Insert inevitable video of Driveclub running on base ps4
  3. I don’t know enough about it all to know if Grid 2008 was fantastic for its time, or if Grid 2019 is sub par. Probably a bit of both I guess.
  4. Ferrethead81

    Watered down damage.

    Playing Grid 2019 makes me miss Race Driver 3 so much. Wish they would have gone in that direction instead of what we got.
  5. Ferrethead81

    Cockpit camera and sitting position

    I have this exact problem. For me it’s more not seeing the ERS charge level that frustrates me. It would be good if the game saved the camera specific to each car, like GT Sport does. I’ve started using a sim dash app on my phone which displays all the data I need. Still haven’t found the perfect way to mount it yet without the phone blocking more of the screen. Open to any ideas.
  6. Man.....I’d pay good money for this app on iOS. A bunch of my mates in our league would too. Nothing in iOS shows the ERS charge/deployment data at all. At least from what I’ve seen.
  7. Ferrethead81

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Hmmm.......we have a pad racer absolutely dominating our league this year (1 second a lap faster than everyone). But then again pad users have always generally dominated our league. We have guys that own a wheel, but race competitively with a pad instead because it's quicker. Always has been. In fact we have a guy who is a professional race car driver who last season was 1 second a lap faster than all....on the pad. This year he has a wheel and is back with the rest of us. Some sort of definitive proof would be nice on this as it's a pretty big issue. Big enough that leagues may start opting for 'wheel only' or 'pad only' races.
  8. Ferrethead81

    No pedal feedback on wheel

    Just keep practicing mate. I used to rely on the trigger feedback when I was playing on a pad to. You get used to it after a while. You'll stop waiting for the rumble on the trigger, and start making decisions based on how fast you're going and how much of either pedal you're applying.
  9. Ferrethead81

    Check your HDR setting in game - PS4Pro

    I'm guessing your AUTO function is working properly. Seems a bit hit and miss between consoles.
  10. Ferrethead81

    Engine Temps

    I've found engine temps can get out of control by running Rich too long, or by following closely to another car for too long. To the point where you won't be able to overtake the car in front even with DRS and overtake ERS. So you have to plan your move a lot more in advance rather than sitting up someones bum the whole lap. I'm not sure if engine temps go up during Quali using the MAX fuel mapping. I'd assume so. So I run in Standard and low ERS until it's my hotlap and then pump it all up.
  11. Ferrethead81

    Idea - short full quali

    Yep. We have the situation where everyone just sits in the pit for the first 90% of each quali phase. Lol. Rolls out for one or two hot laps when the track has rubbered in.
  12. Ferrethead81

    Idea - short full quali

    So I’m in a league that has started doing full quali. Which is a lot of fun and adds a bit of strategy to the race. But....it takes ages. As an idea for future titles I reckon there could be a hybrid short full quali. Where each driver gets a single hotlap, but you go through the 3 quali phases. Or even just a way to set shorter time periods for each quali session. As in 10-8-5 or something. food for thought
  13. Ferrethead81

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    This simply isn't true, you must have something setup strangely. I use cockpit and look back all the time even with the MFD up. I have a G29 and use the R2 button to look back which I''m pretty sure is default. Starting to try and get used to look right and left with my L3/R3 buttons on the wheel. It would be nice if the view slid right and left to the mirrors instead of changing view completely. It's a bit off putting, especially if you're about to hit a braking point.
  14. Ferrethead81


    It seems silly that you can’t join a ranked lobby your friend is in. In 2018 I used to friend every and all clean fast racers. Then I’d always have a list of people I can cleanly race with who are playing ranked. I could jump into one of their lobbies anytime and I’d be greeted with like minded racers normally. We’d all always end up congregating to the one lobby by joining each other. It was great.
  15. Ferrethead81

    F1 ranked

    They have fixed the issue of not being able to find a lobby with a S license. By matching S license holders with literally anyone and everyone. This has been my experience after the last couple patches. The safety rating literally means nothing. The skill rating means nothing too. I’m normally a low level gold S driver, and I punted around last night to lose gold because of driving with people that had no ranking at all. Newbies. ***?!