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  1. Ferrethead81

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Hmmm.......we have a pad racer absolutely dominating our league this year (1 second a lap faster than everyone). But then again pad users have always generally dominated our league. We have guys that own a wheel, but race competitively with a pad instead because it's quicker. Always has been. In fact we have a guy who is a professional race car driver who last season was 1 second a lap faster than all....on the pad. This year he has a wheel and is back with the rest of us. Some sort of definitive proof would be nice on this as it's a pretty big issue. Big enough that leagues may start opting for 'wheel only' or 'pad only' races.
  2. Ferrethead81

    No pedal feedback on wheel

    Just keep practicing mate. I used to rely on the trigger feedback when I was playing on a pad to. You get used to it after a while. You'll stop waiting for the rumble on the trigger, and start making decisions based on how fast you're going and how much of either pedal you're applying.
  3. Ferrethead81

    Check your HDR setting in game - PS4Pro

    I'm guessing your AUTO function is working properly. Seems a bit hit and miss between consoles.
  4. Ferrethead81

    Engine Temps

    I've found engine temps can get out of control by running Rich too long, or by following closely to another car for too long. To the point where you won't be able to overtake the car in front even with DRS and overtake ERS. So you have to plan your move a lot more in advance rather than sitting up someones bum the whole lap. I'm not sure if engine temps go up during Quali using the MAX fuel mapping. I'd assume so. So I run in Standard and low ERS until it's my hotlap and then pump it all up.
  5. Ferrethead81

    Idea - short full quali

    Yep. We have the situation where everyone just sits in the pit for the first 90% of each quali phase. Lol. Rolls out for one or two hot laps when the track has rubbered in.
  6. Ferrethead81

    Idea - short full quali

    So I’m in a league that has started doing full quali. Which is a lot of fun and adds a bit of strategy to the race. But....it takes ages. As an idea for future titles I reckon there could be a hybrid short full quali. Where each driver gets a single hotlap, but you go through the 3 quali phases. Or even just a way to set shorter time periods for each quali session. As in 10-8-5 or something. food for thought
  7. Ferrethead81

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    This simply isn't true, you must have something setup strangely. I use cockpit and look back all the time even with the MFD up. I have a G29 and use the R2 button to look back which I''m pretty sure is default. Starting to try and get used to look right and left with my L3/R3 buttons on the wheel. It would be nice if the view slid right and left to the mirrors instead of changing view completely. It's a bit off putting, especially if you're about to hit a braking point.
  8. Ferrethead81


    It seems silly that you can’t join a ranked lobby your friend is in. In 2018 I used to friend every and all clean fast racers. Then I’d always have a list of people I can cleanly race with who are playing ranked. I could jump into one of their lobbies anytime and I’d be greeted with like minded racers normally. We’d all always end up congregating to the one lobby by joining each other. It was great.
  9. Ferrethead81

    F1 ranked

    They have fixed the issue of not being able to find a lobby with a S license. By matching S license holders with literally anyone and everyone. This has been my experience after the last couple patches. The safety rating literally means nothing. The skill rating means nothing too. I’m normally a low level gold S driver, and I punted around last night to lose gold because of driving with people that had no ranking at all. Newbies. ***?!
  10. Ferrethead81

    Check your HDR setting in game - PS4Pro

    Yeah I’m wondering if there is something wrong my PS4/TV now to be honest. Or a combination of a certain TV with the ps4 as someone above had a similar experience to me FWIW I have a Samsung TV It seems the game for me randomly decides if it wants to dismally HDR at all. When I went in there tonight it was OFF. Could turn it straight back in though.
  11. Ferrethead81

    Headset Advice

    For sure I can see my name in the top right, that's why I've asked the question and seeking a solution. Thanks for the heads up on mapping a button for voice, I wasn't aware I could do that. Pretty sure I've got one button left spare so should work a treat. FWIW - I mute myself on my headset until I need to talk. But unfortunately when you mute yourself, you mute everyone else as well so you have no voice chat.
  12. Just a quick heads up to those of you who are playing on a HDR capable TV/Monitor. This was experienced on a PS4Pro. I recently thought that the colours of F1 2019 looked a bit cartoonish and wondered what was going on. Went into the graphics options to look at the HDR setting. It was set to "AUTO". When I changed that setting from AUTO to ON, it was instantly apparent that AUTO = no HDR. The colours suddenly looked a lot more realistic, and the game really shined as a result. When changing between AUTO and OFF, there was no change to the colours. So evidently, the AUTO HDR function in the game was not picking up that I have a HDR TV (I guess) and was not allowing HDR to be displayed. Only the ON option does that. Worth a look, as it is a significant improvement.
  13. I seem to be quicker in 2019 against my league mates......so I'm liking it. :) To be honest it feels pretty much the same as 2018 (after the update), just that the car setups are different now. As in if you go to 2018 and replicate a 2019 setup but place the ballast at 5-6, the handling would end up pretty much like 2019.
  14. Ferrethead81

    Headset Advice

    I have one of these too and it seems to work a treat. The only thing I'd have different is the mic. Not having a boom mic, this headset uses a condenser mic that pics up a wider array of sound from the room. It does noise cancelling quite well, and seems to get rid of background noise........but if you're using a G29, it'll pick up the noise of your wheel for all to hear. Can anyone confirm if using a headset with a boom mic reduces the nose from your wheel being picked up? Going down the back straight of Suzuka my wheel sounds like a machine gun. EDIT: the post directly above mine pretty much answers my question. Looks like I'm off to get a better headset with a better mic.
  15. Ferrethead81

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yeah that's probably fair. My assumption that they have the data is based on things they've said about the data they have on Time trial for all players. Career is probably not recorded I guess not being online. For me, I race at AI 107 in career normally, but knock it down to 105 at Bahrain and Baku. I got chewed up at China recently, but I accept that I'm just not that great at that track. On 107 I'll just beat, or be within a couple of tenths of my AI team mate. At Bahrain I'll be 0.7-1.0 seconds behind.