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  1. Ferrethead81

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Oh wow, I always knew pad had traction control built in, but didn’t realise it was like this for understeer. That’s insane.
  2. Ferrethead81

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    When you are racing in a high level international league and find out at the end of the season the 4 guys who beat you, all chose to use a pad cause it’s faster and more consistent.......it’s very disappointing. Then you realise some guys changed their wheels for pads during wet races too.....it’s a joke This never happens in GT Sport.
  3. Ferrethead81

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Please just scan the tracks and be done with it. It’s already well over due.
  4. Ferrethead81

    GRID Season 1 launching December 4 - Hot Hatch Showdown

    Putting my 2 cents in here. I came in here looking to see how much dlc had been released for GRID since it’s launch due to the extreme lack of content the base game had. I don’t care about seasons. I want content. I want tracks. And I won’t buy the game until there are a sufficient amount of them. So hold back seasons all you like but I don’t think anyone has ever said “wait, you’re giving me too much content too early” in a racing game.
  5. Pure speculation thread here. I can’t help but wonder where this will go. I like to look at the positives more in life so my mind has gone down the road of: - simulation F1 opportunities - slightly mad had a console in development apparently. Rumour was it was dedicated to racing games/sim. Would love for that to still be real and true. After all......a lot of us pretty much only play racing games. - Project Cars 3? - what’s that other game SMT we’re working on? Some “blockbuster”. - PC2 has pretty great VR.....more of that in Codies games? Anyway, I’m hoping this acquisition was done to build codemasters rather than to pull down a competitor. Slightly Mad were very ambitious and out there so I hope that this just enables them to make better games.
  6. F1 could easily have a tutorial part to the game with driving games etc to improve specific skill sets.
  7. Ferrethead81

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    To me the FFB has the same issues as Dirt Rally 2.0 had. The main force is there, but there is no other FFb ‘noise’ for road bumps, road surface, losing grip etc. The argument has always been that people feel road bumps not through the wheel but via the seat. So no need to model that in the FFb. Thats rubbish. Firstly, it’s obvious when driving your car that the wheel vibrates with the road. It’s connected to the car the same as your seat, so how does one feel a bump in the seat and not the wheel? Secondly, we lack a heck of a lot of information driving a sim wheel compared to real life, so FFB needs to be looked at from that perspective. F1 (and now dirt Rally 2.0) has good FFB. Why do other Codies games not?
  8. To be honest, all I wanted from a Grid game was a good story in the career mode. Well....and a decent racing game.
  9. I’ve bought the last few years of F1 games, heavily involved in league racing. But I think I’ll give next years a miss. Ive come to realise that I much prefer the support received by something like GT Sport than F1. GT Sport is not an annual game release. Each month a new update arrives often with a new track.
  10. Ferrethead81

    Base PS4 use here... the downgrade is savage!

    Insert inevitable video of Driveclub running on base ps4
  11. I don’t know enough about it all to know if Grid 2008 was fantastic for its time, or if Grid 2019 is sub par. Probably a bit of both I guess.
  12. Ferrethead81

    Watered down damage.

    Playing Grid 2019 makes me miss Race Driver 3 so much. Wish they would have gone in that direction instead of what we got.
  13. Man.....I’d pay good money for this app on iOS. A bunch of my mates in our league would too. Nothing in iOS shows the ERS charge/deployment data at all. At least from what I’ve seen.
  14. Ferrethead81

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yeah that's probably fair. My assumption that they have the data is based on things they've said about the data they have on Time trial for all players. Career is probably not recorded I guess not being online. For me, I race at AI 107 in career normally, but knock it down to 105 at Bahrain and Baku. I got chewed up at China recently, but I accept that I'm just not that great at that track. On 107 I'll just beat, or be within a couple of tenths of my AI team mate. At Bahrain I'll be 0.7-1.0 seconds behind.
  15. Ferrethead81

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    If I could ask Codies to fix one thing it would be the consistency of the AI. I mean come on. Surely they have all sorts of data showing how most people are getting eaten alive at Bahrain and Baku by the AI, while carving up at other tracks like Canada. Yet every single year it's exactly the same complaints seen here on these forums. They also shouldn't be making the AI faster by making their cars god tier in horsepower so they blow right past you on the straight only so you can over take them again on a corner. Would be much better if the higher levels of AI just got a little more downforce or something.