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  1. Oh wow, I always knew pad had traction control built in, but didn’t realise it was like this for understeer. That’s insane.
  2. Man.....I’d pay good money for this app on iOS. A bunch of my mates in our league would too. Nothing in iOS shows the ERS charge/deployment data at all. At least from what I’ve seen.
  3. I despise even "cosmetic only" microstransactions. Back in the day, customizing your character was considered a big part of any game. It was a core mechanic. Now we get fed this line that MTXs are ok because it's only cosmetic.........pull the other one. You removing something I should be able to do in the base game. End of story.
  4. Just chiming in here to add weight to the argument. AI is frustrating for me too. One point I've noticed that hasn't really been mentioned here is (maybe once before) is the consistency of AI. The same driver shouldn't be winning each stage by 15-20 seconds. This is the case for me on Pro driving a 95 Impreza. S. Bernard wins every stage by literally 15-20 seconds. So the only way I can win a rally is to beat that goose on every stage. When he is 20 seconds faster than all other AI, I can rarely get close to him. Something is not right for that to occur. Surely. I've b
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