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  1. @BarryBL I really do not understand how it can be so hard to fix the performace and overall speed of the cars. The car models and liveries. Most importantly how can it be so hard to fix the safety car? Just make the chance of a safety car to come out higher. You guys say you want to have the game as realistic as possible but if the cars aren’t like they are in real life then it is far from realistic. The cars have to be as fast and look like they do in real life if its gonna be realistic. Unless you fix this then this year’s game is a failure
  2. @BarryBL okay but can you answer if you will fix this? Because it is probably the thing that annoys me the most about this. And the safety car then this game would be almost perfect in my opinion
  3. Codemasters please update the game so the cars are as fast as in real life and not 1-1.5 seconds slower. Also please update the cars appearance and make the right performance of the different teams. I can’t stand it because in real life i think they have broken the lap records at pretty much every track so how come the cars are slower in 19 than they were in 18?
  4. Hi @BarryBL please fix this