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  1. After Patch 1.05 in Ranked the game doesn't crash anymore after going back into the lobby but it is still VERY VERY BAD. Im very disappointed with F1 2021. After trying to get into a session with other player for dozen of times, we got a race and then coming back to the lobby, half people disappear or the game place me in empty room after I finally found the group of people and had a race with them the stupid game takes me out the room and place in empty one. I hate this game. worst ever I don't give a **** about your nothing worth story mode and boring career. Ranked Lobbies are totally ****
  2. People are kicked after coming back to the lobby after a race. We cannot race in a big group more than one race there anymore . W T F ??? !!!!!!! Come on. Can I return the game and get a full refund ...?
  3. You' re telling to play the single player because ' online isn't working properly on console at the moment ' ...? So I have paid £75 to play the single content because the online one ' isn't working properly ' ???? Is it a joke ?? Is there anyone from EA reading this right now ? I have been cheated, right in the ass.
  4. Codemasters why the game place me in empty rooms many times in a row when the game is new and plenty of people play it daily .. WHY ????? There are sessions with some players playing and the game puts me in empty rooms. Sometimes it takes me 10 - 15 tries until I finally land in session with other players. 2020 was the same. What is going on ?
  5. Wait for 2:39mins.. where the people disappear coming back to the lobby ???? It happens all the time in F1 2021 Ranked Lobbies 5 Laps and probably in 25% as well. Shame
  6. ' set up server a server ' ...? What are you talking about ? I just try to join a Ranked Lobby and the game place me in an empty room, sometimes 10 times in a row and after that suddenly it finds me a session with other players. What is wrong with it, really. Is is so hard for the system online to find me a session with other people ? It is so frustrating, 2020 was the same and in 2021 after coming back to the lobby half of people in being kicked and they have to restart the game. I have a video... My multiplayer car is looking better than yours 🤨
  7. I have had enough. I've paid £75 for this game and can't even play it online like I should. The ranked lobbies are a joke same like 2020 game. First, every time I wanna join a session the game puts me in an empty room, then again, again, again.. empty room, 0 players. So I keep joining and leaving the sessions.. Then suddenly the game puts me in a session with other players ! Why it is always like that, many ppl play this brand new game and the game puts me always in empty rooms or in a room with 3, 4 !!! players ..and the worst, something is wrong with the new game.. When we finish a race and
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