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  1. ognjenlbj23

    Yellow light bug in F1 2019

    When i drive a car sometimes my screen gets like yellow filter or something,idk what is it.Game just gets yellowish.Drivers are up to date and idk what to do. please help me if you know what to do
  2. ognjenlbj23

    Color bug

    Since patch 1.08 on PC i have some kind of bug.When i drive after a few laps my screen sometimes goes like with yellow filter on a second then goes back to normal and repeat like that all the time
  3. ognjenlbj23

    Race start

    i play with no assists on 103 difficulty and since the game is released i did not pass any car on race start on straight line,i did in corner because of late breaknig but thats not the point,in f1 2018 i could gain up to two places on race start by better start
  4. ognjenlbj23

    Race start

    I almost always lose minimum 2 places on race start,the AI starts like crazy good,fix this please